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Leonard J. Paul

Hey All!

It’s been months since GDC 2016, but finally here it is: an exclusive interview with Leonard Paul! Our sound designer Naila Burney had the opportunity to meet with him at the event, and he kindly accepted to talk about his latest work with the Beep documentary.  Leonard has worked on over twenty major game titles (see picture at the end of the page), and is now the director and head instructor at the School of Video Game Audio.  His school has online courses on Wwise, FMOD, Unity and Pure Data.


The next sign up is on June 19th, but they also run courses every two months as well (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). So if you’re interested in expanding your skill set, make sure to check the school’s website


We hope you enjoy the interview and stay tuned for more Game Audio content here at Burn Interactive Sound!



Beep Trailer 


 Music by Leonard J. Paul

Beep Movie Pure Data Logo Video


Some games in which Leonard has worked on:
Leonar Paul Game Credits


Extra materials:
An example of Pure Data music used in the film
Chiptune music from Retro City Rampage
A Pure Data demo reel by School of Video Game Audio grad Eric Houchin



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