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Colombia 3.0 2015


Colombia 3.0 is the largest gathering of digital  content in Latin America! From the 7th to the 10th of September, international speakers from different fields such as Animation, Video Games, TV, Mobile, and Web Development among others will be sharing their knowledge at the Zona T in Bogota.

Our talk: Fictional Languages in Video Games! September 10th, 11 AM at Matildelina (Calle 81 No. 11-34, Bogota).

Overview: Fictional languages, also known as conlangs, have been widely used by characters in movies and video games; ranging from complex and functional languages like the Klingon in Star Trek to simple gibberish such as the Simlish in The Sims. Why is this a common practice, especially in video games? What are the technical advantages? On the other hand, how to create them from a sound design approach and use them to evoke universal emotions in players? In this talk we will discuss these concerns and we will go through various examples of fictional languages in different famous games.

The gathering includes speakers from Naughty Dog, Microsoft, Gameloft, Esa, Play Station, Zynga, Bitoon, Bungie, Grab, Silvermile, Beatshapers, Gamewhispering, Subatomic Studios, Interactive Entertainment Law Group, and many many others! Check all the video game speakers here and here. Check the animation speakers here, and the music speakers here.

Exciting stuff!

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