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Experts working in the video game industry will gather in a panel discussion at the AES LATAM Conference 2016.  The panel will cover diverse topics from procedural music to sound design and audio implementation in AAA games. Panelists will also discuss the current situation in the Latin American industry. We’re happy to be participating as Naila Burney from BURNIS has been invited to lead and moderate the panel.


The objective of the panel is to provide a comprehensive and real overview on practices employed in the field of audio for video games.  Each panelist has a very specific profile and will tell us, based on their own experience and expertise (either in sound design, implementation, music, or as a developer / producer), about technical processes and workflow in their day-to-day work with audio for video games.


Date: July 21

Location: San Buenaventura University, Bogota

Time: 4:00 pm

Registration Link: AES Colombia


Eduardo Vaisman

Eduardo Vaisman

Eduardo Vaisman, born in Argentina, has been professionally engaged in audio since 1992, starting his career in sound for movies. Eduardo has credits on more than 55 feature films from 6 different countries as sound editor, dialogue editor, music recordist, foley recordist, re-recording mixer, sound supervisor and others.  He has also worked in TV series, short films and commercials.

In 2007 he emigrated to Canada and since 2010 he has been dedicated to audio for video games as Lead Audio at Ubisoft Toronto, being part of the team that produced Splinter Cell Blacklist, Far Cry 4 Far Cry and Primal.

Eivar Rojas

Eivar Rojas

Eivar Rojas is an entrepreneur in the video game field with over 10 years experience in the industry.  He has a deep understanding of technical aspects of development as well as of commercial and game design aspects.  He has been at the forefront of the production of more than 10 high-level video games for platforms such as XBox, Play Station and PC, having worked with companies such as Sony Interactive (USA), Minority (Canada), Televisa (Mexico), Ubisoft (Canada), and Studio WildCard (USA).

Eivar is CEO at Efecto Studios and he is currently Development Art Director for ARK: Survival Evolved for PC-Steam.

Juan Pablo Reyes Lega

Juan Pablo Reyes

Digital Designer, Co-Founder of Cocodrilo Dog Games. He is currently developing an engine for interactive and procedural music. He is the creator of Audio Ninja, an acclaimed music-adventure title for iOS and other cutting-edge video games coming soon for consoles, PC and mobiles. His vision is to make music an integral part of games, looking far beyond creating games about musical instruments and rock stars.  His goal is to implement music structures such as rhythm, pitch and activities such as performance and musical creativity into video games of other genres such as adventure, fighting, platform, etc.

Juan Pablo has developed and managed digital art and design projects for ten years including video games, music and many other types of digital art. At different stages of his career he has painted, illustrated, designed, produced music, games and applications, and programmed.  He currently directs the production of video games at Cocodrilo Dog, while he also programs.

Viviana Caro

Viviana Caro

Viviana is a sound engineer from the Javeriana University (Bogota) and earned a degree in Sound Design for Audiovisual Media at Vancouver Film School.

She has been working in audio more than 13 years. Her work has focused mainly on projects related to animal sounds and audio postproduction for media. In addition, she has taught at several universities in Colombia. Viviana has worked in Hollywood blockbuster films such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille during her audio career.

Viviana is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Besides continuing to work in audio post-production, in the last 4 years she has mainly dedicated to making sound design for video games, including the sound for Papo & Yo and more recently for Need for Speed. She is currently working for Electronic Arts’ FIFA.


Naila Burney

Foto Naila

Game audio designer, co-founder of Burn Interactive Sound. She is currently working on indie console, mobile and web games, and has been at the forefront of the audio for video games like “Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror” by Glitchy Pixel and “Space Overlords” by 12 Hit Combo.

After studying a master’s degree in Sound and Music for Interactive Games in the UK, she has also been dedicated to promoting the importance of sound in video games through lectures and talks in universities and events including the Bogota Music Market , the Week of Sound and Colombia 3.0. She previously worked in the television industry and led sound post production work teams for shows produced by Teleset and Sony Pictures

AES LATAM Game Audio Panel

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