Limbo Redux Submitted and Finalist!

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We are proud to announce that one of our Wwise/Limbo-Redux entries has been nominated finalist for the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest. Winners will be announced the 19th of March at GDC.

The Wwise Limbo Redux Contest consisted on making an alternative sound design for a minute of Limbo by PlayDead Studios. The jury will consider originality of the concept, quality of sound assets, and the best use of Wwise as a Sound Design tool. For those who don’t know, Wwise is a middleware solution for integrating audio into game engines (e.g. Unreal).

Naila Burney made a version of Limbo in the South American Tropic, and Tariq Burney made a minimalistic Scary/Funny version.

Please visit our portfolio to view the submitted videos and more info on the sound design and implementation for the contest.

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