Battlefront Heroes

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Battlefront Heroes by Gosu Group – 2013

Battlefront Heroes is a Facebook social game produced by Gosu Group. MoJen Yenkins was the Audio Director for this project, and her international audio team was comprised as follows:


Audio Director & Sound Designer – MoJen Jenkins
Sound Designer – Naila Burney
Composer – Levan Iordanishvili
Composer – Rachel Simpson

“For this project, I created in-game sounds for the missiles, explosions, robots, tanks, medevac, flamethrowers, battlecruisers, marine bullets, howitzer projectiles, mechrockets, cannons and central station attacks. I also made the base ambiences comprised of farm animal sounds, walkie-talkie and radio noise, industrial sounds, and people running around. For each game object I made attack, deploy, and die sounds and at least three versions of each in order to add variety.

Each sound was created by layering many different sounds. As there’s a lot of explosions going on, I tried to make each sound different from the rest, with unique elements, so that each type of attack could be easily identified.

I was given a demo of the game in Flash so that I could add lines to the script and test my sounds on the game before sending them to the team” -Naila Burney