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Game Audio Stuff Blog by Naila Burney

The game development scene in Latin America is constantly growing but there is little or no information regarding game audio written in Spanish, causing two main issues. On one hand, unawareness by game developers about the importance of game audio (so they either don’t invest on this, or they hire sound guys that have only worked in linear media). On the other hand, inability to do something by those who do care and are interested in audio for games, but do not know how to implement it or design it. Some might think that in this century everyone should speak English, but the truth is, many still don’t, or if they do, it’s still hard to understand technical and specific content in a language that is not your mother tongue.


For these reasons, the “Game Audio Stuff” blog started as a side-project, directed exclusively to a Spanish-speaking audience, opening a bit the market in Latin America. This project is run by Naila Burney. She writes once a month about game audio topics, upcoming game audio events, and sometimes makes interviews and invites guests to contribute with contents for the site. If you happen to work on game audio and speak Spanish, and would like to contribute with an article/Analysis/Interview, please contact us. If you don’t speak Spanish but would also like to contribute, please do contact us too!


Here’s a link to the blog: GameAudioStuff