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Poltergeist Voices


Blog Post by: Naila Burney


Cries of panic, screams of terror, a few HMMs, and few other AHAs; magic spells, nonsensical gibberish and torn noises of small frightened dogs. These are just a few of the expressions you'll find in Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror. How was the process of recording all these voices?

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BOMM Noticias

We are honoured for having BURNIS invited to lead and moderate the private business roundtable at the BOmm. The Bogota Music Market (BOmm) is a space designed for musicians, songwriters, producers, agencies, businesses, brands, labels and publishers to discover new business opportunities and learn about the latest trends in the music industry. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Bogota.

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Week of Sound in Bogota   "The Week of Sound" is an initiative of France and it's expanding to different countries around the world. This year is the Third Week of Sound in Bogota, and Burnis will be giving a talk on Game Audio. read more
Game Audio Talk

Colombia 3.0 is one of the top gatherings in Latin America for technology and digital culture.  Naila Burney will be giving a talk  read more


We are proud to announce that one of our Wwise/Limbo-Redux entries has been nominated finalist for the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest. Winners will be announced the 19th of March at GDC.

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Sabana University Students of second semester interviewed Naila Burney (Burnis member) and Juan Camilo Nates (Colombia Games Chief Executive) for a documentary regarding the production and sound design of commercial video games in Colombia.

Directed and produced by: David Alejandro Salas Jimenez Daniel Esteban Sarmiento Acosta Andres Felipe Vidal. Universidad de La Sabana 2013-2 Interviewees: Naila Burney (audio designer for video games) John Nates (Manager - Colombia Games)