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Space Overlords KCA2   Space Overlords by 12 Hit Combo! has been nominated "Favorite Game" on Nickelodeon Colombia Kids Choice Awards! Vote now for Space Overlords as many times as you want until September 8, 2016 :D  Kids Choice Awards - Nickelodeon Colombia At Burn Interactive Sound, we had tons of fun creating the robot languages and all the characters' sound design. The music is explosive synth metal, check some samples here.
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  Leonard J. Paul

Hey All!

It’s been months since GDC 2016, but finally here it is: an exclusive interview with Leonard Paul! read more

Déjà Vu - A Game Audio Experience

Hi all!

At Burn Interactive Sound we decided to make a video game about the importance of game audio.  We're happy to announce that we've finally released it! It's free, and you can play it now! "Déjà Vu - A Game Audio Experience" is a co- read more


We are proud to announce that one of our Wwise/Limbo-Redux entries has been nominated finalist for the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest. Winners will be announced the 19th of March at GDC.

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Sabana University Students of second semester interviewed Naila Burney (Burnis member) and Juan Camilo Nates (Colombia Games Chief Executive) for a documentary regarding the production and sound design of commercial video games in Colombia.

Directed and produced by: David Alejandro Salas Jimenez Daniel Esteban Sarmiento Acosta Andres Felipe Vidal. Universidad de La Sabana 2013-2 Interviewees: Naila Burney (audio designer for video games) John Nates (Manager - Colombia Games)