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Trudograd is the continuation of the ATOM RPG game, beloved by millions of gamers. The action takes place in the USSR, which survived the apocalypse. It has been 22 years since the USSR and the countries of the Western Bloc literally wiped each other off the face of the Earth by exchanging nuclear strikes.

Atom Rpg Trudograd Console

ATOM RPG Trudograd, the standalone followup to the very well received ATOM RPG is now available for Linux.

  • Use skills to simplify the battle. Welcome to Neoseeker's ATOM RPG walkthrough and guide. Be the first to rate this post. Take a look around the room, pick up various things and break into the cabinet (hold LMB on it and select the desired action). ATOM RPG Trudograd 100% Achievement Guide. The owner will come to you.
  • Level exp stat points skill points ability points unlimited money no weight no hunger no cold pickpocket like a boss notes: - unlimited money: sell an item. After put your item and seller money, change the value in cheat engine before click trade button in game. I recommend you to enable the 'no weight' if you plan to buy a lot of things.
  • A guide on how to find save file location and Igor’s Knife in ATOM RPG Trudograd. How to Find Igor’s Knife? Find a woman that will sell you a certain book; See a piece of paper called “Igor’s play” getting from breaking into Igor’s journal. Look for the 4 digit number repeated throughout the play. Save File Location.
  • Walkthrough ATOM RPG – Trudograd. On May 12, 2020 6:31 pm, by admin. 3.9 (15) Kolotushkin Street Romantic Hero. In one of the houses you will find a couple.
ATOM RPG Trudograd

Following in the footsteps of Fallout and Wasteland, the previous game was often compared to being a Russian version of Fallout and in some ways that was very much true. Nice to see Linux support continue in their future games after the first game was crowdfunded. With ATOM RPG Trudograd available in Early Access since early May, it arrived on Linux across the weekend on June 13.

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ATOM RPG Trudograd

Feature Highlight:

  • A large city with its own lore and dozens of varying locations to fight, trade, talk and explore in;
  • A hardcore turn-based experience with huge amounts of character development paths, combat styles, skills, perks and distinctions;
  • Unique characters each with their own personality and a robust branching dialogue;
  • Multiple-solution quests, which actively change the city around you;
  • Ability to transfer your hero from our previous game (ATOM RPG);
  • An easy game to pick up. While Trudograd is a continuation of the first game’s plot, it is also friendly towards new players, and will quickly fill you in on the lore and major developments you might have missed;
  • A result of a two year long community effort, made by players for players. This game encompasses a lot of changes from our previous title, that were inspired by user feedback.

After picking up a personal copy on Steam, it seems to work just as well as the first game. Obvious rough edges since it's both Early Access and brand new on Linux.

Pictured: ATOM RPG Trudograd on Linux.

Atom Rpg Trudograd Review

For Early Access, they estimated they would remain there for about six months. We know how these things usually go though, scope changes and lots more could be added in so prepare for it to be longer if you do decide to pick up a copy. Nice to see more of these RPGs though, especially on Linux. Trudograd has already found an audience too with a 'Very Positive' user rating on Steam currently.

Trudograd console

Atom Rpg Cheat

You can pick it up from Steam, and GOG should get the Linux build sorted soon.

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