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Welcome in the funniest baldi basic games games,If you want to get a prank call Baldi's Basics with a few fake caller ids here and there, we have a surprise. Baldi's Basics Plus Amazing 37 MB. Development log. Log in with to leave a comment. Once Baldi’s Basics Plus is done downloading, right click file and click on “Extract to” (To do this you must have WinRAR, which you can get here). Double click inside the Baldi’s Basics Plus folder and run the exe application. Have fun and play!

First impression


Well, a few words about the name. Baldi is not your character, it’s the professor’s name, and he wants to spoil your character’s life. So, in this game there are two main characters, but you can control only one of them. Then, you need to know some information about the graphics. Some gamers find it ugly, but go on playing despite of this fact. Developers made their game in the spirit of the 90’s, when the first games appeared. Of course, graphics was awful there, and in the modern age, when various immaculate games appear every day, this may be rather strange. But, no matter how this game looks, it has plenty of fans all over the world. And if you are reading this information, it attracted your attention somehow, and you are ready to play it, despite of first a bit clumsy impression.

How to play

You are a usual student, which is always ready to study. But your skills aren’t too perfect, and you will see it right from the start. Your first goal is to find seven notebooks, which are scattered around the school. Every notebook contains several mathematical problems, which you have to solve. As the title of the game states, the knowledge of math here is basic, so you don’t need to be too smart to solve them. Though, some tasks are impossible to complete, because the numbers are wrong or it is impossible to read them, so you will definitely make a mistake. And then your professor Baldi will become really mad, and he will try to beat you with his ruler. This object will help you to orient – you will hear a peculiar sound, which will inform you that professor is close to you. When professor reaches you, you will see the death screen, which will inform you that this stage of a horror game ended for you. This usually means that you have to start the game from the very beginning, and try to solve math problems more carefully.

Useful tips

If you think that the main point in the game is collecting notebooks and solving math problems, then you are wrong. Well, this is true, of course, but the main idea is to escape death from the professor’s hands. He has a perfect hearing, so every opened door will become a threat for you. What can you do in this case? Don’t make any stops. As you are in school, it is full of various people and other characters, which want to interact with you and prevent you from running. Also you will see a scale of endurance, and you need to keep it more or less full. To make it fuller you stop for a while, but don’t make stops too long. The scale also improves, when you pick up a notebook. Your opponent becomes quicker with the next notebook in your collection, so you should keep this fact in mind as well.


Baldi Basics Game Free

There are things, which distract professor’s attention, but you should economize them, because when you collect the last notebook, your professor gets extremely furious. Remember that you should try to give right answers where it is possible, because in the other way you will hardly ever stay alive. There are four doors in the school, which activate the exit, so you should be really quick and inventive. By the way, if you decide to answer absolutely all answers in the wrong way, you will see a secret ending. It’s only your choice which strategy to choose, but this game won’t leave you indifferent anyway.