Black Powder Red Earth® Download Free

Black Powder Red Earth® Download Free

Back in 2013, prior to the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, a beta for the game featured a slightly-altered version of the Mil-Spec Monkey logo as an in-game player customization icon.

Needless to say, this was not an authorized use of that copyrighted material. And, it looks like Activision and Infinity Ward are at it again:

Black Powder Red Earth® Download Free Download

This is a loading screen for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Black Powder Red Earth® is a minute-to-minute turn-based tactics game set in a proxy war between the dictatorship of a failing petro-state and a brutal jihadist insurgency. Fighting in war-torn urban sprawls, players lead an enhanced capability advisory and enabler unit, conducting kinetic actions with full lethal surrogacy to accomplish their. Black Powder, Red Earth by Jon Chang, Kane Smith and Josh Taylor takes place in a near future Iraq, in 2019. The story follows the actions of a group of private military contractors operating in the area of New Basrah, Basran. Their actions primarily include the capturing of high-value targets, negotiations with government officials,. An intelligence operator describes counter surveillance in the field. His identity is kept secret for privacy reasons, and his current status as an operator.

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And this is promotional imagery for BCM and BPRE. Strikingly similar, aren’t they?

Powder Download Free

For the curious, this image was featured in promotional materials for BCM’s line of .300 Blackout carbines, among other uses.

Not to excuse the use of this imagery, but it’s worth mentioning that the new Modern Warfare is currently in a pre-release state, and it’s possible that this is being used as placeholder art until the game launches later this year. Still, you’d figure that a big corporation like Activision would be a bit more cautious when it comes to potential intellectual property violations for their multi-billion dollar franchise.

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Free Black Powder Red Earth V7: Evergreen (Volume 7) By Jon Chang EBOOK

Black Powder Red Earth V7: Evergreen (Volume 7) By Jon Chang EBOOK

Product Details Sales Rank: #552718 in BooksPublished on: 2015-07-18Original language: EnglishDimensions: 10.00' h x .15' w x 7.00' l,Binding: Paperback62 pages
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.Big steps in the story! By Dan Dimitrescu The intrigue hinted at in V5+6 now takes real shape, and the table is set for an explosive conclusion in V
Product DescriptionCold Harbor PMC and Kurdish Special Operations continue to map and dismember Hezbollah and Islamic State infrastructure within the post Syrian Kurdistan border. Episode 3 of BPRE Arc 2, volume 7 has the Cold Harbor PMCs and their Kurdish partners closing in on the senior leadership of the Islamic State.
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