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Transformation: Master Level: 20 Type: Supportive Description: Transforms you into a more powerful state for 120 seconds. Skills available: Shockwave, Knuckle Booster, Energy Blast, Energy Drain, Maple Warrior, Will of the Warrior, Speed Infusion, Time Leap. Path of Exile Builds or POE Builds indexes builds from the web and provides structured build data and resources for 3.11 builds. Search for keyword or character class (Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Witch, Templar, Scion) and find the information you need for your build. Marauder is a natural born warrior. Embodiment of war, or even carnage. His main attribute is strength, which causes massive damage to the enemies, he's also very resistant to opponents' attacks.It makes him a killing machine that gladly smashes heads of his enemies. This character is recommended for beginners because of the 'power' that you can feel in the beginning of the game.



Marauders are a class of battleshipdesigned for long term deployment in hostile environments withoutlogistical support. Equipped with Bastion deployment and advanceddual-hardpoint technology, Marauders boast devastating firepower andenhanced defensive systems and are almost completely self sufficient.They further sport an enhanced Micro Jump Drive array, a large cargo bayand augmented tractor beam subsystems.


Battleship class starships have fulfilled various roles throughout thecenturies, from interplanetary colonial transports used by the Amarr Empire during their first expansionstraversing the cluster, to Federation Navybehemoths capable of unleashing colossal destruction for the duration ofthe Gallente-Caldari War. Sincecontact between the four empires was established, these starships haveevolved into the role of engaging similar sized vessels, while providinglogistical support in fleet formations. Whether on patrol in friendlyterritory or deep behind enemy lines, battleships have become thebackbone of most mid to large size fleets and the Marauder classbattleship enhances these key attributes, while providing extra utilityto veteran pilots.

The concept of the Marauder was first unveiled during the final monthsof YC109, during a Duvolle Laboratories press conference toshowcase revolutionary hardpoint technology. Duvolle Laboratoriesstreamed a live broadcast of four prototype battleships demonstratingthe new hardpoint system integral to the Marauder design. Shortly afterthe exhibit, leading research and development corporations from acrossthe four empires were invited to bid on exclusive rights to thetechnology and the experimental hulls on display. The successfulparticipants of the auction were Carthum Conglomerate, Lai Dai Corporation and Boundless Creation, who, with the help of DuvolleLaboratories, developed the specifications of the technology to theirpersonal requirements. The public release of the first-generationMarauders appeared several weeks later on the eve of YC110.

Since their inception, Marauders have enjoyed substantial popularityamongst experienced capsuleers and empire navies alike, primarily due totheir high damage resistance, uncompromising firepower and battlefieldversatility. It is fairly common to witness Marauders being deployed tocombat against hostile pirate factions operating in hidden deadspacecomplexes or as vanguards in a military taskforce.

In YC115, Lai Dai Corporation unveiled their second generation Golemclass Marauder during a comparatively low-key press conference. The nextday, broadcast live across all four empires, Lai Dai showcased theirrefit Marauder with the Bastion module. A single Golem was parkedbefore their headquarters in Airkio, facing off against an entireLDPS squadron. Before anaudience of millions, the Golem and its new defenses survived awithering assault from the collected police squadron. Following theresounding success of their public demonstration, Lai Dai quickly filledits maximum legal limit of orders before it was forced to share thetechnology with its competitors. In the following months, DuvolleLaboratories, Carthum Conglomerate, and Boundless Creation had alldeveloped working retrofits of the module on their existing Marauderhulls. By early November, the new hulls had hit capsuleer markets, witholder models receiving a free retrofit as well.


Marauders benefit from two groundbreaking innovations, pioneered byCaldari and Gallente engineering prowess. The first is the Lai-DaiCorporation developed 'Bastion' retrofit module, often consideredsimilar to the Siege modules utilized by largerdreadnought type vessels. As with theSiege module, the Bastion module redirects power from the ships warpcore and propulsion toward defenses and weaponry. As with the Siegemodule, this leaves the ship incapable of moving, navigating trafficqueues, or entering warp. Unlike the warp and engine systems which arealways active, the on/off nature of regenerative defenses and weaponscombined with the lack of hull space to fit onboard neutralizers meantthe Marauder class needed a way to safely dispose of extra power. Thisnecessitated a complete redesign of the vessels structure and powernetworking for the inclusion of so called 'Bastion-gates', vast movingparts of the hull that open to expose release vents directly into space.Such operations require a pilot with an advanced knowledge of HighEnergy Physics to direct the flow of raw power throughout and sometimesout of the ship.

The Bastion-gates' venting of extra power from the ship has theancillary effect of creating a vast ionic field of interference thatprevents any remote effects from reaching the ship. Unfortunately, anunavoidable and distinctly negative side effect of the Bastion-gate isthe interference with the ship's sensors even when closed, which leavesthe Marauder vulnerable to electronic warfare under normal operation.

The second crucial technology that puts the Marauder into a class of itsown is the Duvolle Laboratories' development of a dual-hardpoint system,over the traditional singular hardpoints present on other battleship andstarship hulls. Using both hardware and software modifications, thecombined hardpoints can replicate the combat effectiveness of twoindividual weapon hardpoints triggered simultaneously. This is achievedby modifying the primary hardpoint weapon mounts with the componentsfrom a secondary hardpoint, which are used to regulate the powerrouting, tracking and targeting subsystems. This provides increasedtarget acquisition and accuracy enhancements, while an advanced powermanagement system in conjunction with updated control software, allowsthe dual-hardpoint to operate in parameters which effectively double thedamage potential of its assigned weapon system. Due to the high powerrequirements of a dual-hardpoint, it is currently only possible tooperate four of these dual-hardpoints while still providing enoughenergy for the rest of the ship, its fitted modules and the fourtraditional, singular hardpoints configured for utilitarian functions.This also means that the weapon systems attached to dual-hardpoints arealmost fully automated, as the highly unstable and intense power draw ofthese systems could prove disastrous to ship and crew if human errorcaused a malfunction.

Class - Marauder Download

A resulting benefit of the dual-hardpoint technology is that four weaponsystems take up approximately half the space of eight, which translatesto a large portion of internal areas of the ship freed up for otherpurposes. In the case of Marauders, this means the Bastion systemsembedded throughout the hull and a substantially larger cargo bay thanother battleships. To supplement the large cargo bay, the fourutilitarian hardpoints were improved with intricate gravity manipulationand alignment subsystems which, when synced with tractor beam modules,greatly improve the reach and speed of the directed gravitational field.Finally, the Marauder is equipped with an improved pre-spooling arrayfor Micro-Jump Drives, reducing the effective cool down time betweenjumps.


Marauders are often more cramped than their basic counterparts due tothe interior space devoted to Bastion operations. The crew of a Marauderis typically a little less than that of other battleships, ranging froma little over a hundred essential personnel to nearly a thousand crewmembers and their families. This is usually dependent on the nature andlocation of deployment. However, due to Marauders being especiallyutilized for lengthy tours of duty, the latter is more common. Despitethe risks, a space faring family can etch out a rigid but reasonablelife aboard a Marauder, having access to basic services and commodities,employment opportunities for menial tasks, living quarters onlymarginally smaller than on some stations, and in the event of aMarauder's armor and shields being neutralized, priority to escape podswhich launch long before the danger of a catastrophic hull breach.

A more significant difference between the crew complement of a Marauderand that of other battleship class starships is the distribution of crewmembers in the gunnery and engineering sections. A Marauder'sdual-hardpoint weapon systems utilize advanced automation, which meansonly a handful of seasoned and skilled gunnery personnel are needed tomonitor the dual-hardpoint subsystems and oversee their operation. Thismakes a large, dedicated gunnery crew unnecessary. Due to the presenceof the Bastion system, a Marauder generally possesses an enhancedengineering contingent that carefully monitor the flow of power.Alongside these crew members are assorted groups of technicians,mechanics, and wreckage retrieval specialists that are essential to theself sufficiency of a Marauder. They are able to make use of mostsalvage recovered whether it be to to perform repairs, enhance shipsystems, replenish supplies or even for use in trade.

Generally, the experience and service records of crew assigned toMarauders vary greatly; the one exception of course being the gunneryand engineering crew. Nevertheless, serving aboard a Marauder is usuallyconsidered a prestigious opportunity, and as such any inexperienced orrookie crew members assigned to the core ship systems tend to be eithernaturally skillful or intellectually superior to their peers.

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The current classes, positioned corresponding to their place in the passive tree.

Path of Exile uses three main attributes – strength, dexterity, and intelligence – and its seven playable character classes (also called core classes) are each associated with one or more attributes. The player chooses a class for his character in the character creation screen. A newly created character starts its journey through Wraeclast at Twilight Strand. Each character class has a different starting location on the passive skill tree, starting attributes and statistics and quest rewards. Later, upon completing the Labyrinth, players can specialize their character by choosing an Ascendancy subclass. The subclasses available depend on the character class chosen.

The following stats are the same for all new characters, and gain the same amount per level. Characters start with different accuracy ratings, but all gain 2 base accuracy per level.

  • 50 life and gains additional 12 life per level.
  • 40 mana and gains additional 6 mana per level.
  • 53 evasion rating and gains 3 additional evasion rating per level.

Players can use any items or skills, providing they meet the relevant attribute and level requirements. This gives players the freedom to highly customize their characters and design creative builds with unusual play styles. For new players, however, it is generally easiest to invest in the attributes appropriate to their character class.

Path of Exile: Character Classes - Everything you need to know
  • 1Pure Characters
  • 2Hybrid Characters

Pure Characters

There are three 'pure' characters, classes that are aligned with one of the three core attributes.


Strength confers raw brute power, and its character class is the Marauder. He wields maces to deal high physical damage, and Strength armour pieces grant him physical damage reduction. Monsters aligned with Strength generally hit hard and take many blows to defeat. The element aligned with Strength is fire.

The Marauder's Ascendancy classes are Juggernaut, Berserker, and Chieftain.

The Marauder starts with the following attributes:

  • 32 STR
  • 14 DEX
  • 14 INT


Dexterity confers agility in combat, and its character class is the Ranger. She uses bows and rapiers to attack quickly and accurately, and Dexterity armour pieces grant her the ability to evade enemy blows more often. Monsters aligned with Dexterity are nimble and difficult to hit, often attacking from a distance or with multiple weapons. The element aligned with Dexterity is cold.

The Ranger's Ascendancy classes are Deadeye, Raider, and Pathfinder.

The Ranger starts with the following attributes:

  • 14 STR
  • 32 DEX
  • 14 INT


Intelligence confers knowledge – of both arcane magic and deadly combat techniques – and its character class is the Witch. She wields weapons like the wand and sceptre with improved critical strikes, and her Intelligence armour pieces grant the wearer a mystical energy shield which protects them from damage and can recharge when they are out of combat. Monsters aligned with intelligence are often spell-casters who can be dangerous if not immediately dealt with. The element aligned with Intelligence is lightning.

The Witch's Ascendancy classes are Necromancer, Elementalist, and Occultist.

The Witch starts with the following attributes:

  • 14 STR
  • 14 DEX
  • 32 INT

Hybrid Characters

There are four 'hybrid' character classes in Path of Exile that use a combination of attributes.


The Duelist excels at both Strength and Dexterity skills, and fights with swords and axes. He utilizes both the attack speed and evasion from Dexterity and the damage and armour of Strength to quickly deal large amounts of damage while staying safe from physical attacks.

Class - Marauder Download Full

The Duelist's Ascendancy classes are Slayer, Gladiator, and Champion.

The Duelist starts with the following attributes:

  • 23 STR
  • 23 DEX
  • 14 INT


The Templar represents Strength and Intelligence, and fights with staves and sceptres. He can become a powerful spellcaster or use his elemental damage to perform strong melee attacks.

The Templar's Ascendancy classes are Inquisitor, Hierophant, and Guardian.

The Templar starts with the following attributes:

  • 23 STR
  • 14 DEX
  • 23 INT

Class - Marauder Download Pc


The Shadow is proficient with Dexterity and Intelligence skills, and fights with daggers and claws. He can deal strong critical strikes with weapons or spells, and his traps and mines can disable enemies or deal high damage.

The Shadow's Ascendancy classes are Assassin, Saboteur, and Trickster.

Class - Marauder Download Utorrent

The Shadow starts with the following attributes:

  • 14 STR
  • 23 DEX
  • 23 INT


The Scion is aligned with all three attributes, and is therefore the most flexible class in terms of character design and skill use. She starts at the center of the passive skill tree.

The Scion has one Ascendancy Class: the Ascendant.

Class - Marauder Download Torrent

The Scion starts with the following attributes:

  • 20 STR
  • 20 DEX
  • 20 INT


Characters, monsters, and items can all be associated with multiple attributes at once. For example, a staff weapon is generally about 70% strength and 30% intelligence. It differs from a maul (which could be 100% strength) because it is better at scoring critical strikes, but doesn't hit for as much raw physical damage.

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