Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang

After a year since the last operation, Operation Shattered Web, Valve has released another operation for its competitive first-person shooter, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Operation Broken. Valve have finally delivered on the next event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with Operation Broken Fang. It's another big one, with plenty to go over and some sounds quite exciting for the ageing first-person shooter. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dev team kept us waiting for a good while but a brand new operation has now arrived in the form of Broken Fang. Just like the last operation, Broken Fang has launched with an entertaining co-op mission featuring three hidden coins you can collect to. CS:GO - Operation Broken Fang Released. Operation Broken Fang, the 10th operation released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available now on Steam, bringing new challenges, maps, cosmetics, rewards, game modes and more. For a full overview of the new additions in the Operation Pass, click here. The New CSGO Operation Broken Fang Is Finally Here!

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After a year since the last operation, Operation Shattered Web, Valve has released another operation for its competitive first-person shooter, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Operation Broken Fang. Much to the delight of fans, the new operation not only adds new challenges, maps, and skins, but there are a couple of interesting new modes as well.

It took Valve a while to incorporate this in the game, but official Retakes are finally here, alongside a new Broken Fang Premier mode that offers exclusive matchmaking to Broken Fang pass holders. As players grind through the challenges to earn more stars and unlock rewards, there are a number of skins they have a chance to unlock.

How to get the new skins in CS: GO Operation Broken Fang?

There are almost a hundred skins introduced in the latest CS: GO Operation. Depending on the collection they are from, the process to unlock them differs. Here are the different collections and how to unlock them.

  • Operation Broken Fang Collection– The Operation Broken Fang Collection skins can be obtained by unlocking the Broken Fang case. The Broken Fang case can be obtained by using Stars in the Broken Fang Operation Shop.

    The Broken Fang case costs two stars and you can obtain stars by completing missions. Alternatively, you can also get it as a drop. Once you have the case, all you need to do is use an Operation Broken Fang Case Key to unlock it.

  • Control, Ancient, and Havoc Collections– The skins which belong to these collections can only be obtained via the in-game Operation Shop. You need to spend four stars in the Operation Shop, and you will get a chance to get any one of the skins from one of the collections at random.

Which are the new skins in CS: GO Operation Broken Fang?

Valve has released a diverse set of skins this time around with varying themes and color schemes. While the Ancient and Havoc collection has a variety of animal prints, the Control Collection is more for players who like having catchy colored skins. Here are all the skins released in Operation Broken Fang.

The Broken Fang Collection

  • P90 Cocoa Rampage
  • M4A1-S Printstream
  • Glock-18 Neo-Noir
  • M4A4 Cyber Security
  • Nova Clear Polymer
  • Five-SeveN Fairy Tale
  • SSG 08 Parallax
  • M249 Deep Relief
  • USP-S Monster Mashup
  • Dual Berettas Dezastre
  • CZ75-Auto Vendetta
  • UMP-45 Gold Bismuth
  • MP5-SD Condition Zero
  • Galil AR Vandal
  • P250 Contaminant
  • AWP Exoskeleton
  • G3SG1 Digital Mesh

The Ancient Collection

  • P90 Run And Hide
  • MAC-10 Gold Brick
  • P90 Ancient Earth
  • Nova Army Sheen
  • USP-S Ancient Visions
  • XM1014 Ancient Lore
  • AUG Carved Jade
  • Tec-9 Blast From The Past
  • M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle
  • AK-47 Panthera Onca
  • CZ75-Auto Silver
  • P2000 Panther Camo
  • MP7 Tall Grass
  • Galil AR Dusk Ruins
  • FAMAS Dark Water
  • G3SG1 Ancient Ritual
  • R8 Revolver Night
  • SSG 08 Jungle Dashed
  • SG 553 Lush Ruins

The Control Collection

  • CZ75-Auto Jungle Dashed
  • MP9 Army Sheen
  • AWP Fade
  • MP5-SD Nitro
  • MAG-7 Carbon Fiber
  • M4A1-S Blue Phosphor
  • USP-S Target Acquired
  • UMP-45 Crime Scene
  • SSG 08 Threat Detected
  • M4A4 Global Offensive
  • AUG Surveillance
  • XM1014 Charter
  • SCAR-20 Magna Carta
  • P2000 Dispatch
  • Dual Berettas Switch Board
  • FAMAS Prime Conspiracy
  • Five-SeveN Berries and Cherries
  • Desert Eagle The Bronze
  • P250 Forest Night

The Havoc Collection

  • Tec-9 Phoenix Chalk
  • MAC-10 Hot Snakes
  • SG 553 Hypnotic
  • Glock-18 Franklin
  • Sawed-Off Claw Ambush
  • PP-Bizon Death Rattle
  • Galil AR Phoenix Blacklight
  • Desert Eagle Night Heist
  • P250 Bengal Tiger
  • Negev Phoenix Stencil
  • P90 Tiger Pit
  • Nova Rust Coat
  • MP7 Vault Heist
  • UMP-45 Houndstooth
  • AK-47 X-Ray
  • AWP Silk Tiger
  • R8 Revolver Phoenix Marker
  • M249 Predator
  • Dual Berettas Heist

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Update on Majors and Coaching

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang Yu

2020.09.09 -


When we announced the Rio Major, we were excited to bring a CS:GO Major to one of Counter-Strike’s most passionate fan bases. At the time, we couldn’t have imagined the global challenges that have limited live events throughout 2020.

We’re not going to ask players and fans to risk their health in order to attend a Major while the pandemic still poses a threat to travelers. Therefore, we have made the painful decision to cancel the November Major.

So, what’s the plan? First, we’re going to hold off on scheduling Majors until, at a minimum, Regional Major Ranking (RMR) LAN events are safe to hold around the world. Until then, we expect to continue to hold online RMR events to keep track of the best teams in each region.


Recently we’ve been made aware that several coaches of professional CS:GO teams exploited a bug in the game in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. It is unfortunate and frustrating that we did not respond to this bug sooner. But bugs are the reality of software—and until they are resolved, we need to be able to trust players and coaches.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang Monster Hunter World

We won’t spend much time here reiterating our stance on the importance of integrity in CS:GO matches. At a minimum, we expect that players and coaches will play by the rules, and immediately pause the match and alert tournament admins if they know of an issue that may give them (or an opponent) an unfair advantage.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang Pokemon

Any teams that were disqualified for exploiting this bug during an RMR event will have their RMR points reset.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive - Operation Broken Fang Feng

As for taking action against individual coaches, we’re going to wait until we get a complete picture of the extent of the bug abuse and the punishments handed down by third parties. Regardless of those penalties, mid-match coaching will always be a tempting opportunity for some teams to violate the integrity of the match. So we may also consider limitations to coaching.

We’re looking forward to getting LAN events started again, and hope that we can all find a safe way to do it soon.