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You may remember the LEGO/Shell & Ferrari promotion which ran in 2014 (well… the year may depend on the country): during the promo you were able to get a unique LEGO polybag on the Shell gas stations under certain circumstances. The exclusive series (series 2, in fact) was featuring the Finish line & Podium, Shell station, Shell tanker and 4 pull-back Ferrari models: 250 GTO, 512 S, F12 Berlinetta and F138.


If you’re like me, or I assume the majority of passionate AFOL’s, then you likely ended up not only with the full series but you may have acquired multiple polybags of the same set.


I’m not rating or reviewing those exclusive models but one thing I’d like to point out is that the models are not really in the minifig scale. And as a LEGO enthusiast and proud father at the same time, I was trying to come up with an alternate build of one of the models to fit the scale of minifigures (or their cars, to be precise), particularly the gas station.

Combined the two Shell Station polybags (2 sets of 40195), placed the creation on the straight road baseplate, and you can see the outcome.

I admit the new gas station may not be perfect (even placing it directly on the road is kind of questionable) but my goal was to:

  • ensure the playability for the kids,
  • retain the concept of the original design & look of the model 40195,
  • use up all parts included in the two polybags – nothing extra needed and nothing left except of the spare parts,
  • make something symmetrical, mirrored.

In case you like my result, feel free to download the building instructions (excl. the BrickLink XML parts list).


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You may also want to check your parts availability on to see if you really have all parts needed.