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Studio recordings[edit]

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  • We are glad to announce that the Original Soundtrack by Alex Krownway is now live on Steam! This Soundtrack includes over 30 minutes of quality atmospheric music, some of which. Divinest Light Original Soundtrack Released. Tue, November 24, 2020 4:14 AM PST.

Music for Media. Free Music Archive is known for free to download music licensed under Creative Commons. How to use CC music: FMA License Guide. If your project needs safe to use, royalty-free, original music and you have a small budget, go to Tribe of Noise PRO. Divinest Light + Original Soundtrack. Bundle Information Type. Divinest Light Soundtrack 1,27 € Apps. ID Type Name; 1371700 Game. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886) was an American poet. Little known during her life, she has since been regarded as one of the most important figures in American poetry. Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, into a.

'10538 Overture'Jeff LynneThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19715:32
'21st Century Man'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19814:00
'A Long Time Gone'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:15
'A Matter of Fact'Jeff LynneB-side to
'So Serious'
Jeff Lynne19864:04
'A Matter of Fact (alternate lyrics)'Jeff LynneB-side to
'So Serious'
Jeff Lynne19863:49
'Above the Clouds'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19762:16
'Across the Border'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19773:52
'After All'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Rock 'n' Roll Is King'
Jeff Lynne19832:21
'Ain't It a Drag'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20152:34
'All My Life'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20152:50
'All My Love'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:06
'All Over the World'Jeff LynneXanaduJeff Lynne19804:04
'All She Wanted'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:14
'Alone in the Universe'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:54
'Alright'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:13
'Another Heart Breaks'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:46
'Baby I Apologise'[A]Jeff LynneELO 2 (First Light Series)Jeff Lynne20033:42
'Believe Me Now'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19771:21
'Big Wheels'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19775:10
'Birmingham Blues'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:21
'Blue'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20152:36
'Bluebird'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:13
'Bluebird Is Dead'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19734:24
'Boy Blue'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19745:18
'Buildings Have Eyes'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Secret Messages'
Jeff Lynne19833:53
'Calling America'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:26
'Can't Get It Out of My Head'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19744:21
'Caught in a Trap'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Calling America'
Jeff Lynne19863:43
'Cold Feet (Recorded 1992)[G]'Jeff LynneElectric Light Orchestra LiveJeff Lynne20132:18
'Confusion'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19793:42
'Danger Ahead'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19833:52
'Daybreaker'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19733:51
'Destination Unknown'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Calling America' and
'So Serious'
Jeff Lynne19864:10
'Dirty to the Bone'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:06
'Do Ya'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19763:43
'Don't Bring Me Down'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:02
'Don't Walk Away'Jeff LynneXanaduJeff Lynne19804:48
'Down Came the Rain'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:29
'Down Home Town'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19753:54
'Dreaming of 4000'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19735:04
'Drum Dreams'Jeff LynneB-side to
'I'm Alive' and
'All Over the World'
Jeff Lynne19803:06
'Easy Money'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20012:50
'Eldorado'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19745:20
'Eldorado Finale'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19741:20
'Eldorado Instrumental Medley'[C]Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne20017:56
'Eldorado Overture'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19742:12
'Endless Lies'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19862:55
'Epilogue'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19811:30
'Everyone's Born to Die'[A]Jeff LynneELO 2 (First Light Series)Jeff Lynne20034:40
'Evil Woman'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19754:17
'Fault Line'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20152:07
'Fire on High'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19755:29
'First Movement (Jumping Biz)'Roy WoodThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19713:00
'Four Little Diamonds'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:05
'From Out of Nowhere'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:14
'From the End of the World'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:16
'From the Sun to the World (Boogie No. 1)'Jeff LynneELO 2Jeff Lynne19738:20
'Get a Hold of Myself (Take 2)'[A]Jeff LynneELO 2 (First Light Series)Jeff Lynne20034:43
'Getting to the Point'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19864:28
'Goin' Out on Me'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:09
'Grieg's Piano Concerto In A Minor'Edvard GriegFlashbackJeff Lynne20002:58
'Heaven Only Knows'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19862:52
'Hello My Old Friend'Jeff LynneAfterglowJeff Lynne19907:51
'Help Yourself'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:14
'Helpless'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20003:19
'Here Is the News'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:49
'Hold On Tight'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:05
'I'm Alive'Jeff LynneXanaduJeff Lynne19803:46
'I'm Leaving You'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:07
'Illusions in G Major'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19742:36
'In For The Kill[H]'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne20073:13
'In My Own Time'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:03
'In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2)'Jeff LynneELO 2Jeff Lynne19736:56
'In Old England Town (Instrumental)'Jeff LynneB-side to
Jeff Lynne19732:43
'In the Hall of the Mountain King'Edvard GriegOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19736:37
'Indian Queen (Demo)'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20000:57
'Interludes'[B]Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne20063:40
'Is It Alright'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:25
'It Really Doesn't Matter'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:20
'It's Over'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:08
'Julie Don't Live Here'Jeff LynneB-side to
Jeff Lynne19813:41
'Jungle'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19773:51
'Just for Love'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:40
'Kuiama'Jeff LynneELO 2Jeff Lynne197311:19
'Laredo Tornado'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19745:29
'Last Train to London'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:32
'Latitude 88 North'[E]Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne20073:24
'Letter from Spain'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19832:51
'Little Town Flirt'[F]Maron McKenzie, Del ShannonDiscoveryJeff Lynne20012:53
'Livin' Thing'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19763:31
'Lonesome Lullaby'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20014:02
'Long Black Road'[I]Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:03
'Look at Me Now'Roy WoodThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19713:17
'Loser Gone Wild'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19835:27
'Losing You'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:36
'Love and Rain'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:29
'Love Changes All'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20003:28
'Ma-Ma-Ma Belle'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19733:56
'Mambo (Dreaming of 4000)'[A]Jeff LynneELO 2Jeff Lynne20035:03
'Mandalay'Jeff LynneAfterglowJeff Lynne19905:19
'Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)'Jeff LynneThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19714:22
'Melting in the Sun'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:10
'Midnight Blue'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:19
'Mission (A World Record)'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19764:25
'Mister Kingdom'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19745:50
'Moment in Paradise'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:36
'Momma'Jeff LynneELO 2Jeff Lynne19737:03
'Mr. Blue Sky'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19775:05
'Mr. Radio'Jeff LynneThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19715:04
'Need Her Love'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19795:11
'Nellie Takes Her Bow'Jeff LynneThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19715:59
'New World Rising/Ocean Breakup (Reprise)'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19734:05
'Night in the City'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:02
'Nightrider'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19754:22
'No Way Out'Jeff LynneAfterglowJeff Lynne19903:23
'Nobody's Child'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19743:40
'Ocean Breakup/King of the Universe'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19734:07
'Oh No Not Susan'Jeff LynneOn the Third DayJeff Lynne19733:07
'On My Mind'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:09
'On the Run'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19793:55
'One Day (2013 remaster bonus track)'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20043:02
'One More Time'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:28
'One Step at a Time'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:21
'One Summer Dream'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19755:47
'Ordinary Dream'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:23
'Out Of Luck (Recorded 2010)[G]'Jeff LynneElectric Light Orchestra LiveJeff Lynne20132:36
'Poker'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19753:31
'Poor Boy (The Greenwood)'Jeff LynneEldoradoJeff Lynne19742:57
'Prologue'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19811:15
'Queen of the Hours'Jeff LynneThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19713:22
'Rain Is Falling'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:54
'Rock 'n' Roll Is King'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19833:49
'Rockaria!'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19763:12
'Roll Over Beethoven'Chuck BerryELO 2Jeff Lynne19738:10
'Sci-Fi Woman'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:07
'Second Time Around (Home Demo)'[F]Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne20010:43
'Secret Lives'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:26
'Secret Messages'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:44
'Send It'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:04
'Shangri-La'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19765:32
'Shine a Little Love'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:43
'Showdown'Jeff LynneNon-album singleJeff Lynne19734:09
'So Fine'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19763:54
'So Serious'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19862:38
'Songbird'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:06
'Sorrow About to Fall'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:59
'Standin' in the Rain'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:20
'Starlight'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:30
'State of Mind'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:04
'Steppin' Out'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:38
'Strange Magic'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19754:29
'Stranger'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:27
'Stranger on a Quiet Street'Jeff LynneZoomJeff Lynne20013:41
'Summer and Lightning'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:13
'Surrender'[D]Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne20062:37
'Sweet Is the Night'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19773:26
'Sweet Talkin' Woman'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19773:47
'Take Me on and On'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:57
'Tears in Your Life'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20003:05
'Telephone Line'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19764:38
'The Battle of Marston Moor (2 July 1644)'Roy WoodThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19716:03
'The Bouncer'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Four Little Diamonds'
Jeff Lynne19833:13
'The Diary of Horace Wimp'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:17
'The Fall'Jeff LynneXanaduJeff Lynne19803:34
'The Lights Go Down'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:31
'The Quick and the Daft'[E]Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne20071:49
'The Sun Will Shine on You'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:29
'The Way Life's Meant to Be'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19814:36
'The Whale'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19775:05
'Ticket to the Moon'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19814:06
'Tightrope'Jeff LynneA New World RecordJeff Lynne19765:03
'Time After Time'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:01
'Time of Our Life'Jeff LynneFrom Out of NowhereJeff Lynne20193:10
'Train of Gold'Jeff LynneSecret MessagesJeff Lynne19834:20
'Turn to Stone'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19773:47
'Twilight'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:35
'Waterfall'Jeff LynneFace the MusicJeff Lynne19754:27
'When I Was a Boy'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:12
'When the Night Comes'Jeff LynneAlone in the UniverseJeff Lynne20153:22
'When Time Stood Still'Jeff LynneB-side to
'Hold On Tight'
Jeff Lynne19813:32
'Whisper in the Night'Roy WoodThe Electric Light OrchestraRoy Wood, Jeff Lynne19714:50
'Who's That?'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20001:26
'Wild West Hero'Jeff LynneOut of the BlueJeff Lynne19774:40
'Wilf's Solo (Instrumental)'[A]Wilfred GibsonELO 2 (First Light Series)Jeff Lynne20033:39
'Wishing'Jeff LynneDiscoveryJeff Lynne19794:13
'Without Someone'Jeff LynneBalance of PowerJeff Lynne19863:48
'Xanadu'Jeff LynneXanaduJeff Lynne19803:28
'Xanadu (New Version)'Jeff LynneFlashbackJeff Lynne20003:21
'Your World (Take 2)'[A]Jeff LynneELO 2 (First Light Series)Jeff Lynne20034:55
'Yours Truly, 2095'Jeff LynneTimeJeff Lynne19813:15


Divinest light + original soundtracks

A Previously unreleased songs included on the 2003 30th anniversary edition of ELO 2.
B Previously unreleased song included on the 2006 edition of On the Third Day.
C Previously unreleased song included on the 2001 edition of Eldorado.
D Previously unreleased song included on the 2006 edition of A New World Record.
E Previously unreleased songs included on the 2007 30th anniversary edition of Out of the Blue.
F Previously unreleased songs included on the 2001 edition of Discovery.
G Bonus Track included on the 2013 Album Electric Light Orchestra Live.
H Bonus Track included on the 2007 Album Balance of Power.
I Japanese Bonus Track included on the 2013 Album Zoom.


Divinest Light + Original Soundtracks

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