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It’s no secret that scientists and medics make experiments on monkeys. We are used to thinking of it as something that’s normal. After all, they are just monkeys. But how far have we actually wandered from them? What if we can really control our lives no more than those poor monkeys living in cages? This game will show you the opposite side of the hidden reality! You are going to work in a company that monitors different people through a system of cameras in full version. They don’t know that they are being watched. They go on with their daily routine, wake up, brush their teeth, make their morning coffee and breakfast and head to work without having any idea that every their move is being tracked. At first, you’ll have to observe just one person, but as you move up the career ladder, the number of people to keep an eye on will increase and it won’t be that easy to perform your duties. Besides, you also have to do a minimum of things to sustain your own existence. For instance, you have to find time for sleeping, eating and paying the bills. The health and energy bars on the screen will keep you updated on your current state. If you fail, you’ll be fired or the police will arrive and catch you or you’ll just die because you haven’t been eating for too long. Keep things under control and do not feed the monkeys!

Do Not Feed The Monkeys Walkthrough


Do Not Feed The Monkeys Switch

Do not feed the monkeys is truly an odd game. It’s often unclear as to the best way to progress, but the selection of unusual characters to investigate means spying on the Primates is a. Don`t Feed The Monkey Released. A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don`t interact with the subjects - anything could happen if you dare feed the monkeys! Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a fascinating game that begs multiple playthroughs. There are multiple endings that encourage you to engage or not engage with the monkeys to see how things turn out. Maybe you will stop the limo driver from taking nude photos. Maybe you are into that sort of thing and want to see how it turns out.