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Includes 17 items: Dungeons, Dungeons: Into the Dark DLC Pack, Dungeons: Map Pack DLC, Dungeons: The Dark Lord, Dungeons 2, Dungeons 2 - A Game of Winter, Dungeons 2 - A Chance of Dragons, Dungeons 2 - A Song of Sand and Fire, Dungeons 3, Dungeons 3 - Once Upon A Time, Dungeons 3 - Evil of the Caribbean, Dungeons 3 - Lord of the Kings, Dungeons. Dungeon crawler, hack and slash, action RPG gameplay - Unlock weapons, iron and golden armors, knight items and powerful special abilities - RPG: Improve your hero stats, upgrade your warrior weapons, skills and items - Be a hunter of orcs, skeletons, goblins, ogres, wizards, summoners, dragons in the dark dungeons - Hack your way crawling. There's a treasure buried deep in the lairs of ancient dragons, nasty, devious creatures bent on taking over the world. Fight fire with fire, and unleash your evil upon the dragon invasion. But first, you'll have to pick up Dungeons 2: A Chance of Dragons, the hefty add-on with over 10 hours of gameplay, all-new enemies and fiery challenges.

In ‘A Chance of Dragons’ devious dragons are infiltrating the world of Dungeons 2. In three all-new skirmish missions, you must do everything in your power to defeat the threat from dragons entrenched in the depths of an old castle who guard an ancient treasure of immense value. Hunt for magical dragon eggs, go up against powerful mages and test your skills against the ultimate dragon of unmeasurable power. With over 10 hours of gameplay across three fiery missions, ‘A Chance of Dragons brings a whole new set of challenges for even the most seasoned Dungeon Lords.

Dungeons 2 - A Chance Of Dragons Download Free Download


Dungeons 2 - A Chance Of Dragons Download Free Version

  • Three thrilling and challenging new skirmish scenarios with over 10 hours of combined gameplay
  • Face off against new enemies such as powerful mages and terrifying dragons