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Il Team17 ha la capacità di offrire dinamiche ed aggiornamenti nuovi senza neanche immaginarci il come. All'apparenza ogni DLC sembra un semplice allungare il brodo invece introducendo prigioni diverse, zone 'particolari' vi permette di avere nuove puntate da cui evadere e sperimentare le vostre capacità alla Stallone (mi riferisco al film dove evade dai vari carceri). La mia recensione sarà ripetitiva per i vari DLC ma acquistateli!

[Team17 has the ability to offer new dynamics and updates without even imagining how. Apparently each DLC seems like a simple stretch of stock instead introducing different prisons, 'particular' areas allows you to have new episodes from which to escape and test your skills at Stallone (I refer to the film where he escapes from various prisons). My review will be repetitive for the various DLCs but buy them!]

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Escapists 2 The Glorious Regime

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  • Including all 11 prisons from the base game and all Escapists 2 DLC, including impenetrable penitentiaries such as Wicked Ward and the Glorious Regime! Addictive prison simulation game, bursting with humour, sandbox gameplay andduct tape? All of The Escapists 2 base game and DLC prisons under one roof!
  • Let's Play The Escapists 2 The Glorious Regime DLC Gameplay Part 1 - Escaping from North Korea Prison! (Escapists 2 Gameplay) Escapists 2 Playlist: http://bi.
  • Download torrent The Escapists 2, users will be able to make sure that the developers have worked wonderfully well - the second part of the game has become much more perfect. Many small details of prison life have appeared that provide a sense of real reality, and the game as a whole has become more recent.
  • You are under arrest on suspicion of escaping from prison! You have the right to remain silent and to go and enjoy The Escapists 2 Season Pass. Including three of the series most notorious prisons; Dungeons & Duct Tape, Wicked Ward and Big Top Breakout!