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Game Soundtrack. About An Assassins Odyssey - The epic of the dark scrolls. Faulty Apprentice by aglstudioart 351 followers. This is an official soundtrack for Faulty Apprentice. Faulty Apprentice - Soundtrack Steam charts, data, update history.

Catalog NumberSMRC-1034
Release DateJan 17, 2019
Publish FormatCommercial
Release Price9.99 USD
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
PublisherScarlet Moon Records


Faulty Apprentice - Soundtrack

Faulty Apprentice - Soundtrack Download

Disc 1

Faulty Apprentice - Soundtrack Torrent

01 Engines of Innovation (from 'Sparklite') (Unused)1:31
02 It's a Secret (from 'Hush Hush')1:35
03 Levitate and Navigate (from 'VR Walk & More')1:33
04 One Shot (from 'What's Good Games: Video Game Podcast')1:15
05 Pensive Ink (from 'SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai')1:19
06 Crucial Ink (from 'SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai')3:22
07 Reclaiming the World (from 'Majula Frontier: Reclaiming the World')4:24
08 Instant Peril (inspired by 'Kill the Dragon') (Unused)0:53
09 Sunsoaked Ramparts (from 'Faulty Apprentice')3:08
10 Moonlit Ramparts (from 'Faulty Apprentice')2:33
11 Boundless (from 'Animators vs. Games Podcast')1:08
12 Dear Sarah (from 'SOS-CC')1:47
13 The Lævateinn (from 'Sinmara Saga')1:37
14 Ocean Cruise (from 'Tagalong Sprint')2:30
15 Smooth Sailin' (from 'Tagalong Sprint')1:55
16 Heroes of the Crown (from 'Elements of Alma: Shadows of Tragedy')2:04
17 Courageous Gears (from 'Sparklite')1:28
18 You Crashed!0:15
Disc length34:17

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