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Fiend (2001)

Fiend is a a 2D survival horror game greatly influenced on the work of HP Lovecraft. You play as Nick Cane who is sent to the small town of Lauder to see if a mine contains any valuable minerals. Arriving at Lauder you suspect that all is not right with the town and slowly the visit turns into a nightmare.


Welcome to the official Penumbra Series website. Penumbra is a first person horror adventure series for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Featuring a unique physics based interaction system, allowing the player to interact with the environment in a new and detailed fashion. The game has received a lot of positive reviews for it's atmosphere, audio and story. An open source collection of Frictional Contact (FC) problems stored in a specific HDF5 format, an open source light implementation of Input/Output functions in C Language to read and write problems. The goal of this work is to set up a collection of 2D and 3D Frictional Contact (FC) problems in order to. Set up a list of benchmarks.

The game was released in 2001 and took around 2 years of work to finish. The engine is made using the allegro library and has features such as realtime lighting and particles effects.

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Frictional Collection Download

Unbirth (2004)

A dark adventure game powered by cutting edge game technology. Prepare yourself for a journey through the uncharted territories of your unconscious.

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Developed using a state of the art 3d engine called the KPB-Engine, with features currently used by commercial games in development.

Energetic (2005)

The Energetic project aims to enlighten and educate teenagers about the production and consumption of energy within our society. Rather than being an educational game, we hope Energetic can be a fun way to spark an interest in energy consumption.


Energetic plays like a classic platform game, but with an advanced “hidden” system. This system creates a link between the player, world, objects and enemies. All actions by the player affects the world and this requires the player to have a deeper commitment to the game and make sure he/she isn’t neglecting the outcome of his/her doings.
With an innovating control and interaction solution the game-play will remain subtle, with an easy learning curve, yet challenging and fresh. Energetic is a technology demonstration of this idea and can be viewed as a small part of a full game.

Team Members
Thomas Grip: Coding, graphics, game design and level design.
Thomas project report (In Swedish)
Nicklas Mattisson: Graphics, game design and level design.
Nicklas project report (In Swedish)
Jens Nilsson: Sounds, music, scripting, game design and level design.
Jens project report (In English)

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Development information
Timeframe: December 20th 2004 – April 18th 2005
Design document:Download (In Swedish)

Special Thanks
Martin Thorzén for helping out with the particle effects.