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A downloadable Gloom for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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A city has been corrupted by an insidious plague.

Purge them in fire or take a tour of the city.

Either is fine and dandy.

Doom-style shooter, with some randomized level layout and optional platforming.

Gloom - Original Soundtrack Download Free Download

WASD or ZQSD for movement, including wall-run

Spacebar to jump or wall-jump

R to reload, left-click to kill, right-click to lob a grenade

Esc to pause and change mouse sensitivity

Gotta purge'em all ! -- Don't be afraid to run away though.

Optional goal : visit all lamp posts.


This being a game jam entry, I overscoped and had to cut a few corners, partly because of a bug that stopped the enemies from moving. So the map is not as fleshed out and parkour-ish as envisioned.


In a perfect world, I'd fix the bug and completely overhaul the city layout.

made with Godot.

None of the art is mine except main music and buildings :

3D shotgun, bomb and particles from Kenny, sounds from Freesound, enemy sprite from asset store.


17/03/2020 : changed .exe name to Gloom_jam_original.exe

18/03/2020 : (v0.1)removed intro spin, fixed some bugs, added some visuals to gunshots

19/03/2020 : (v0.2) actually added 'visit the lamp posts' as a real game feature/secondary goal, adjusted early enemy spawn rates, minor fixes

19/03/2020 : found a back-up of my original jam entry

24/03/2020 : (v0.3) added grenade, changed map, added intro/tutorial, somewhat changed spawn mechanics

Gloom - Original Soundtrack Download Free Movie

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, Difficult, First-Person, FPS, fps-platformer

Install instructions

decompress first if needed, click to run. Nothing more

not sure about the linux and mac builds though


Development log

  • Gloom, a game jam and 3 updates later
    Mar 24, 2020

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all needed resources have been embedded in the .exe

it's a Godot feature :)

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Catalog NumberN/A
Release DateMay 12, 2009
Publish FormatCommercial
Release PriceFree
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack
OrganizationsTurbine, Inc.


Disc 1

Gloom - Original Soundtrack download free. full

01 A Glimmer in the North5:08
02 All Other Lights3:43
03 Arvedui's Lament4:15
04 Autumn Ale1:12
05 Baruk Khazad0:42
06 Before the Storm4:14
07 Bree-land Jig1:58
08 Courage of Men2:08
09 Dark the Days2:50
10 Deep They Delved Us5:18
11 Down Down to Goblin-town4:17
12 East of the Sea1:01
13 Elder Days5:01
14 Far Ahead the Road Has Gone2:19
15 Fell Deeds Awake3:42
16 Fire and Blood2:02
17 Forsaken Paths4:06
18 Garth Agarwen3:16
19 Guardians of the Wild3:11
20 Hammerhand1:03
21 Happy Village0:18
22 Hills of the Shire1:07
23 Home from the Hunt2:16
24 Journeys Long3:07
25 Khazad Doom1:02
26 Lament for Oakenshield2:24
27 Land of the Lossoth4:15
28 Lay of the Free Peoples1:53
29 Let Us Sing Together1:47
30 Lonelands5:17
31 Men of the West1:15
32 Mirkwood1:25
33 Oakenshield1:39
34 Over Fen and Field1:03
35 Red Stones and Golden Leaves1:44
36 Ride of the Nazgûl0:47
37 Ruins of Old2:23
38 Shadows of Angmar0:48
39 Shadows on the Snow4:52
40 Silent Hope1:39
41 Skies of Grey3:13
42 Stars and Glory4:32
43 The Brigand’s Tale2:17
44 The Creeping Gloom3:38
45 The Crownless4:24
46 The Doom of Edhelion2:02
47 The Dúnedain2:53
48 The Flammifer of Westernesse4:28
49 The Ice Bay3:41
50 The Last King3:32
51 The Long Winter3:23
52 The Pelennor1:44
53 The Road to War2:02
54 The Sleepless Cold3:35
55 Things to Come3:38
56 Those Who Wander4:15
57 Vale of Imladris3:02
58 Vaults of Stone5:41
59 War Pipes1:17
60 Where Will Wants Not1:02
61 Wreck and Slaughter1:18
Disc length168:04


Gloom - Original Soundtrack Download Free Torrent

Originally made freely available through Turbine's download manager.
No playing order of files given.
Original music by Chance Thomas. Turbine, Inc. composers include Stephen Digregorio with additional compositions done by Geoff Scott, Brad Spears, Harry Chase, and Egan Budd.