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When most people hear the word “gremlins,” the first image that may pop into their heads is that of the strange reptilian creatures from the 1984 Joe Dante film of the same name, where the titular little monsters run amok and cause chaos within a small town. Find the perfect gremlins stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now!

  • Gremlins Ultimate Gizmo Figure. Gremlins 2 Gremlin Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. Gremlins Stripe with Chainsaw.
  • - OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVERGremlins, Inc. Has its official Discord server, where several thousand players discuss the game, and our team shares work in progress. Use this link to join!New DLC AvailableAbout the GameThis is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. Save and invest, steal.

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Anthology Complex
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 74575 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 2104792
  • 13

An individual who is physically unsubscribed to the world attempts to understand what it means to be human.

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New Life
  • Romance
  • English
  • 46993 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 2049540
  • 7146

(Completed) Mia Owens and her mother have just moved to California from England to find a better life. Mia just wants to live easy, go to school, hag out with friends... that was until Ian Marsh turned her life upside down. Ian Marsh is rich and popular and can get what... Read more...

Keywords:Love, Romance, Relationship, Rich, Poor, School, Job, Money, Sex

For Free

A cute love story

a story of a girl

  • Romance
  • English
  • 6841 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 977752
  • 2513

Aakriti is in love with Neeraj.Neeraj is also mad for Aakriti.but she found out him not to be a good boy. will she be able to change him ?will their love win over the weaknesses of Neeraj? will they have happy life together?

Keywords:cute, love, story

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Ultimate Pleasure


  • Erotic
  • English
  • 9361 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 821849
  • 2626

A girl who hits the clubs every other day and sleeps with 1 diffrent guy every other day until she finds the perfect guy. Her own personal sex god.

Keywords:Pleasure, ultimate, sex

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A Howl In The Night
  • Romance
  • English
  • 172424 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 488054
  • 3823

After trying to survive through endless bullying and taunts, Mona decides to end it all. On one cold winter night, she travels deep into the woods, in the midst of a horrific thunderstorm, hoping that she would perish and the awful pain would fade away from her miserable li... Read more...

Keywords:Romance, werewolves, mating, thriller, paranormal

Gremlins, Inc. – Famous Figures Download Free

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English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi
  • Education
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 429879
  • 464

Learn English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi language. This book is a guideline of Spoken English with complete grammar explained in simple Hindi language. One million download is already done. It teaches you the rules of English from the basic to advanced level with fu... Read more...

Keywords:English Speaking, Spoken English, Education, Niranjan Jha, Cromosys, Nallasopara, English Grammar, Book, School College Education, spoken english, niranjan jha showman, hindi, india

For Free

The Neighbour
  • Erotic
  • English
  • 2561 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 401289
  • 1127

When I thought it was done, he came back onto the bed with a dildo, a really big dildo.“Your final test.” he says, “Let's see if you can pass.”

Keywords:high school, school girl, teenager, neighour, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, cheater, cheating, rape, toys, bondage, sex, vibrators, dildos, man and teen, orgasms

For Free



  • Romance
  • English
  • 61290 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 354935
  • 2794

Jason Cohen was like the guy from typical books; rich, popular, sexy - the 'it' guy, but as the girl he had been hearing about all his life, enters his life, everything changes. . . .

Vanessa Halt didn't know that everything was arranged ever since she was born. They didn'... Read more...

Keywords:Arrange Marriage, Drama, Werewolf, Hate, Vampire, Cursing, Marriage, Family

For Free

Dirty Erotic Oneshots

for adults only

  • Erotic
  • English
  • 248182 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 309458
  • 242

Let your sexy imagination and dirty fantasies run wild as you read this book for wet girls and boys ;)



Gremlins Inc. – Famous Figures Download Free Online

Keywords:dirty, oneshots, adult, sex, couple, +18, bxg, hot, mature, dirty oneshots, erotic, erotica, erotic oneshots, for adults

For Free

  • Romance
  • English
  • 24468 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 308850
  • 3075

Eva Shaw has spent 17 years of her life in the shadows- without holding anyone close to truly know the true Eva. One day she defends her only friend Peter from the relentless attacks of the football team and its team captain Nick Lewis. But for some unknown reason he takes... Read more...

Keywords:Love, Werewolves, supernatural, sex, lust, romance, high school, bully, pain, family

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Free paper toys and models of your favorite cartoon and anime characters

Big Foot Studio - Very cute paper toy characters, most with big feet.

Canon- Castle of Snow White, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and lots of other cartoon paper toys.

Captain Jack Sparrow - An adorable and detailed model. The model is listed next to Data. For instructions follow the link next to URL then search for 'Captian' and click through.

Cereal Box Cut Outs - Cartoon Masks and lots more.

Constructing Wonderland - Very creative Alice in Wonderland papercrafts of The Queen of Hearts, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Alice Liddell, The Mad Hatter. Created for a senior project by a graphic designer and illustrator.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Papercrafts - Aslan the Lion, Reepicheep the mouse, and the Dawn Treader royal ship

Cubic Characters - This site has about 500 Hako style models of many different characters. Click the different links with a green tabs on the left to access these nice models.

Cubicity - Simple and cute charcters in career themes just right to fit in kids hands.

CubeeCraft - Amazing Hako paper craft models including President Barack Obama, superheroes, Sesame Street, cartoon characters. One of the great things about Hako papercrafts is they are fairly simple to make! They also have some cute Pixel Pages, which are pop-out cards of 8-bit video game characters!

Commando Play Sets - Unique characters in different settings.

Custom Paper Toys - Various cute catoonish characters.

Desktop Gremlins - Cute and colorful simple to make paper toy gremlins for your desktop.

Gremlins, Inc. – Famous Figures Download Free

Disney Printables - Paper toys from Disney Pixar animated movies: 3D Rapunzel Papercraft from the new Tangled Disney movie. Toy Story 3: Squeeze Toy Alien, 3D collectible Buzz Lightyear. From the movie UP: Carl and Russell 3-D Characters, Disney-Pixar UP House with Balloons, all very cute! There is lots more, you will spend a lot of time here!

Disney Vintage Paper Models - German site, Zip format

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Waddle - Go to 'Page 3' in the 'The Wizard of Oz Waddle Book' section in yellow.

Fold US Candidate - Hillary Clinton, Obama and McCain.

Funny Character Cafe - Right click and save model images.

Guitarist - Poseable rock star!

Harry Potter, Marauder's Map - From Prisoner of Azkaban

Historical Figures - These are great! Created by Rob Ives: Cleopatra and The Sphinx Pharoah, Sarcophagus and The Pyramid Centurion and Chariot Ceasar and Roman Fort Viking and Long Boat Zeus and Greek Temple.

Hotel Transylvania 3 - Models of the characters from the animated movie Hotel Transylvania 3.

How to Geek Papercraft - Simple Hako type papercraft that you can customize. Nice site for us geeks.

Hurley and the Darma Van from Lost- A catoonish paper model of Hugo Reyes (Hurley) and the rusty Darma van from the forever popular TV series Lost, which ended in 2010 (just let it go). Nice.

Ichinogami 3d papercraft- Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, Chicken Little, Donald Duck and Mr. Bean. All very cute!

Kaukapedia Bastelbogen - Too many to mention cute cartoon models and cutouts that look retro.

Kyogre from Pokemon - The Kyogre is a whale like Pokemon creature that has the ability to expand the ocean.

Lego Characters - If you love Legos, which I do! Paper toys of Lego Forestmen in different colors, Lego Blacktron II astronaut, Tron astronaut, Lego Kapitein Knoest (Captain Redbeard), Very nice!

Little Girl with Mic - Very Cute paper model!

Luis Buñuel - Paper model of a Spanish film director

Macula Art - Artistic Hako type papercraft models with a twist.

Marvin The Martian - 15' paper toy of Marvin the Martian from the Looney Tunes cartoon, looks great! Ren & Stimpy and Hitchhiker's Guide characters as well.

Microsoft Peanut People - Paper model PDF at bottom

Ninjatoes' Papercraft- Papercraft Ben 10 Omnitrix watch from the popular Ben 10 cartoon action series. The Omnitrix watch allows Ben to change into various alien forms.

Paper Foldables- Various people and character Hakoish paper models, nice.

Gremlins Inc. – Famous Figures Download Free Movies

PaperInside - Cinderella's Coach, Bruce, Nemo & Marlin, Harry Potter wand, South Park characters, Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, Batman. Very nice!

Paper Models by Josh Buczynski - Beethro Budkin, Wigu, Shantae.

Paper Pak - Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Choose 'Next image' to get to the all the paper toys. There are more paper toys, including superheroes and a soccer player.

Paper Wonderland - Paper models from Tim Burton Movies: Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Jack Skellington. Also Mr. Potato Head with removable face parts, legs, arms and Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny. Many more.

Phils Creations - Flintstone's Car, Wallace & Gromits cooker. Felix the Cats bag of tricks, Gumby & Pokey, Rosie from the Jetsons and lots more.

Pokemon - Lots of Pokemon character paper models. Has lots of other paper toys as well, go to their home page then Paper Craft at top.

Projects by Bert Simon - Goes into detail of how he created a 3d model of his own head. Free download Paper model for his head is at bottom.

Salazad - Very cute characters by a talented graphic designer from Indonesia. Easy to build. Click a picture and search for 'Download'.

Scooby-Doo - The Mystery Machine, Haunted Bungalow and Dr. Who, Tardis, and more.

State of Shock Studios - Paper toy rock band consisting of Leo, Ernie, Cactus, & Henrietta. Complete with rock guitar, drum set and keyboard. Bottom of page.

World of Warcraft Unofficial Papercraft - Characters and props from the ever popular video game Warcraft.