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Hand of Fate 2 is a dungeon crawler set in a world of darkish fantasy. Master a residing boardgame the place each stage of the journey is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you! Choose properly – your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches as he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge. دانلود موسیقی متن بازی Hand Of Fate 2 (BY Jeff Van Dyck) Download Soundtrack Hand Of Fate 2 By Jeff Van Dyck. سال تولید: 2017. کشور: Australia. مدت زمان: 1:42:28. Track (Number): 34. Hand of Fate II (The Beginning) (3:23) 2.

The table has changed, but the stakes remain the same: life or death!

Hand of Fate (Original Soundtrack) by Jeff van Dyck, released 25 February 2015 1. Life and Death 2. Welcome to the Game 3. Deal of the Millennia 4. Cause and Effect 7. Fate's Lullaby 9. Hand of Fate (Instrumental) 11.

A world transformed - 100 years have passed since the Dealer was usurped and the Game of Life and Death gained a new master.
22 exciting new challenges that will push your deck-building skills to the limit - Hunt fiendish assassins, reunite star-crossed lovers or build up a fortress to withstand a raider assault!
Enlist the aid of all new companion characters - team up with them in battle, or have them bend the rules of the boardgame in your favor!
Hundreds of new encounters, artifacts and items to earn and upgrade.
Enhanced action-RPG combat - shred foes with quick dual-wielded daggers or brutalize them with heavy two-handed hammers. Build up your combo meter to unleash powerful special attacks!
Engage new foes united by all-new card suits - Cross swords with disciplined Imperial soldiers, purge corrupted mutants and fend off northern raiders.
Patch 1.0.14 (01 December 2017)
Improvements and Balance
* Justice: Companion disabled turns decrement whenever enemy counters move on the map
* The Sun: Relics now give specific curse in the Sun (random in The Emperor), Dig Dice target is reduced each time you fail, improved clarity on flood level increasing. Improved clarity of Gold Token requirements
* Questing Mace: Traits on each subsequent Questing Mace weapons are automatically revealed. Completing Questing Mace X removes this mace and replaces it with a generic Questing Mace
* Far North encounter: Increased Dice target in ice wastes section, but removed gaining a curse each time it is failed
Full* Added a Huge Success to two encounters Wheel Gambits
* Updated Gambler's Banquet blessing to award 2 Food instead of 4
* Removed 'The' from a number of encounter titles to make them sort more nicely when listed alphabetically
* Improved Chinese subtitle length
* Tweaked shadow quality levels
Bug Fixes
* Fixed a number of typos
* Fixed Kubarak's Gaze causing Northerners to get stuck after being frozen
* Fixed some text issues in the ice wastes section in the Far North
* Fixed a bug where Healing Spirits could be consumed without restoring Life
* Fixed duplicate buttons being displayed for ‘Bash’ combat indicator
* Fixed Blood Crescent health deduction
* Fixed green ‘defend’ indicator getting stuck on Ogre and other combatants.
* Fixed issue where dice tally total could grow or shrink.
* Fixed a bug where Questing Mace III was applying bonus damage to the wrong suit

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* Fixed a bug with the Lone Wolf curse
* Fixed a bug where disabled companions could be seen during the final sequence to The Sun challenge
* Fixed a bug in ‘A Stiegal Pumpkin’ where Food wasn’t given when requesting a pumpkin
* Fixed Chance Card Gambit issue with more than one Guardian Angel blessing equipped
Patch 1.0.13 (29 November 2017)
* Improved Russian fonts to be more readable per user request.
* Enable GPU instancing.
* Increased range at which companion abilities can be triggered
* Player can no longer dodge or counter out of the final hit when breaking off armour (caused issues with enemy attacks)
* Added missing subtitles to The World challenge
* Optimised Mage and Necromancer VFX and model
* Fixed a bug where Colbjorn could get stuck running against a wall when his ability was triggered
* Fixed a bug in Justice where a debug string would appear
* Fixed a bug in where challenge objective text would not display in any challenge after completing The World challenge
* Fixed a bug where the gold token from The World would float above the card table if you forfeit/lose before the token is won
* Fixed a bug where the Dwarven Haggler would give nothing in rare circumstances
* Fixed a bug in Tarts, Pies and Exotic Lies where the player could get infinite food if they had the Eternal Hope blessing
* Fix Westwend Tavern Token Encounter having no text description and not text in options.
Patch 1.0.12 (24 November 2017)
* Updated Jousting Armour to unlock from the gold token in Strength instead of the silver token
* Optimisations for game performance during the Precision Gambit
* Fixed bug where Westwend Tavern soldiers referenced the players sigil (amulet) incorrectly
* Improved quality of LQ bloom
* Fixed bug where gold payment was not deducted in Fame and Shame
* Improve music in the deck builder
* Fixed the dice target dropping below zero in the Blocked Passage encounter
* Removed the Equipment and Curse traits from Carriage of the Departed encounter
* Fixed a non-progression in the Prison Wraith encounter
* Updated Chinese and Korean localisation
* Added a Twitch card mark
* Fixed the Chinese logo
* Optimise shadow draw distances in combat levels
* Fixed issue causing potential dead end in Sun challenge
* Fixed 'battered helm' token not unlocking
* Balance adjustments to the Lionheart artefact
* Fix softlock when failing gold requirements on the hanged man challenge
* Visual improvements to armor break attacks for Heavy weapons
* Fixed bug where companion cards would become stuck in the player's hand after completing the Sun challenge
* Fixed issues preventing progression in Hanged Man/Justice
* Fixed a bug in Strength where a shield could not be equipped after it was upgraded.
* Fixed 'last shield' not getting updated when shield is unreserved
* Toned down Thunears Talon weapon ability visual effects
Patch 1.0.10 (20 November 2017)
Added accessibility (color) support for Precision Gambit
Fixed a blocker in Lovers if Oswin is disabled by player encounter
Added Upgrade Armour trait to Misc. category in the deckbuilder
Added controller vibration to Sisters of Vengeance and Dazzling Blade abilities
Fixed an issue where Blood Crescent was reducing the effectiveness of Max Life items in the boss fight
Removed Second Wind unintentionally unlocking from The Tower
Removed Second Wind blessing from the blessing deck in Strength.
Removed fail from 2nd roll in Berta's Betting House
Removed Encrusted Mace (hard mode) as a recommended card in The Empress, must be added manually.
The 'Wait' option in Justice campfire now counts as a step to restoring your companion
Removed double spaces and trailing spaces
Fixed more typos
Patch 1.0.9 (17 November 2017)
Fixed the dice target being incorrect in a few circumstances
Fixed issue where credits would not display after changing language
The Healer: hide companion heal option if have no companion
Waterfall of Youth: fix to prevent receiving an extra Potion of Youth
Yvette's Cottage: fix to prevent receiving an extra Spell of Ageing curse
Restored save options for villages in Hanged Man
Fixed bug in Judgement where companion cards could get stuck on screen after fighting through the checkpoints
Fixed bug in Judgement where VAR was being displayed instead of the companion name
Fixed a bug in Judgement where Estrella would comment incorrectly at the Campfire
Fixed a non-progression bug in Judgement where the player could get stuck between two spice counters in the marshes
Fixed Defend from cancelling out of weapon ability.
Fixed an issue with boss battle breaking when cancelling out of a Finisher.
Please report issues in the bug forum here and we will endeavour to fix them asap.
Patch 1.0.8 (16 November 2017)
Added Space as an addition select button
Removed superfluous button press in wheel gambit
Added announcement to make it clear that Strength and Empress are in hard modes if you take the hard mode equipment.
Added 'Settings' option to start menu
Added option to override the controller icon map
Fixed controls icon-switching so that diagrams display appropriate remapping for back/touchpad/select/minus/view button.
Fixed Emperor progress blocker
Fixed combo reset when getting hit during finishers
Made weapon charge / combo not reset on time out
Fixed Healer bug that removed 'medium' healing option
Made Phalanx units stunnable during their red attack (and fixed up some visual weirdness).
Fixed deck builder encounter sorting issue
Improved intro performance
Made High Priestess Blizzard encounter Huge Failure more punishing.
Removed potential exploit in Devil challenge
Updated Villager's Axe weapon ability.
Fixed Alone curse
Fixed bug where VAR showed up if your companion is missing on one encounter
Patch 1.0.7 (15 November 2017)
Added a brightness (Gamma) setting
Reduced gold gain when losing Arm Wrestling.
Updated Chinese localisation
Fixed Saint Tala's Day to only give 2 blessings not 100
Fix some strings that were not getting localised in the pause menu
Fixed exploitable loop in Moon's Cemetery if you bring Ring of Food
Fixed 'close shave' achievement being awarded when you died in combat.
Fixed a VAR bug in chariot.
Patch 1.0.6 (15 November 2017)
Fix progression blocker in Mage Tower
Patch 1.0.5 (14 November 2017)
Fixed gold token bug on Strength.
Improved subtitle timings.
Adjusted default keyboard controls.
Fixed Malaclypse's shield disappearing when hitting a blocked enemy.
Fixed a potential failure state in the Holy Mace quest.
Fixed missing companion dialogue bugs.
Out of the Mud encounter now handles the correct companion text regardless of which companion is chosen.
Fixed exploitable loop in Hoarfrost Trial.
Improved Hoarfrost Trial balance.
TorrentPeek at the curse you are given during the Wheel stair card.
Fixed combat with no enemies resulting in a non-progression in Judgment challenge.
Fixed 'fleeting fame' triggering after campfire.
Fixed combat with no enemies in Moon's Cemetery.
Fixed twitch config input problems.
Fixed dice result and dice target compare in Berta's Betting House.
Updated Gladiator's Visage trait description for clarity.
Fixed traits on Cheerful Woodcutter encounter.
Player is now awarded food if they're replaying Strength and take the short route out of the opening encounter.
Companion cards now display traits in a display panel when selected from the
Display Cards container.
Fixed Malaclypse's shield absorbing mage range attacks without breaking.
Burning Building Oswin lose health icon updated.
Fixed Emperor's Dangerous Wilds to award correct fame.
Stolen Ones will announce number of soldiers remaining after picking Failure on blood magic wheel.
Fixed Gambler's Insurance.
Fixed trait title on Harvest Blade.
Added clear option to not give away your equipment in the Gnomes encounter.
Saint Tala's Day uses fallback deck so that it can't run out of blessings
Fixed issue where Temple of Prayers refreshed the 5th blessing if you backed out of the list.
Goblins will no longer say they stole things that they didn't.
Stopped Malaclypse teleporting away mid-shield.
Ordeal By Hot Iron will no longer instantiate an Executioner's Axe regardless of whether you have one already or not.
Improved Moon balance.
Fixed Ariadne and Colbjorn getting stuck in a walking state.
Patch 1.0.4 (13 November 2017)
Fix for The Tower in Brazilian Portuguese
Add a Dual Shock 2 native support
Fixed achievement unlocking for early testers (pre steam)
Fix 'Berta's Betting House takes gold when no games are played'
Fixed encounter that would end before it begins if the player does not have a companion.
Fix for equipment showcases in trap levels causing cards to not be returned to the correct container.
Fixed companions attacking dead enemies non-stop after they've killed them.
Hand of fate 2 soundtrackImprove Berta's Betting House dice game clarity
Fixed issue where player would fail gold token in Strength if they change their equipment post meeting the requirement in the final encounter.
Fixed protected enemies infinitely hitting each other with their protection after one of them hitting the other.
The Cure final sequence (pendulum) made easier.

Hand Of Fate 2 Soundtrack Download Free Download

Added Pendulum trait to Bridge Skirmish.
Set Billy Clubs ability trait to use the Ability resource (now displays correct UI incl. number of hits to use ability).
Fixed a bug where rewards were being discarded.
Fixed pending card event listeners being checked with the wrong agent.
Updates to Deadly Forest encounter (now only takes Life/Max. Life, and updated traits to reflect change).
Made so that you must go through the dice game at least once before 'ambushing' the monster cards
Moved dithering to after overlay color and overlay texture
Fixed an issue where VAR would be displayed in encounter text if the player had no companion.
Fixed deck builder token filter (wasn't showing inherited tokens).
Bonus only activates once per Brimstone card.
Doubled Oswins damage resistance in combat.
Fixed Wraith health drain does not break Malaclypse's shield
Fixed potential non-progression in the Judgment challenge.
Fixed ponytail whipping in customisation
Ongoing typo fixes
Patch 1.0.3 (13 November 2017)
Disable adaptive vsync on PC for now, suspect it was causing or exacerbating a crash bug
Modified default keyboard controls, picked a set that are more responsive
If keyboard has not been remapped, update to new more responsive default
Made keyboard / mouse dodge on 'press' and run on new input 'KBMRun' (defaults to Left Control).
Added separate key binding for 'run' as part of the initial keyboard improvements
Made player attack targeting more generous when not pushing a direction.
Added binding for inspect ('i', useful for OS X trackpad users without a middle mouse button
Default to more sensible resolution on retina MPB
Bug fix for '11_justice: random teleport to map area that I can't get out of'
Fixed massive graphical glitch in fog for OS X users using Nvidia driver
Fixed number of blessings the encounter takes from the player (was taking 1 more blessing than it should).
Updates to market thief.
Fixed companion name being displayed as VAR if they're removed from your hand during the run in the Strength challenge.
Some Chinese localisation improvements
Added a few second delay between start of twitch chance vote and messages posted to chat.
Patch 1.0.2 (13 November 2017)
FateDark Wormhole
Added encounter option voting to twitch integration.
One Drunken Night balance
Trap level balance changes
Goblins balance changes
Fix for being able to move on the map while unlocking tokens
Fix for locking selection during chance card task (GuardianAngel bug)
Fix 8 skeleton spawner
Fix Malaclypse's Associate without companion
Patch 1.0.1 (09 November 2017)
Fix Italian, Spanish text had invaded
Added specific option for adaptive vsync, and option of regular on. Users with on previously (was adaptive), will now get adaptive. Opengl defaults to vsync on, d3d defaults to adaptive
Adjusted colouring of wormhole to make it less jarring.
Fog works consistently between d3d and opengl
Fixed ultrawide resolution

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Fixed issues with companion dialog in Chariot if the player loses their companion
Fix ignored vibration setting in dice
Hopefully fix blood shaders so they aren't green on some configurations
Fixed a bug where the gold wasn't being taken away.
Fixed exception disconnecting from twitch. Updated twitch integration.
Fixed friendly health bars getting yellow outline (should be dark red) when reviving fallen companions.
Fixed Lovers campfire: wasn't cycling through Oswin lines

Hand Of Fate 2 Soundtrack download free. full

Fixed all the typos discovered today
Added twitch integration
Minimum system requirements:
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, Radeon HD 5670
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
Mouse & Keyboard
Recommended system requirements:
Windows: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2.66GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5200, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750, Radeon HD 7800
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
Mouse & Keyboard

Hand Of Fate 2 Soundtrack

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