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Download free GOG PC games. We have every game from the GOG.com catalog available to download for free! Free GOG PC game downloads by direct link. Frequently Asked Questions. 268.27 MB hollowknightgodsnightmaresflac.zip. 140.80 MB hollowknightgodsnightmaresmp3.zip. Greetings fellow hollow knight enthusiasts. This one's simple yet I can't put my finger on it. How exactly do I activate the Gods & Nightmares DLC? I know it's just a collection of tracks, a 'second to be released' game soundtrack containing all of the music pieces added PAST the original game but.

Godmaster is a DLC for Hollow Knight and is last out of the four free contents that were released. This DLC was announced on the 30th of January, 2018 and was released on the 23rd of August, 2018.

How to Start Godmaster

First, you will need to obtain a Simple Key which is obtained from defeating a Pale Lurker located at the back of the Colosseum of Fools, its area can be found behind a fake wall which is at the northeastern side of the map. After acquiring the key, head to the Royal Waterways towards the third level from the map, just above the Flukemarm's arena to find a breakable wall which will lead you to a new area which is the Junk Pit. Here, you'll find a coffin of The Godseeker as well as the Fluke Hermit.

From there, you can use the Simple Key to unlock the coffin where a sleeping Godseeker will emerge together with the Godtuner. Use the Dream Nail on the Godseeker to enter Godhome and start the quest of this chapter.

Godmaster Overview

Godmaster is the last chapter added in the game which introduces new NPCs, a quest, an exceptional musical piece, and a game mode. Listed below are the following content that has been added:

Hollow knight gods and nightmares dlc


Hollow Knight Free Download Gog

  • Absolute Radiance
  • Brothers Oro and Mato
  • Great Nailsage Sly
  • Paintmaster Sheo
  • Pure Vessel
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Winged Nosk
Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares Download


  • Flukemunga
  • Pale Lureker



  • Hall of Gods
  • Land of Storms

Game Mechanics

  • Eternal Ordeal
  • Hall of Gods


Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares Download
  • Additional Simple Key

Other Added Content

Hollow Knight Nightmare King

  • Embrace the Void ending
  • Godmaster Theme for the main menu
  • Eternal Ordeal Theme for the main menu
  • Godseeker Mode

William 15 August, 2018 Content Pack, Hollow Knight


Hey Everyone,

Small update to let you know of a last-minute development. As of today, Hollow Knight’s upcoming Free Content Pack is getting a snazzy new name. Formerly Hollow Knight: G*ds & Gl*ry, Free Content Pack 4 will forever-more be known as:

Hollow Knight: Godmaster

That’s right! We’ve upgraded the name to be bigger and better than ever! The Free Content Pack still features the exact same content, and is still releasing for players on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac & Linux on August 23rd.

Hall Of Gods Hollow Knight

So why the 11th hour change? Well not only is the new name 100 times cooler, more distinct, more ‘Hollow Knight’, it also doesn’t conflict with the title of a certain mobile game, made by a very large, very powerful video game company! It’s a win win all-round! Now, let’s all take a moment to enjoy this stylish upgrade.

Cherry Picks

Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares Download Torrent

Hollow knight gods & nightmares download

To close off this post, we wanted to highlight some of the games we’ve been playing and enjoying that we think you should check out!

Rising Dusk, by our friend Lukas Stobie (@StudioStobie), is a super-colourful, charming, constantly surprising adventure full of character. It’s an anti-coin collection puzzle-platformer with incredible music, a vibrant style and distinctive levels that each have their own unique ideas and atmosphere. Most importantly, it has a fantastic overworld map that lets you choose your own path as you dig out secrets! We had great fun playing through it at Bitsummit earlier this year and then doing it all over again now that it’s out on Steam.

Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares Download Mediafire

Unworthy seems to have snuck quietly out into the world recently with a low-key release, but we think it’s definitely worth a look! It tasks you with exploring a vast, ancient world, uncovering secrets and fighting some terrific bosses. The combat is fluid and fantastically weighty, and the layout of the world is constantly surprising and lets you forge your own path through. Everything is animated really powerfully, and the ambience makes it easy to spend hours plumbing the deepest depths and scouting out the farthest reaches of the game.

That’s it for now gang! Hollow Knight: Godmaster is almost here, and we’ve got all sorts of other exciting stuff cooking behind the scenes.

Hollow Knight - Gods & Nightmares Download Free

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