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“Sometimes a game catches you by surprise. Be it with its ingenuity, its style, or its sense of humor. Other times a game catches you with all three, like Human Resource Machine.” - Gamezebo 9/10 'Human Resource Machine Could Be The App Of The Year” - Mobile n’ Apps.

Human machine game

Human Resource Machine is an award winning game that teaches players to think like a programmer. Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming for your job. From the creators of World of Goo and Little Inferno. Learn more about Human Resource Machine. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 10th edition (David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P.

Human Resource Machine Download Free

Human Machine Game

Multipart article

As a human resources professional, you are required to juggle a variety of tasks. Your responsibilities could include everything from acquiring the best talent to motivating employees to managing training programs.

With so many different duties, it is important to have a system in place to stay organized and ensure that no detail is left undone. One way to keep track of all the details is by using an Excel template. But how do you find the best Excel templates to fit your needs? We’ve researched the top Excel templates for human resources and have included them here for you to download, along with a description of when to use each.

We've also included human resources templates in Smartsheet, a real-time work execution platform that makes managing your HR processes easier and more collaborative than Excel.

Human Resource Machine Ios Download Free

Employee Attendance Tracker

Human Resource Machine Apk

Most companies have policies around employee work schedules. Whether or not a company offers paid vacation or sick time, it is important to track the attendance schedule of your employees. Attendance information could be helpful when assessing job performance during yearly evaluations. Use this simple employee attendance tracker template to document whether each employee worked or took vacation, personal or sick days. You can also add tabs for each month of the year to keep a running history of employee attendance throughout.

Human Resource Machine Download Free Windows 10

Keep your employees connected, informed, and engaged with Smartsheet


Human Resources Games To Play

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that enables HR teams to easily manage everything from job applicant tracking to new hire onboarding and employee performance reviews.