JASEM: Just Another Shooter With Electronic Music

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Released by Developer Stas Shostak in Oct. 2017, it is a Difficult Top-Down Action Shooter. The Games Low Poly Graphics are very well done, with vibrant colors with great detail for the worlds props. With a fun and challenging variety of enemies and epic boss fights, the fight will not be easy. The game has no storyline or narratives (or text, for that matter) except for the games start up screen, but all the other bots want you dead nonetheless. The controls are shown to you in the tutorial mission with props and do not take long to master. With many items in the world you can use to blow everything up with enormous explosions, some of your enemies will run out of fear. Be careful not to blow yourself up!

For gameplay, your dual armament means you can have a machine gun on one side and a rocket launcher on the other. Or a multitude of variants with the assortment of fire power at your disposal to fit your fighting taste, and what may be needed for certain areas. You will face a wide variety of bots and turrets that will target you for destruction. The game is semi linear; there are multi routes you can take through some areas with a little exploration. But always beware, death awaits around every corner and prop - you should never let your guard down.

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JASEM is a Fun shooter and great little game for wasting a bit of time or just to get a destruction fix. It is a difficult game, but I would not label it as Hard-Core. You will learn how to play it pretty fast and be able to continue to move forward through the levels with a little trial and error. If you have any platforming skills at all you should still be able to play the title. I had a fair bit of fun with the title. Once I got used to how fast the robot can move and how the controls worked, the game got a lot funner! I will not talk about all the games’ mechanics or enemies; some things are better left discovered. Just know that there are no save points; die and you start the level over!

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!

JASEM: Just Another Shooter With Electronic MusicJasem: just another shooter with electronic musical instrument

Jasem: Just Another Shooter With Electronic Music Player