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Dungeon EP by Bill Kiley, released 04 September 2012 1. Jumpkick Competition 3. Homework King 4. It's Chip to be Square Wave 5. Complete Katana ZERO OST💰 Buy: https://wicrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/katana-zero-original-soundtrack-.

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A game that tests the PC capacity to enter the world of videogames. That’s Jazz Jackrabbit, changing the previous view that only a good game can be hosted in a console or an arcade. This is the first game, with a sequel released in 1998. The first edition of this series was one of the pioneers for the PC gamer audience. This videogame came to the industry to reaffirm the idea that PC and the DOS software was powerful as any other console for playing. Let´s check out more of it.

About the game

This is a side-scroll platform videogame-like that was common in the early ’90s. Our hero, Jazz Jackrabbit starts a crusade against an evil tortoise villain named Daven Shell, that kidnapped planet Carrotus princess Eva Earlong. The green “Rambo” rabbit gets through six episodes and erases everything out of his way to save the princess. Four difficult ways to do it: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Turbo. In every moment with a timer counting down to zero.

Katana Zero Soundtrack Edition Download

Sonic has a little influence in this game, you can see it in the first very moments of the gameplay. A dynamic and fluent movement all along the obstacles of the game and the scenarios disposed of is a clear blink in the eye to the blue hedgehog.

PC pioneer

In the early ’90s, the PC was not seen as capable to run a nice graphics videogame-like arcade. This was a big stand for the PC gamer community because it was one of the first games to be published for the MS-DOS software. Later, the MacIntosh would join.

Speaking of the game itself became a classic. Of course, not the popularity of Sonic or Zool, but reached a nice fan base and was expanded with more episodes in 1995 included a Christmas Special.


Even when it first showed as a low budget copy of other successful classics, it reached some fan base and reached a space in the 1990’s game rankings. The fast gameplay is one of the greatest hits. Running at godspeed in every direction taking care of enemies, jumping, and bouncing gets you quick in the pace even when you barely have two minutes in front.

In the walk-through, the time is your main enemy, even more than the terror kidnapping turtles. It is an easy game in the first modes and that was the point when it was released. You don’t have a deadline time like in the arcade rooms and you have to get some adrenaline going on. It’s a really funny, crazy timed game and you should taste some air from the '90s in this one.

Graphics and visuals

Download Katana Zero Free

Each of the six scenarios has a lot of details for his time. It’s very cool seeing some Of course, it lacks modern animations but it gets the best part of the graphics side, and the pace of the game gets a lot of benefits from this. Again, the game gets the best out of the DOS software.


Fast and exciting, this is the two words that can define Jazz Jackrabbit. A large number of weapons, explosives, and fins can be founded in this gameplay. The timer is the spicy that then game needed to transform into a massive cocktail of fun. It is like a free traffic highway for you to run with all freedom.


In this game, this section is very special and a perfect additive for the gameplay. The soundtrack goes hand in hand with the game pace. In special moments, when you find some speed booster in the map, the frenzy pace music is the perfect companion of the running maniac rabbit.

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Katana Zero
Publisher(s)Devolver Digital
Programmer(s)Justin Stander
EngineGameMaker Studio 2
Release Windows, macOS, Switch
  • WW: April 18, 2019
Xbox One
Genre(s)Action, platform

Katana Zero is a 2Dactionplatform video game developed by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game was also released on Xbox One on October 15, 2020.


Katana Zero includes no health bar and being hit will result in instant death.[1] The player character navigates side-scrolling levels, attempting to kill all enemies in that level using his blade or environmental traps.[1] The player character can deflect bullets with his slash, slow time with a meter that slowly refills, and dodge attacks using rolls.[2] The game also features a real-time conversation system that the player can interrupt.[1]



Katana Zero takes place in the dystopic, neo-noir metropolis of New Mecca. The game's plot is heavily affected by an invasion of an unnamed Asiatic nation, referred to as the 'Cromag War,' launched by either New Mecca or whatever controlling government rules it. New Mecca's faction is implied to have lost the ensuing conflict.

The player controls a katana-wielding assassin called Subject Zero, as he completes various assassination contracts given to him by his psychiatrist, who also supplies him with ‘Chronos’, a drug that allows him to slow down time and predict the future.[1]

Throughout the game, Zero experiences recurring nightmares of a child in a primitive hut; a man wearing a labcoat bursts into the hut and warns the child to hide moments before being shot dead by the menacing silhouette of a soldier. The child is heavily implied to be a young Zero. Zero is also repeatedly visited by Comedy and Tragedy, two men wearing lab coats and theater masks, who taunt him about impending disaster in his future.[1]

The game begins in media res, as Zero is sent to extract a kidnapped scientist from a warehouse. The scientist is found but immediately killed by V, a Russian mobster, who escapes. His mission failed, Zero visits his psychiatrist to receive his daily Chronos injection and a dossier on his next target, Josh Rose. Zero fights his way to Rose, who commits suicide. On his way home, Zero befriends a young girl living next door to his apartment in the Third District.

Next, Zero is sent to kill DJ Electrohead, a disc jockey involved in the drug trade, and is explicitly warned not to speak to him. Zero infiltrates his nightclub and can either kill Electrohead or listen to him confess to using Chronos before he is shot dead by an unseen sniper. The media begins to refer to Zero's killing sprees as being the work of a serial killer known as The Dragon.

Zero's fourth target is Fa Yuan, a prison inmate. Upon arriving, Zero finds the prison staff massacred and his target already dead. SWAT officers arrive and storm the cellblock as Zero escapes. At his apartment, the Girl gives him a videotape she claims V left for him, containing a recording of V torturing and killing Zero's other neighbors. Zero finds his psychiatrist's office closed the next morning and is picked up by V in a limousine on his way back. V offers to partner with Zero, who flatly refuses and is thrown out of the limo. He tracks V to an abandoned movie studio and fights through various film sets to reach him. Their fight is interrupted by Snow, a swordswoman working with V, who threatens Zero and leaves with V.

Katana Zero Soundtrack Edition Download Utorrent

Beginning to experience vivid hallucinations, Zero is assigned to kill Al-Qasim, a wealthy industrialist. Zero comes upon V and his men already storming Al-Qasim's mansion and is captured. When Zero uses precognition to mock him, V shoots Al-Qasim and leaves Zero to be killed by his henchman, Mr. Kissyface. Zero kills Kissyface and chases V and his men down the highway on motorcycles. Before Zero can kill him, V is dismembered and then abducted by another swordsman, who displays similar abilities to Zero's. Before Zero flees, the swordsman claims that he is The Dragon.

Zero suffers further hallucinations of a now-dismembered V, who claims that his visions are the result of Chronos withdrawal—without it, he will be trapped in time, unable to die. Zero's psychiatrist sends him to a Chinatown casino to hunt down The Dragon. Within the Casino, Zero encounters The Dragon, as well as Headhunter, another Chronos user. Zero duels Headhunter while The Dragon flees the scene; the duel ends in a draw, and Headhunter escapes. While leaving, Zero acquires a tape containing the Prison's security footage from the night of Fa Yuan's murder. The tape footage shows The Dragon storming the prison and interrogating Fa Yuan, who tells him about Leon von Alvensleben, the creator of Chronos.[3]

After finding the psychiatric office closed, Zero is directed to a slaughterhouse by an unknown caller. The slaughterhouse proves to be a front for a training facility for 'NULLs', Chronos-enhanced super soldiers used by New Mecca in the Cromag war. While progressing through the facility, Zero is addressed by Alvensleben, who observes and speaks to him through a series of monitors throughout the facility. After determining Zero was once an elite Gamma NULL, Alvensleben reveals the project was a failure, and its subjects marked for death. Realizing that the footage of the scientist is a recording made years ago, Zero thaws the real Alvensleben from cryostasis, killing him.

Zero locates and confronts the Psychiatrist, who confirms that Zero was a NULL soldier, and that his targets have all been related to Chronos. He then sends Zero to destroy the contents of Al-Qasim's safe room in an underground bunker. At the bottom, he finds Headhunter guarding the vault. Headhunter confirms that she is also a NULL, explaining that she is entering Chronos withdrawal, and that Al-Qasim employed her as an assassin in exchange for a supply of the drug. Zero kills her and enters the vault, where he finds a woman and children cowering in fear. Unable to bring himself to kill them, he abandons his contract.


Zero discovers his psychiatrist preparing to flee the city, brutally beats him to death, and injects himself with a massive dose of Chronos. Alternatively, if Zero interrupts the Psychiatrist constantly during conversations and deliberately disobeys his directives during missions, the Psychiatrist becomes enraged and injects himself with an unknown drug, transforming into a monstrosity. Zero duels the monstrosity and kills him. Upon Zero's victory, the scene immediately cuts to him calmly seated in the office, the Psychiatrist's human self dead by a stab to the head rather than by being beaten to death. Zero searches the Psychiatrist's belongings and leaves without visibly injecting himself with Chronos.

Returning to his apartment, he finds it burglarized, the young girl gone, and a cryptic note left behind. The landlady states that no children lived in the building. When questioned, Zero runs, and the police give chase.

Zero's recurring nightmare is replayed, minus the distortion. Zero is revealed to have been the NULL soldier responsible for shooting the Scientist, rather than the child who hid. Having completed his objective, Zero exits the scene of the nightmare and walks over to stand next to The Dragon, who is shown to have been Zero's comrade in arms during the Cromag War.

Katana Zero Soundtrack Download Free

In a mid-credits scene, Snow informs her superior of V's death at the hands of The Dragon, while The Dragon contemplates a board of evidence at a safe house. In a post-credits scene, Comedy and Tragedy taunt the little girl as she cowers in fear.

Development and release[edit]

The game's programmer is Justin Stander,[1] while the soundtrack is synthwave and is composed by LudoWic and Bill Kiley.[4] Development was announced '100% complete' by February 27, 2019.[5]The game was developed using GameMaker Studio 2 and took 6 years to complete.[6]

Download Katana Zero Full Pc

The game was released on 18 April 2019.[7] In Australia, Katana Zero was rated adult-only in May 2019.[citation needed]


Aggregate score
MetacriticNS: 83/100[8]
PC: 83/100[9]
Review scores
Game InformerNS: 7.75/10[10]
GameRevolutionNS: 3/5[11]
GameSpotPC: 8/10[12]
Nintendo LifeNS: [14]
USgamerNS: 4.5/5[15]

The game was well received in previews by several gaming news outlets. In 2016, Nick Robinson of Polygon called it 'one of the most impressive games we saw at PAX Prime last year'.[1] Brenna Hiller of VG247 called the game 'far too stylish' and complimented the fact that the game's screen shake could be turned down.[4] Mike Williams of USgamer called the game 'stylish as hell' and 'one of [his] favorite upcoming games'.[2]

The game has a score of 83 on Metacritic, indicating generally favorable reviews.[8][9]

The Nintendo Switch version reached 100,000 copies sold within one week of its release.[16]


20192019 SXSW Gaming AwardsGamer's Voice: Video GameNominated[17]
The Game Awards 2019Best Independent GameNominated[18]
2020NAVGTR AwardsGame, Original AdventureNominated[19]
Independent Games Festival AwardsExcellence in DesignNominated[20]
2020 SXSW Gaming AwardsMost Promising New Intellectual PropertyNominated[21]
16th British Academy Games AwardsDebut GameNominated[22]


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