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Following on from the success of the first Community Weapon Pack, we asked the IJC crew to think up something to match with the whole Steampunk theme for the summer event. And they rose wonderfully to the challenge. So we now have a delightful set of Steampunk-styled weapons for you - with more community modders able to earn some real dosh!
Key Features:
Dr T's Lead Delivery System: Referring to this as a 'Steampunk Tommy Gun' would be an injustice. It is far more elegant than that and deserves better. 'Doctor John T. Thomson's Lead Delivery System' sounds so much more appropriate. Commando's around the world will understand and applaud!
Orca Bomb Propeller: The Demolitions experts amongst you will appreciate the glorious new Orca Bomb Propeller, designed completely with you in mind. Pops a single, delightfully explosive bomb downrange, to land at the Zeds' feet with a quite charming BOOM.
Single Piston Long Musket: A Sharpshooter always appreciates fine craftsmanship - and the new Long Musket, with attached Sight Magnification and Enhancement Tube, is, indeed, fine craftsmanship. Piston-driven, bolt-action, magazine-fed Steam Musket. Superb accuracy and hitting power as well. Perfection.
Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower: Last, but by no means least, we have the Zed Thrower for the Support ladies and gentlemen amongst us. Fires a fine load of buckshot at the oncoming hungry hordes and has become known as the 'Zed Thrower' for its quite hilarious ability to throw the Zeds about the place as it dismembers them.

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