Last Dream: World Unknown


Posted in r/GameDeals by u/banjo2E. 27 points and 3 comments. Overview: Last Dream: World Unknown is both a standalone adventure and the thrilling sequel to our breakout game, Last Dream. This vast adventure incorporates the best features of classic RPGs: replayability and complete immersion into a vibrant world. Journey across the wondrous forests.

Last Dream: World UnknownLast Dream: World Unknown

The Developer’s Room

  1. Last Dream: World Unknown is the sequel to White Giant RPG's Last Dream, and takes place in a brand new world called Firma. Here, your four heroes witness the destruction of one of the great cities of the world and have to uncover the history of Firma to save everyone.
  2. History Remade – Last Dream: World Unknown takes place after the events of Last Dream in the same universe. It features a complete, self-contained story set in a new diverse world, full of secrets and history.

When you reach Theopolis, you can find the entrance to the Developer’s Room by descending a well in the SE courtyard outside of Theopolis Castle. In the entrance, you’ll find a total of 9 plaques, each of which asks for a passcode for a specific Firman city. In the course of your travels, you’ll find these passcodes written on notes in random buildings in each Firman city. The table below lists the location and combination for each city code. The Developer’s Room is a completely optional Easter egg that lets you learn a bit more about the development team behind Last Dream: World Unknown.

Combination Codes

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