A person who draws up, introduces, or enacts a code of laws for a nation or people, such as: Culture hero, a type of mythological figure Legislator, a person who writes and passes laws The Lawgiver, a 2012 novel relating to Moses, by Herman Wouk. Lawgivers with one another or with some great philosopher; second, the attribution to them of laws with a pronounced ethical or moral­ izing tone, totally unlike the precise pragmatism of genuine codes; and finally, the more or less random attribution of laws, with the result that it becomes almost impossible to identify the author of a. Featuring thorough commentary on the historical context of these two great men, maps, illustrations, and more, The Lawgivers will introduce a new generation of readers to this truly essential and enjoyable writer. Kezia began her In-Service Training with Lawgivers in September 2018 and was called to the Bar of Trinidad and Tobago in May 2019 and she has been employed with Lawgivers as an Associate Attorney at Law since her admission. She is a member of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the Assembly of Southern Lawyers. Lawgivers is a turn-based political simulation game available on multiple platforms. Create your own party or take control of an existing one and run for elections. Tell voters what they want to hear on interviews and choose whether to accomplish your promises or not.

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Update 1.7 - - 2020/04/02 12:37
Update 1.6.0 Beta - - 2020/01/20 20:46
Lawgivers election threshold
Lawgivers is a turn-based political simulator. Take control of a party and run for elections. Tell voters what they want to hear and choose whether to accomplish your promises or not. Once inside parliament approve important laws and shape your country’s destiny.
~ Steam store page
  • Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
  • Approve or abolish laws with parliamentary votes
  • Take care of lawmaker's experience, popularity and loyalty
  • Bribe concurrent politicians in order to win majority
  • Build up relations with other parties and appoint the president
  • 17 playable nations such as the US, UK, Russia, Germany, or South Korea
  • Over 120 ordinary and constitutional laws
  • 38 science advances bringing new missions and events
  • No in-game shop or virtual currency, just free updates
Damian Bernardi
Political Simulator
April 2, 2020 (full release)
June 9, 2019 (early access)

Lawgivers Mod

November 2018

Lawgiver Game

Lawgivers Tips

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