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Lazors is a puzzle game where you try to get a laser beam from one point to another by moving different types of blocks around a board full of empty spaces.
In Lazors, there are over 200 different levels organized by difficulty. The easiest puzzles have only one or two types of blocks, but as you advance, you find more and more types.
Simple blocks reflect the laser, solid ones block it, glass blocks refract the laser in various directions, and some blocks are bolted to the board. Thanks to this wide range of blocks and the crazy number of levels, Lazors has enough content to entertain you for hours.
Despite not having great graphics or a particularly complicated gameplay, the truth is, Lazors is an excellent puzzle game. It's clever, original, and challenging - a real must if you love puzzles.
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The purpose of this indicator is to display the time of reversal of price movements and strong levels where a reversal is probable. This can be seen in the screenshots, provided for different time intervals.

Blue line - the main line. It shows the direction of the reversal and the significance of the level. Trades should be opened after the recession of the spike by choosing the strongest spikes. The stop loss level should be placed close to the top of spike of the currency pair plus a few points. The take profit level should be placed several times further than the stop loss level.

Lazors Download Free

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Free Lazors APK Download For PC. Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more than a hundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges. + 150 levels + Intuitive gameplay + Hint system + HD graphics Move blocks, reflect the laser, hit all targets! Download Lazors (MOD, hints) free on android. Android 2.3 + Version: 2.4.2. On our site you can easily download Lazors (MOD, hints.

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Red line - additional line. It shows the strength of consolidation. After a blue spike, it is the best time to enter on a red spike.

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  • Multiplier - allows to proportionally increase the level of the red line for better visibility relative to the blue line.
  • AlertLevel - the level to output alerts.
  • SendNotification - send push-notifications to mobile devices, true/false.
  • decibel - convert the indicator values to decibels for a better visualization, true/false.