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Marble Age Remastered

Marble Age Remastered is a role-playing video game based on ancient Greece. Award-winning designer Ion Storm creates the game. It is the follow-up to his acclaimed Marble Age series. The game’s plot takes place in ancient Greece, where players control one of many different characters and travel throughout the land using staircases to complete their quests.

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In Marble Age Remastered, players take control of the character… Sent on a quest by his father, the nylon colony leader called the Spiadic Units. His father wants him to investigate the mysterious ‘Gyreons’ that have taken over the city and determine why they are ramping up activity within the monuments. Once there, he must battle the ‘Gyreons,’ save the city from further destruction, and find out who is behind the attacks. Throughout the adventure, you will find that Marble Age Remastered follows in the footsteps of the successful series but adds an interesting twist.

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The story is told through text logs found in Alex’s father’s cave. Along the way, you will find that Marble Age Revisited offers a unique experience… As it follows a linear path through the caves of Sparta instead of the more popular travel routes… Like those found in the original Marble Age. However, it is recommended that you do not take this route on your own, as the story is too short… And many elements are missing to make it worthwhile. Instead, stick to the main paths to complete all areas and solve puzzles.

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Start in the middle of the jungle


Unlike the first Marble Age… In this game, you do not have the option of selecting between the two main paths. You start in the middle of the jungle with nothing but trees to see. Your mission is to travel across the land and locate and activate all the temples scattered across the land. The main character in Marble Age Revisited… The warrior Orbis, can absorb the powers of nature to become a powerful warrior. You will need to use your stealth and sword skills to make him a formidable foe and kill all the enemy soldiers along the way.


Artifacts from ancient Greece

Marble Age Revisited has a few different features compared to the original game. You now have access to all the hidden objects, including several artifacts from ancient Greece that you can uncover and put together to create various tools and weapons. Also included are many new animals, including deer and wild boar, and new types of tiles such as bricks and ceramic pieces. Some of the more notable secrets include the secret water fountain, the hidden chests, and even the secret elevator leading up to the throne room. In addition to all of these features, you also have the option to play three-dimensional games that allow you to maneuver the game’s scenery using the keyboard or with the mouse, and finally, you have the option to play the role of any of the characters from the original game.

A fairly enjoyable game

Overall, Marble Age Revisited is a fairly enjoyable game. Although some of the scenes are a bit disturbing due to all of the bloodshed, overall, the storyline is easy to follow, and the action is quite well detailed and well animated. There is also the option to listen to original music, and Marble Age Repo: Anniversary adds the final flourish to the game. It includes a musical score that perfectly fits the game. Not only is Marble Age Revisited fun and entertaining… But it is also packed with hidden object scenes that are very exciting. The action may be slow at times, but it definitely is worth the wait because once you start playing, you can’t stop until you have finished everything.

Marble Age Remastered Summary

Marble Age: Remastered Download Free

In terms of the game itself, you basically play the role of a Marble Age survivor who must find your way out of the prison and fight your way through the many enemies thrown at you on your journey. You can switch between the 3D view and the flat view at certain points, which will affect the way the game is played. If you enjoy hidden object games and are looking for a different gaming experience, then this game is definitely worth checking out.

Overall, Marble Age Revisited is definitely not the Marble Age you remember from your childhood… But it is still a fun game to play nonetheless. It has many levels and secrets to discover. Many of the elements that made the original games so que also make their return here, including the music, puzzles, and monsters. This game is available for both Windows and Apple users… And it doesn’t cost much to buy, but it’s worth giving it a try.

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Marble Age: Remastered Download Free

Marble Age Free Download

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