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Defending yourself from continuous waves of robots might sound like a tiring challenge, but Mindustry manages to combine everything players love from games like Factorio and Creeper World and puts it into a more accessible and generally enjoyable package. Offering faster gameplay than its similar predecessor, Mindustry is an action packed tower defense that will keep players entertained for hours on end.

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This is a very early alpha that Anuke/Anuken is working on. As far as we know, it'll be one of the biggest updates in Mindustry. Watch D.A.R.K's video about it on YouTube to get some more information. Create a file named local.properties inside the Mindustry directory, with its contents looking like this: sdk.dir=. For example, if you're on Windows and installed the tools to C:tools, your local.properties would contain sdk.dir=C:tools ( note the double backslashes are.

Shoot & Build

Mindustry Download Apk

The perspective of Mindustry adopts one similar to that of a space shoot ‘em up. The player takes control of a small flying robot that can zip around the level collecting resources and shooting invading enemies. The resources gained from mining the map are used to greater better and stronger defences from the enemy hoards. Turrets, mechs and tons of other tech can all be fashioned to keep your base defended.

An Accessible Factorio

Factorio isn’t a game that’s known for bringing non-gamers into strategy and resource management, but Mindustry manages to get somewhat close to that. The fact the game is much more smooth than other titles and creates such a satisfying gameplay experience makes it incredibly more friendly to players who might otherwise give it a pass.

Part of the game’s accessibility definitely comes from its visual style. While other resource management games go for somewhat ugly and off-putting visuals, Mindustry goes for a different approach. The visuals aren’t anything to shout about, but the game uses a minimal art style that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t interrupt gameplay.

Combine this with the fact the game is not only on PC but also on mobile, and you can imagine casual gamers playing a couple waves of Mindustry on their way to work or school.

Automate to Victory

The best part of Mindustry is basking in the complex layers of your resource automation. There are not too many gaming experiences like zipping around the level watching your resources be mined without much intervention. From copper, lead, metaglass, graphite and titanium, there are plenty of natural goodies to collect to improve your base and amenities. There are also plenty of upgrades to improve your skills as the waves of enemies ramp up, giving players a lot of room to progress through their save files.


Mindustry is a fantastic way to get into fast-paced resource management games like Factorio and Creeper World. Pushing the genre into much more accessible areas, Mindustry is a casual yet deeply complex strategy game that combines the best of tower defence and mobile gaming into an accessible package.


  • Smooth, exciting and fast-paced gameplay
  • Easily accessible and fun to play
  • Low cost and very affordable

Download Mindustry For Pc Free


Mindustry Download Free Pc

  • Progression can be slow
  • Graphics aren’t anything to shout about

Mindustry Download Apk

Overall rating: 6