Mirror: Enchanting Reflections

Nov 16, 2017

Copy or Cut the downloaded files in the Mirror folder 4. Find the game Mirror folder and copy and replace if it asks for All Mirror game folder Example: C: Steam steamapps common Mirror 5. Open the game and enjoy this game without Censorship 6. And press in hand up or assess to continue helping with guides. Mirror: Enchanting Reflections. General Notes: - Block the game's exe in your firewall to prevent the game from. Trying to go online. If you install games to. P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S- Mirror: Enchanting Reflections (c) Paradise Project Release Date: 01/2019 Protection: Steam Discs: 1 Genre: Adventure This DLC contains 48 CGs that were never shown in the game. 4 more CGs for each girl and combined with the CGs in-game will draw you an enchanting picture you've never experienced before. For those of you who wish to play Mirror (v3.31) without the spoil of censorship, follow the instructions listed in this video. A huge thanks to SpeedMann fo.

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Mirror enchanting reflections trainer

How to Install the Uncensor Patch

Firstly, download the patch by this links:

Mirror Enchanting Reflections

  • Patch 3.3 Win: Link 1 (118 MB)
  • Patch 3.3 Win: Link 2 (118 MB)
  • Patch 3.0 Mac: Link 1 (118 MB)
  • Patch 3.0 Mac: Link 2 (118 MB)

Secondly, unzip the archive and copy the file 'gameasset' into the 'Mirror/game_Data/StreamingAssets' directory and overwrite existing file.
Note: if game is still censored - read the full instruction inside the archive.

How to Uncensor DLC

Mirror Enchanting Reflections Guide

Mirror: Enchanting Reflections
  • Patch DLC Win 3.3: Link 1 (80 MB)
  • Patch DLC Win 3.3: Link 2 (80 MB)
  • Patch DLC Win 3.3: Link 3 (80 MB)
  • Patch DLC Mac 3.3: Link 1 (80 MB)
  • Patch DLC Mac 3.3: Link 2 (80 MB)

Mirror: Enchanting Reflections Meaning

Unzip the archive and copy the file 'dlcasset' into the 'Mirror/save' directory.

Alternative Way to Patch

Avoids constant repatching!

Mirror Enchanting Reflections Patch

  • Rename gameasset file to gameasset18 before placing it in StreamingAssets folder.
  • Go to Mirrorsave
  • Open Game.ini file
  • Change this line for Win: 'Assets=game_DataStreamingAssetsgameasset'
  • Change this line for Mac: 'Assets=game.app/Contents/Resources/Data/StreamingAssets/gameasset'
  • Change it to: '...StreamingAssetsgameasset18'


Main Game Patch

  • Daisy / Dark Elf - Partially Uncensored.
  • Yoko / Archer - Fully Uncensored.
  • Cai Yun / Zombie - Fully Uncensored.
  • Lin / Ice Dragon - Fully Uncensored.
  • Unita / Orc - Fully Uncensored.
  • Ketsuno Ana / Warrior - Fully Uncensored.
  • Augie Terry / Egyptian Queen - Fully Uncensored.
  • Martha / Priestess - Fully Uncensored.

DLC Patch

  • Leah / Succubus - Fully Uncensored.
  • Madoka / Homunuculus - Fully Uncensored.
  • Hill / Slave - Fully Uncensored.
  • Mafercca's / Alchemist - Fully Uncensored.
Mirror: Enchanting ReflectionsMirror enchanting reflections patch
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