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Mon - Fri 11 - 19
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Telliskivi 60a/1, Tallinn

Our store is closed for holidays on 24-26.12 and 1.01.

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On 31.12 we are open 11-15.00.

mokoko studio

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Pärnu mnt 154-214, Tallinn

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OÜ Mokoko Labs
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Mokoko is a designer leather goods studio with a focus on inventive constructions and clever details. All products are made in our studio in Tallinn, out of certified vegetable tanned leathers from Italy.

Mokoko is a member of Responsible Business Forum of Estonia.

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Rev. Mokoko is National Communication Secretary of the PCC as well as officer in charge of the General Scholarship Board of the church. His wife is said to have died in Douala Saturday, October 26, 2019.

“Rev. Thomas Mokoko's wife is no more. Madam Mokoko Agnes Tataw died early today Saturday the 26th of October 2019 in Douala. She passed on in the presence of her beloved husband, the Communications Secretary of the PCC,” Senator Mbella Moki Charles said in a post on Facebook.

The former Mayor of Buea and current second-term Senator of the South West Region went on to describe the diseased Agnes Tataw epse Mokoko as a pious and honourable woman.

His words: “An exemplary woman of faith and a committed family woman has left the stage. A gifted human being; you summoned the Majesty in the eloquence of a gifted Preacher in your husband and made his sterling qualities glow as a shining example, a model of a Pastor. Today, all of that is history but you will remain in our hearts forever. We thank you for your selfless commitment and dedication to your family, the church and the community. It is a huge loss for us but while we share in the pain, we are comforted because the love of God brought you to us. History will certainly record your worth. RIP Madam Mokoko.”

Eulogies and words of comfort to her family have been pouring in, including from the Moderator of the PCC, Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba who wrote: “Ma Mokoko, Rest in the Peace of our Risen Lord from your earthly Labours and Pains.”

In a rather tear-provoking eulogy, Agwetang Evelyn, spouse of Rev. Emmanuel Agwetang wrote: “Aggie as I used to call you. We have worked together for a few years as secretary and vice in the Pastors spouses’ National meeting. Before then we had had a relationship way back when I was still in Batibo because of some needs.

Mokoko Congo

“I saw a woman with a good heart, ready to do more for others – a woman of faith. Your love for others especially for children went beyond the biological. When I brought you a little boy from Batibo, you embraced him just as you do yours. This love for other kids touched God’s heart and he blessed you with kids of your own, what you had longed for, for so long, as long as 12 years. We all rejoiced.

“Soon illness hit you so hard. When i visited you some months back, I was taken aback by how lean you had become, but the assurance you gave me made me go home so peaceful. You counselled me and preached to me instead of vice versa .When I called you after the demise of your father, your voice was so strong and reassuring.

Naisu Mokoko

“My dear sister, the pain in my heart is big. I don't know what to say than that you rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord. I pray that God will grant your darling husband and the kids the power to bear your sudden departure. Rest in peace Aggie.”

On Tuesday, Rev. Mokoko Mbue Thomas took to Facebook with the following words: “My heart bleeds, my pain is deep, but my love for God is unwavering. I thank God for this precious jewel He placed in my hands for 17 years. She brought so much sunshine into my life; she was my world. Love never dies! My love for you is stronger than death. Nobody can fully comprehend what I have lost, but God knows. Rest well My Baby Wife at God's feet.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana Wikipedia

Agnes Tataw got married to Rev. Mokoko Mbue Thomas on July 13, 2002 and they were blessed with children.