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The big event is just around the corner, but in the lead up there are already some fantastic Black Friday Switch deals. We've been keeping track of the very best offers, deals, and reductions for Switch bundles, accessories, and games to help you find a great bargain. When there's a good saving to be made on a console, it's good to act fast as they tend to sell out quickly - the Switch continues to sell incredibly well this year. You can also make a great saving on controllers, accessories, and games, so be sure to check back often to see what's on offer.

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  • At tonight’s Video Game Awards, Team Meat announced a release date for the long-awaited Super Meat Boy Forever. Set to release on the Epic Games Store on December 23rd, Super Meat Boy Forever will cost $19.99, or $17.99 as part of a 10% off pre-order bonus. The platformer once again follows Meat Boy as he and Bandage Girl.
  • The Halloween Update 2014 is a new update aired on the 16th of October 2014. It brought new equipment and a bundle, which is the Shadow Hunter Pack and the Vampire Hunter Gear also made a return but was renamed to Warlock Gear. The Bio Hazard bundle was also renamed to Monster Gear. The Spookytown, Halloween Grenades and Explosive Candies also made a comeback this year.

Don't be fooled into thinking that it'll be easy to find a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals just because much of the gaming world will have turned its attention to the new PS5 and Xbox Series X launches, though. We still expect both the regular Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite to sell out on a regular basis right through Black Friday and Christmas.

Why? With so many people spending much more time at home than originally planned in 2020, the Switch has surged again in popularity. For most of the pandemic, it has actually been sold out completely. Recent weeks have seen stock making a comeback, however, so we're optimistic about some Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals. The popular Nintendo consoles rarely get a price-drop themselves, but we are expecting Nintendo Switch bundles with extra games or accessories to get discounts.

The reductions are starting earlier than usual this year at many stores rather than bottlenecking on November 27 (the official Black Friday date), so keep your eyes on this page as we're updating it regularly to bring you the latest deals on consoles, games, Switch memory cards, extra controllers, headsets, and any of the other best Nintendo Switch accessories.

For more offers, be sure to check out our page of the best Black Friday gaming deals.

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals - consoles

Looking for a console offer in the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals? We'd suggest looking for the 'standard' model. Because it can be used on the TV or in handheld mode, it provides maximum flexibility. That means you can seamlessly swap from a Mario Kart tournament on the big screen to a solo session of Breath of the Wild on the sofa.

To get a wider range of discounts, be sure to check in with the best Nintendo Switch bundles.

UK deals

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Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue / Red) £278.48 at Amazon

Yes, we know that this is the standard Nintendo Switch console. However, stock has been so scarce over the last few months that any offer is welcome. Be sure to grab this one before it vanishes again.

Now is a good time - with everyone's attention on next-gen, you may be able to snag a deal with less competition than normal.

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Nintendo Switch + Animal Crossing: New Horizons £319 at Currys

This was down to £299 a few days ago, so we'd hold on for a return of a similar discount to be honest. As things stand with this offer, you're only saving a few quid on the game. However, it is worthwhile if no other savings appear - Animal Crossing is a total delight.

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Nintendo Switch Grey + Animal Crossing: New Horizons + Minecraft £344 £329 at Currys

If you want a great and very chilled-out bundle for yourself or your kids, this one from Currys is a superb choice. Besides getting you the excellent Animal Crossing, you're also receiving one of the most popular games ever - Minecraft.

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Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue / Red) + Paper Mario: The Origami King £319 at Very

While there isn't a strict saving with this offer, it's a good purchase because the latest Paper Mario is a blast. Plus, Switches have been hard to come by this year so we're not complaining!

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Nintendo Switch Neon + Ring Fit Adventure £3505 £334.98 at Argos

Want to stay fit during the winter? Ring Fit is the ideal way to do it, allowing you to work out from the comfort of your own home... and have fun while you do it thanks to this game. Ring Fit has been a big hit, so it's well worth considering.

Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals

The Nintendo Switch Lite is much cheaper than the regular Nintendo Switch, and that's because it can't be used on the TV and must be played in handheld mode only (there are no detachable controllers either). However, it does still play all the same games. What's more, the smaller 5.5-inch screen is just as good and features the same touchscreen interactivity. Basically, the Switch Lite is great if you're just buying for yourself, a child, or as a second console if you already have a regular Switch. It's also perfect if you prefer to game in handheld mode away from the TV.

Although it's already very competitively priced, we're expecting some modest price cuts and maybe even some discounted Nintendo Switch Lite bundles if we're lucky. Check out today's prices below.

US deals

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Nintendo Switch Lite + carry case + 128GB memory card $288 $251.97 at Best Buy This Nintendo Switch Lite bundle is a great starter pack as it comes with a protective carry case and a 128Gb memory card. Extra storage space would be one of our first recommendations for any new Switch owner as you only get 32GB of on-board storage which soon disappears.

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Nintendo Switch Lite + 128GB memory card $235 $225.99 at Amazon Fancy living dangerously and not picking up a carry case for your new handheld console in the bundle above? You're getting the same memory card in this deal and you can also choose between Gray, Turquoise, or Yellow consoles at Amazon.

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Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing: New Horizons $259.98 at Best Buy

Given how most stores are charging over the normal price for a Switch Lite right now, this is one of the only decent bundles around. But hey, it is for the biggest game of the year so far on the Switch, so count us in! Available in Turquoise, Coral pink, or Gray.

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UK deals

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Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing: Horizons and Minecraft £239 at Currys This fantastic Switch Lite bundle packs two fantastic games at a great price. As the newest colourway released, you get the delightful coral version of the console, along with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Minecraft. It really is the perfect starter bundle for anyone on the hunt for a Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Lite + Super Mario 3D All-Stars £244 £229 at Currys Saving £15 on this brand new game is excellent value given how darn long it takes for Nintendo's first-party games to come down in price. It's a fab trilogy to play through on your new Switch Lite, with Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy included. You've got the full selection of console colours to choose from too in Grey,Turquoise, Yellow and Pink.

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Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing: New Horizons £239.99 at Very

As one of the console's biggest games of the year, this is an excellent early Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deal. Sadly, you can only get the console in Grey for now - the Turquoise and Yellow variants have both sold out.

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Nintendo Switch Lite + Pokemon Shield £239.99 at Very

Monster Camp: Camp Forever Bundle Code

Want the latest Pokemon to go with your new Switch? Very has you covered with this Shield Version bundle. It's certainly cheaper than buying both items separately.

If you'd rather a different colour, the console bundle is also available in Grey or Turquoise.

Mario Kart Live deals

Monster Camp: Camp Forever Bundle Codes

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has been a big hit since releasing recently and has been selling out at most stores in the US, with UK availability being a bit better. It should only cost $99.99 / £99.99 for the home circuit with either a Mario or Luigi kart included, but prices have gone up at some stores. There's a price comparison chart below with the latest prices. If they've gone up past the usual price, we'd hold out for regular stock to return rather than pay over the odds. We wouldn't hold out for any major discounts on the MSRP though before Christmas, so if it's on your list, bag one while you can.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday game deals

First-party Nintendo games are notorious for holding their value long after launch, just ask anyone trying to find a cheap price on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Black Friday is the most likely time of year to see a deal on a Mario title or Animal Crossing though. We expect plenty of third-party games from other publishers to get some big price-cuts too and we'll be updating this list on a regular basis with our latest findings. Want more right now? Check out our guide to the best cheap Nintendo Switch game sales happening right now.

US deals

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild $60 $44.99 at Amazon

Monster Camp: Camp Forever Bundle Coupon

Even after all this time, Breath of the Wild is still the best game on Switch. Everyone on the planet should play it. It revolutionized Zelda as we know it, and it outdid virtually every other open-world game not by making the biggest world ever, but by making a perfectly sized world that's overflowing with creativity.

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Super Mario Odyssey $60 $44.99 at Amazon

Fittingly, Super Mario Odyssey is to 3D Mario games what Breath of the Wild is to Zelda. It's a bold step forward for the series that preserves what makes these games so special. Super Mario Odyssey is easily the best 3D Mario game ever made, and it's a shoo-in for top five Switch games.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe $60 $44.99 at Amazon

The latest Mario Kart is comfortably one of the best in years, and it's perfect for the Holiday season - especially if you're stuck at home. Besides racing tournaments, you can also set up battles to duke it out to see who's the best driver. A must-have game for any Nintendo Switch owner.

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe $60 $34.99 at Amazon

Go back to old-school Mario Bros. with this revamped version of New Super Mario Bros. U, a classically-styled side scroller originally released on the Wii U console (long may it rest in peace). It's a blast playing by yourself, but it's arguably at its best when played with others.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$60 $49.54 at Amazon US

Monster Camp Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings back the long-running Nintendo series with a massive roster of fighters to choose from. Packed full of levels that nod to all manner of games to fight on, moves to master, and new modes to try out, this is a must for Switch owners. Whether you're a longtime or a newcomer, this is a great action-packed game filled with the characters you love.

UK deals

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars £50 $44 at Amazon

Return to three of Mario's most beloved adventures with this bundle. Drawing from decades of gaming history, it contains Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. In other words, it's got three top-tier games for the price of one. Lovely.

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe £42 $39.99 at Amazon

Pikmin's third outing has another chance to shine on the Nintendo Switch, and it's a worthy follow-up that deserves your attention. Even though it got a little overlooked on the Wii U due to the console's sluggish popularity, this relaunch is a delight and deserves its moment in the sun.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch controller deals

It's always a good idea to grab extra controllers just in case you want to play multiplayer games over the Holiday season and beyond. The Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals offer the perfect chance to get them for less.

You've got three choices: the standard Joy-Cons you got with the standard console in the first place, the Pro Controller for a more traditional experience, or cheaper third-party alternatives if you want to save cash. We've got the latest offers on all of these below, and you can find more bargains in our guide to cheap Nintendo Switch controller deals.


You get two Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in the box with the console, so you might not immediately need to buy any more. There are lots of fun four-player party games on the Switch though and you might find you need to pick up an extra pair and the Black Friday shopping season sometimes gives these official Joy-Cons a bit of a price drop. Check out the latest prices below.

Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is ultimately the best Nintendo Switch controller to use for most 'traditional' games on the console, especially something long-term like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or an RPG. It's damn good, damn popular, and officially made by Nintendo, which is all rather damning news for any hope of a decent discount for most of the year. We'll keep our eyes peeled though and the price comparison widget below is always scanning for reduced Pro controller prices.

Third-party alternatives

Looking for something a bit cheaper or with a wider range of colors to choose from? We think the PowerA Enhanced Wireless controller is the best third-party option. It lacks vibration or NFC (for Amiibos) features but it has a decent build quality, extra mappable buttons on the back (the official Pro doesn't), and motion-controls too. The wireless models are powered by two AA batteries.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday headset deals

We've got a full guide to the best Nintendo Switch headsets if you'd like to have a deep dive into our favorite compatible models for the console. We've picked out a few items from that guide though in our price comparison chart below. So if you're after something to give you the most immersive experience for your games, or you want to speak to your teammates more clearly than your current gear allows, we'll help you find an upgrade that's right for you. We'll add more deals as and when they come in for other models too.

Want more offers? Be sure to check out our Black Friday deals 2020 feed. When the sale gets started, it'll be stuffed with the very best reductions and discounts. You can also check out the best Black Friday Lego deals, Black Friday gaming laptop offers, and Black Friday board game deals via our dedicated guides.