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Monster Prom, the base game, is 50% off Second Term, the DLC, comes with a 25% discount; NEW BUNDLE - Great news for new students, as Monster Prom and Second Term finally become a couple in our first ever bundle, entitled “The First Crush”. STICKERS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA - More info coming soon. 'Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp' brings you more of the world's best (and maybe only?) multiplayer dating sim; but in a way you've never expected! The sequel brings you into a new setup (summer camp) with new characters to romance, including old faces and new ones: Damien, Calculester, Milo, Dahlia, Joy and Aaravi.

About This Content
The school year at Spooky High continues with Monster Prom: Second Term, the very first content expansion of the widely-popular multiplayer dating sim developed by Beautiful Glitch. Second Term features all-new characters, narratives and events that will provide you with countless new experiences in your quest of finding monster love.
120+ new events to experience alongside our ghoulish gang.
Around 10 new secret endings to tug at your heartstrings.
2 new love interests - Zoe and Someone Else ;)
10+ NPCs, ranging from a preppy Yeti to an obnoxious Kappa character.
New end-credits polaroids to boost your ever expanding collection.
So join up with Scott, Polly, Miri and the rest of your scary-sexy classmates for a whole new term of dread and debauchery. Prom is still 3 weeks away, but now the odds are stacked even harder against you, with all new boos to woo, prophecies to decipher and complicated sex-moves to conquer. In short, many more ways in which to be your worst self.

About This Game

Train as May Esperio in a world where humans and 'monster girls' live an uneasy coexistence, and become a monster girl master in strategic, card-based battle with light RPG elements! Throw down with the enemy using your cards’ Skills and Potentials, and give their stats an extra boost with special bonuses. If you play your cards right you’ll collect over 100 monster girls and get to level those ladies up with the First Crush ❤ Rub mode, which gives you a hands-on role in warming them up for battle!
Key Features

Monster Prom: First Crush Bundle Download Free Version

• Play fast-paced card battles in 1080p where more than 100 monster girl cards can be summoned, each class coming to life as a 3D chibi model on a battle grid!
Bundle • Each card you play can mean victory or defeat – with Skills, Potentials, Fusions, and Aura Bonuses, you have layers of strategy to use in each battle.

Monster Prom: First Crush Bundle download free. full

• Level up your cards with the frenetic First ❤ Crush Rub system, rubbing your magical prowess into the monster girls to increase their strength and obtain new artwork for each!