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Blue Straggler 2. I Want To Be The President 3. If Not Now When 4. Only One Thing Is Needed 5. Take The Bit Between Your Teeth 9. Those Pockets Are People 12. The Partisan Topic: electrelane brighton film music.

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  1. Music for The Long Dark - Volume Two $15.98 Add all DLC to Cart. About This Game Bright lights flare across the night sky. The wind rages outside the thin walls of your wooden cabin. A wolf howls in the distance. You look at the meager supplies in your pack, and wish for the days before the power mysteriously went out.
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Catalog NumberN/A
Release DateJun 22, 2018
Publish FormatCommercial
Release Price7.99 USD
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack
OrganizationsHinterland Studio


ComposerCris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan
ArrangerSusie Benchasil-Seiter, Chad Seiter
PerformerNicole Garcia, Brian Benning, Daren Fuster, Simone Vitucci, John Rusnak

Disc 1
01 Theme for the Long Dark2:57
02 The New World3:52
03 There's Something I have to Say2:39
04 Grey Mother1:36
05 The Only One0:36
06 Some Were Outsiders1:24
07 What Happened0:48
08 Angry Voices0:54
09 Perseverance0:41
10 My Only Way Through0:51
11 Put Her to Rest1:10
12 Man Who Fell From the Sky0:59
13 One Last Thing0:20
14 Pay Respects0:30
15 You See Things Others Would Miss3:40
16 Not the Way You Shoot2:59
17 What Happened Here0:46
18 Call Me Jeremiah2:40
19 Fix My Rifle3:32
20 Forest Talkers0:48
21 Dreamtime0:18
22 They Hate the Light0:21
23 Tools for Killing0:20
24 Old World Tech0:12
25 Keep You Alive1:13
26 Graduation Day0:31
27 Suicide Mission4:08
28 Wintermute5:38
29 Passing of an Age2:17
30 Things of the Old World2:06
31 Abandoned1:32
32 Arrival0:24
33 Aurora1:32
34 Bad News0:15
35 Come At Me0:25
36 Echoes1:38
37 Falling0:19
38 Hunted1:31
39 Into the Dark1:29
40 It's Done0:18
41 Meds0:19
42 Memories1:28
43 Milton1:36
44 Old Ways0:18
45 Paradise Lost0:31
46 Sanctity0:14
47 Shelter0:17
48 Silence0:21
49 Survival0:23
50 The Lights are Alive0:21
51 The Past1:21
52 Triumph0:10
53 Voice0:19
54 Wolfbridge0:17
55 Beginnings0:40
56 Clearing0:43
57 Danger0:33
58 Darkness Falls4:40
59 Desolation2:42
60 Despair0:46
61 Doubt0:48
62 Entropy1:57
63 Finder0:20
64 Fog0:44
65 Heaven1:03
66 Hope3:04
67 Illuminate2:00
68 Magestic1:14
69 Memories0:43
70 Nightfall0:48
71 Nihilist0:44
72 Prepare3:04
73 Shelter0:20
74 Shelter, Two0:20
75 Sorrow0:36
76 Storm0:40
77 Tomorrow0:56
78 Travel0:32
79 Trepidation0:38
80 Void0:18
Disc length98:57


'Composed by Cris Velasco (Mass Effect, God of War, Overwatch, Resident Evil 7) and Sascha Dikiciyan (Borderlands, Quake III, Mass Effect).
Volume One includes the entire soundtrack for WINTERMUTE™ Episode One: 'Do Not Go Gentle', and Episode Two: 'Luminance Fugue' by Cris Velasco - as well as all the ambient exploration music from Survival Mode by Sascha Dikiciyan.'
[Episode One & Episode Two Score]
Composed by Cris Velasco
Recorded at Capitol Records
Performed at Cinema Scoring
Violin: Nicole Garcia, Brian Benning
Viola: Daren Fuster
Cello: Simone Vitucci
Piano: John Rusnak
Orchestrated by Susie Benchasil-Seiter, Chad Seiter
Mixed by Mikel Shane Prather

Performed by Cinema Scoring. Recorded at Capitol Records


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So beautiful!!

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I feeling better when I listening this music

Comment by Gilang Dika Pratama

feeling cold. feeling freeze. i am cold. need to stay awake.

Comment by Tredici

This is mood af

Comment by Firestorm Go

love this music so classic

Comment by TheSleepingInsomniac

Music For The Long Dark -- Volume Two Download Free


@user-265595732 I feel like you have the wrong song

Comment by Logan Carachi

Mms, I could nap to this 🖤

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The storm is gathering

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Comment by Murat Akdag

The long dark

Comment by Murat Akdag

wow 😊

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It's a classic

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Shit thats hot!

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The best thing i've ever heard

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One of the many great things of the long dark

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Just started playing yestarday. Love this! Thank you!

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who has this on repeat when playing the long dark wintermute?

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awesome song for a awesome game

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Wish I could see live performance once. Absolutely awesome!

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Does anybody else get the repeating glitch on this song on mobile?

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This drop :OOOOO

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@user-126452855: no, I meant, whether the paid track.

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@bxrgekgyhelu: It should be on Steam $ 9.99 USD. 100 mins.

Music for the long dark -- volume two download mp3

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DownloadDownloadMusic For The Long Dark -- Volume Two Download

Incomparable music that I can listen endless. Thank you so much!

Music For The Long Dark -- Volume Two Download Torrent

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Music For The Long Dark -- Volume Two Download Pc

It is said this is necessary to make it right, in all apocalypse.