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It’s time to dive into the world of Lego Ninjago. Play with your favourite Original 4 Ninja Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, and their leader Lloyd and other ninjas. They are ready to save the world from evil. Are you ready?

Fasten your seatbelts because you are about to experience some crazy Ninjago action. Choose your favourite Lego Ninjago Games and start playing now. Lego Ninjago Games are available for both computers and mobile devices.

How to play Lego Ninjago Games Online?

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You don’t need any special specific for playing these games. These games are very lite and can be played on any device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to get going. But make sure your browsers support html5. You can use google chrome in your pc or download Adobe Flash Player for your existing browser.

Note that some games are designed to be played on a PC and may not run on mobile. While some games are specifically designed for mobiles and you will get the most out of it when played on a mobile device. So go through our list of games to find out which one you are looking for.

Are you ready for some Ninjago action!!

You must have heard of Lego. Lego Ninjago is an instalment of Lego with a Ninja twist in it. The Stories of Lego Ninjago Takes place in an Asian themed environment.

If you are a fan of the Lego Ninjago series you will love these games. People who love ninjas and ninja tools will also find these games very amusing.

Lego Ninjago series has been very popular among boys and girls of all ages. Don’t worry Adult and old people aren’t out of the list. Everyone loves Lego and you will love these games too.

Most games will feature your favourite heroes Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane the original 4 Ninja. Wreak havoc on the enemy territory with Kai’s Power of fire in Ninja Code. Play Dragon Battle to Freeze your enemy with fear with the elemental master of Ice, Zane. Move the ground out of enemy feet with Cole in Ninja Rush. Terrify the enemies with Jay’s power of thunder in Spinjitzu Sankedown.

Then comes Lloyd the eternal master of energy to beat the crap out of evil in adrenaline-filled motorbike adventure in Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang. But the girls don’t need to upset because your favourite ninja Nya is here to save the day in Nya vs. The Shark Army. Play with them and rise to the top as Master Wu leads them to victory.

So, don’t waste any time to start playing now!

Don’t Know Which one to Play?

We have got the best Lego Ninjago Games collection here. But we also got a ton of them. So, you must be confused about which one to pick from. So, let’s look at some of the best Lego Ninjago games for your computer.

Best Ninjago Games for PC

1. Spinjitzu Snakedown

2. In No Man's Land

3. Ninja Code

4. Ninjago Rush

5. Ninjago Skybound

6. Whack-a-Shark

7. Ice Dragon Attack

8. Fallen Ninja

9. Ninja Day

10. Dragon Battle

These are the top 10 Lego Ninjago Games you will find on the internet. You will definitely love each one of them. These games feature all your favourite heroes who ready to fight on the command of Master Wu.

Spinjitzu Snakedown is your pick if you are a fan of the old school beat ‘em up genre. Fight your way to the destination by beating up the snake army to a pulp. Choose your ninja and master the tons of skills and superpowers.

In No man’s Land features an atmosphere where you can wander around and fight formidable foes. Slash and kick your way to victory but be careful not to fall into the pits!

In Ninja Code Dash and defeat your enemy in a fast-paced action platformer. Collect coins and slash your enemies with various superpowers.

Ninjago Rush is an appealing action platformer with fluid controls and dynamic movements. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging then this one is perfect.

Stealth fans have nothing to worry about. Enjoy classic platformer while Hide behind objects, jump, and ambush your enemies in Ninjago Skybound.

Never heard of fruit ninja? The possibilities are low. Spinjitzu Slash offers fruit ninja fun in a Lego Ninjago environment. Play as Lloyd and Slash up everything tossed at you.

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Want some classic Whack-A-Mole action? Whack-a-Shark shark is the perfect one with a Lego Ninjago flavour in it. Watch carefully whom you whack though. You don’t want to whack the Master.

Play as white ninja Zane, throw shuriken to keep the bad guys, and unleash the wrath of the mighty Ice dragon when things get busy in Ice Dragon Attack.

Climb your way up to the top of the tower in Fallen Ninja. Super easy controls and fluid graphics will make you want to play again and again.

Jump and Slide to victory with Kai in the fast-paced platform runner Ninja Day. A great way to kill some time full of adrenaline.

Play with the ice dragon and destroy the enemy in the cool shooter game Dragon Battle. Play and collect orbs to too unleash the dragon’s full fury.

These may be the best but there are other games that you will definitely enjoy.

Popular Ninjago Games for PC

1. Ninjago Possession

2. Swamp-Arena

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3. Ninja Mafia Siege

4. Spinjitzu Slash

5. Energy Spear

6. Nya vs. The Shark Army

7. Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion

8. Meister Chens Labyrinth

9. Legendary Ninja Battles

10. Cards Duel

11. Spinjitzu Smash Dx

12. Rise of the Nindroids

13. Energy Spinner Battle 2

14. The Four Paths

15. Viper Smash

16. Final Battle

These are Popular Lego Ninjago Games that are really fun to play. These are no less challenging and most of them have unique and different gameplay than the ones mentioned before.

Ninjago possession features similar gameplay to Ninja Rush.

Swamp-Arena and In No Man's Land are alike but there is little bit difference in the gameplay.

Ninja Mafia Siege is an old school beat ‘em up game where you kick and slash your enemy.

Slice up some stuff in Spintizju Slash. Get ready to duel in a spinjitzu in Energy Spear.

Beat the crap out of the sharks in Nya vs. The Shark Army.

Solve tricky puzzles with an arcade feel in Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion.

Avoid traps and find the exits in a puzzle-filled adventure in Meister Chens Labyrinth.

Legendary Ninja Battles is yet another great action platformer.

If you are a fan of card games then Cards Duel is your go.

Choose one out of Original 4 Ninja and Defeat the skeleton army to rescue Nya in Spinjitzu Smash Dx.

Rise of the Nindroids is a great platformer for spending quality time.

Love Spinjitzu? Then you will love to rumble with spinners in Energy Spinner Battle 2.

Experience four different lands full of difficulty in The Four Paths.

Smack the snake dudes in the face in Viper Smash.

Join the end game to defeat the snake army in Final Battle.

We recommend you to play through all of them as you never know which game will suit you since these are just critic's opinion.

Best Ninjago Games for Mobiles

1. Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang

2. Target Practice

3. Return of the Oni

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4. Spinjitzu Slash

5. Meister Chens Labyrinth

These are the Top 5 Lego Ninjago Games for Android and iOS. These games are specifically made for playing in mobile devices. While these are mobile games, these games are excellent and even better than most of the Lego Ninjago Games for Computers.

If you are a fan of Lloyd and looking for A Lego Ninjago Racing Games than you will definitely love Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang. It has great graphics and great gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.

It’s time to shoot some bad guys out of the town in Target Practice. Pick up the phone and get ready to shoot arrows.

Keep the bad guys out of the ring in Return of the Oni. Use the skills of the trusty ninjas and their spinzitju!

Never heard of fruit ninja? The possibilities are low. Spinjitzu Slash offers fruit ninja fun in a Lego Ninjago environment.

Help your favourite hero Zane get out of Meister Chen’s trap in Meister Chens Labyrinth. An intuitive puzzle adventure with tricky levels.

There are other awesome games available for your mobile too.

Popular Ninjago Games for Mobiles

1. Flight of the Ninja

2. Nya vs. The Shark Army

3. In the Land of Dragons

4. Rescue from Djinjago

5. Whack-a-Shark

6. Kai-Chi

These are Top 5 Popular Ninjago Games for Android and iOS. These are also great and designed for playing in mobile devices. These also have great gameplay value.

Throw Zane in a catapult and keep flying as long as you can in Flight of the Ninja.

Nya is ready to fight her way out of the hoard of sharks in Nya vs. The Shark Army.

Kai and the red dragon embark on an adventure In the Land of Dragons.

Avoid the enemies while enjoying the arcade-style adventure in Rescue from Djinjago.

Whack-a-Shark more conveniently on your mobile.

Follow the music as Kai dances with you in Kai-Chi.

Full List of Lego Ninjago PC Games

This list is for veteran PC gamers who want to directly get into the action. Pick up the games of your favourite genre and start playing.




Spinjitzu SnakedownAction/Beat 'em upNinja Mafia SiegeBeat 'em Up
In No Man's LandAction/AdventureEnergy SpearArcade
Ninja CodePlatformer/RunnerNya vs. The Shark ArmyArcade/Action
Ninjago RushAction/PlatformerSpinjitzu Spinball Snake InvasionPuzzle/Strategy
Ninjago SkyboundAction/StealthMeister Chens LabyrinthPuzzle/Strategy
Whack-a-SharkArcadeLegendary Ninja BattlesPlatformer
Spinjitzu SlashArcadeCards DuelCard
Fallen NinjaArcade/TowerSpinjitzu Smash DxFighting/Spinjitzu
Ice Dragon AttackShooterRise of the NindroidsPlatformer
Dragon BattleShooterEnergy Spinner Battle 2Fighting/Spinjitzu
Ninjago PossessionAction/PlatformerThe Four PathsArcade
Ninja DayPlatformer/RunnerViper SmashFighting
Swamp-ArenaAction/AdventureFinal BattleFighting

Full List of Lego Ninjago Mobile Games

This list is for veteran mobile gamers who want to directly get into the action. Choose your favourite one and jump into action.

Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-GangRacing
Target PracticeShooter/Arrow
Return of the OniFighting/Arena
Spinjitzu SlashArcade
Meister Chens LabyrinthPuzzle/Strategy
Flight of the NinjaArcade
Nya vs. The Shark ArmyArcade/Action
Rescue from DjinjagoPuzzle/Arcade
In the Land of DragonsAdventure

New stories of Lego Ninjago heroes continue to unfold as you play our collection of Ninjago games. Jump into the magical world of Lego Ninjago. Play as your favourite Ninjago characters to foil the evil schemes of Lord Garmadon and General Acidicus. Defeat the evil army to complete the missions and save their friends. The story never ends.

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure?!!