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  1. Peggle Double Pack Game Description. Become a Peggle master with this addictive collection of Peggle games. In Peggle Deluxe, use a combination of skill and luck to become worthy of being named Peggle Master. In Peggle Nights, discover the hilarious mayhem that ensues at the Peggle Institute after dark.
  2. Level editor for Peggle Nights Resources. GPL-3.0 License Releases 2. PeggleEdit v0.4.3 (Buzzard) Latest Apr 15, 2019 + 1 release Packages 0.

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PopCap Games is letting people who have Peggle Nights for the PC and Mac download the winning entries from a recent “Art Contest.” The free to download level pack will come with 5 levels and can be played in Duel modes and Quick Play mode. Unfortunately, this pack will not be coming to the PSN or XBLA versions of Peggle Nights, bummer. Anyway, it’s pretty call to see community created levels incorporated as a big time level pack. Here is what Studio Director at PopCap and co-creator of Peggle and Peggle Nights Sukbir Sidhu states about his scheme towards world domination one Peggle at a time, “We really enjoyed incorporating the contest winners’ designs into finished levels and have been playing them non-stop. These user-generated concepts turned out quite well in terms of playability and challenge, and it’s really interesting and inspiring to see level design ideas from fans of the game!” Here is a detailed list of the levels that are included in the pack:

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Zombies / Peggle 2-Pack Bundle. Peggle 2 - Xbox One Digital Code. ESRB Rating: Everyone Jun 21, 2016 by Electronic Arts. 4.0 out of 5 stars 3. About this bundle Contains Peggle and Peggle Nights. Take your best shot with energizing arcade fun! Aim, shoot, clear the orange pegs, then sit back and cheer as Peggle Masters guide you to Peggle. Help WantedSee HelpWanted This project aims to create a simple yet fully functional level editor for Peggle and Peggle Nights to help expand the community of user created Peggle levels. PeggleEdit is written in CSharp and.NET framework. More background information can be found at

  • “Bucket Revisited” – Michael and Stephanie Liu (Grand Prize, Youth category) – a redrawing of the classic Das Bucket level with Peggle characters.
  • “Dynamic Two-Oh” – Matt Ward (Grand Prize, Adult category) – the Undercover Unicorn patrols the streets and rooftops of Pegopolis with his crime-busting partner, Kid Radical!
  • “Fun Dead” – Anthony Maddaloni – (Runner-up) – a combination of Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies results in a graveyard scare!
  • “Caykee” – Jessica Kozulbal – (Runner-up) – Caykee the Cupcake presents her argument for inanimate objects as Peggle Masters!
  • “Peggle 3D” – Brice Johnson (Runner-up) – What if Peggle fully embraced the third dimension? This level presents one possible vision.

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