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Wireless Charging Platforms

Powermat Technologies is a global provider of wireless charging platforms and the first to bring wireless power technology to consumers worldwide.
We enable innovative businesses worldwide to incorporate advanced wireless charging into their products with turnkey wireless charging solutions that provide everything needed from design to production, including advanced charging solutions for unique use-cases.

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From Design to Production

Powermat provides everything needed to plan, design, and embed advanced wireless charging into products, infrastructure, and spaces. We specialize in creating unique wireless charging solutions according to customer requirements, that include everything from system hardware design to integration and support.
Powermat's R&D and support also Include end-to-end guidance through the Qi-qualification approval process - from pre-compliance simulation down to final Qi-standard integration.

Wireless Charging Solutions Explained

Powermat provides Qi-certified and custom wireless charging platforms for Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Robotics, Drones, Medical Devices, IoT, Telecom (5G Applications), and Industrial Applications, along with a licensing program that includes over 200 patent submissions and over 143 granted patents dating back to 2007.
Our wireless charging technology has been adopted and fully integrated by global market leaders such as Samsung, LG, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Kyocera, and more. Learn all about how wireless charging works, the benefits, why wireless charging is safe to use, and more.


“Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.”
“Powermat was one of the pioneers that recognized the value of wireless charging. WPC will leverage Powermat’s expertise in technology innovation to support more use cases, including higher power and expanded spatial freedom.”
'Through our close collaboration with Powermat, customers will be able to enjoy convenient wireless charging anywhere, anytime”.
'We have concluded that wireless power is the next big wave in mobility. Starting with smartphones and tablets, this new technology will eventually transform how people charge electronics of all kinds,'
'Flextronics is the technology and market-share leader for wired mobile chargers. Powermat enjoys a similar leadership position in the fast-growing, wireless charging space.”
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