Root - The Clockwork Expansion Download



Root Game Expansion

Root: The Clockwork Companion is a tool to manage and use bots introduced in The Clockwork Expansion, used with the board game Root: a Game of Woodland Might and Right. The Clockwork Expansion allows players to square off against four fiendishly automated factions that can be used in solo, competitive or cooperative games. An expansion base game of Root.

Root - The Clockwork Expansion Download

Next week the battle for the wild wood kicks into gear with the Clockwork Expansion! Four fiendishly automated enemy factions bring new challenges to Root in a customizable alternative to the game’s AI! Can you overcome the mechanical menace and secure your right to rule the forest?

Introduces Co-op Play! Team up to take on powerful automated opponents!

Root - The Clockwork Expansion Download

Mechanical Marquise 2.0

This is the simplest of the bots and can be used to fill out the player count in dozens of configurations. Though this bot is straightforward, don’t get complacent. At least one player will need to keep it in check!

Electrical Eyrie

The Electric Eyrie will inspire fear in the most stalwart of players. Like the Eyrie Dynasties, this bot can ramp up its action potential aggressively.

Automated Alliance

The Automated Alliance is especially zealous and will revolt frequently. Keep in mind their potential targets so you avoid any unpleasant surprises. Once they do establish a foothold, timing is critical. Don’t let them consolidate their warriors or you’ll be in trouble!


The Vagabot makes for a capricious friend or foe. Like a human player, he will reward those who craft items. But be careful, he can make for a dangerous enemy once he gets enough items to boost his maximum hits.

The Clockwork Expansion will be available in game for $5.99 on all platforms.

Root The Clockwork Expansion

Get ready to fend off the mechanical menace when the Clockwork Expansion comes to Root!