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  • These are the level codes for Samorost 2. PART 1 CODES: POKLOP: Level 1. SOPOUCH: Level 2. KOMPOTARNA: Level 3. BUDOAR: Level 4. PART 2 CODES: (note that they won't work unless you purchase the Samorost 2 app science part two is exclusive to that.).
  • Download Pro Game - Samorost 2 Version for iOS to samorost2, the sequel to free browser based game Samorost1 is a short point-and-click adventure in which you must help out a little space gnome as.
  • I don't like it! Space aliens have stolen your dog! Explore this surreal world in a quest to recover him. How to play Samorost 2.

Samorost 2 is online Arcade & Action game. Play it right now for free!

- on this screen, you will find a sleeping man with your escape transport, the taxi
- click on the lighthouse entrance to enter it
- click on the cupboard to reveal a kettle and some jars
- turn the handle once to pour water into the kettle
- pour coffee once into the kettle
- click on the kettle to pick it up and put the kettle over the fire at the top of the lighthouse
- wait for the kettle to boil
- exit the house and click on the rope to ring the bell
- the sleeping man will open his mouth, this is the time to pick up the kettle and pour hot coffee into his mouth
- he will wake up
- now click on the area that you were standing at when you enter this area to exit the building
- the contraption at the foot of the hill has a pump and a balloon on top of it
- click on the balloon to pick it up
- now click on the winding path to climb up the mountain
- there is a pipe on the right
- next to the pump on the left side is a place that you can place your balloon
- click on it to place your balloon
- click on the longest weed to pick it up (tallest plant)
- there is a sleeping seal-like creature on the top of the mountain to the right
- click on it's nose to tickle it and make it sneeze, causing the pitchfork which was previously stuck to land in the bucket
- click on the pitchfork to move some feed into the feeding area
- you need to move the handles on the bottom left to coordinate with the feeding seals so that the bubbles that they release will be captured by the pipe
- also, you need to be quick to click on the pump at the top of the left mountain to absorb the bubble's air into your own balloon
- you need to absorb the bubbles before they pop
- do this three times to expand the balloon to it's maximum
- click on the expanded balloon to pick it up
- once you have the expanded balloon, click on samorost/guy in white suit to exit the area with your new item
- put the expanded balloon on the contraption, back at where you got it from
- there's a place that you can click on the taxi that is just next to it's mast/pole
- click on that area to climb onto the taxi
- now, timing is required here. if you fail to refuel the ship you need to do add more air into the balloon again, meaning another climb up the mountain for air refill
- click on the area again to make the guy in white suit jump, causing the taxi to go down
- click on the handle that releases the air in the balloon when your ship is positioned just right for the pump to connect
- immediately click on the pump that will cause the pipe to connect to the taxi and refuel it
- you know you've succeeded if the animation shows a bulge coming out of the contraption and into the taxi
- if you don't succeed here, it's another trip up the mountains to refill air into the balloon
- once you have filled up the taxi with fuel, click on the rope to ring the bell again
- the ending sequence will begin
- watch the cutcene
- Congratulations! You have completed Samorost 2.


Watch as the aliens land near your lighthouse Intro. Click on your dog's kennel and he will be stolen Hatch.


Click on your character in your space ship, then click on the green bug and put it on the branch that is trapping you. Walk to the far left Snailman.

Enter the round house. Open all three bottles, and pick up the large cork that ends up on the floor. Look at the two creatures on the branch on the left; click on the small one followed by the large one, then while the large one is distracted, fill the hole with the cork. Back in the house, turn the right handle to adjust a funnel on top of the house (so it points more to the right). Look outside to the right and click on the small creature twice so that it shakes pollen into the funnel, then down into the pot. Click the large lever just left of the house twice to pump water into the pot. Turn the tap beneath the pot, then turn the tap outside. When the right creature falls asleep, take his hammer.

Back at the previous screen, hit the robot on the head and you will climb down the ladder Pit.


Walk right on the large pipe and it will break; a fly will appear and land over on the left. Remove the small rock that is blocking the path of the crawling insect. Now wait for this insect to crawl up higher and click on the possum so that it gets eaten (this requires timing). Click on the fly to move it up to the vomit on the pipe, then click on yourself to shake it free. After it gets caught by the spider, click on the fly again to swing out of the area Pantry.


Open the fridge and a mouse will run up to the hole in the ceiling. Click on this hole twice and a double adapter will fall down. Plug this into the powerpoint on the wall, then click on the cable on the floor and plug this in. After the fridge vibrates out of the way, take the hook and attach it to the manhole cover; climb down but it is too dark to see anything.

Head into the passage to the right to see one of the creatures that captured your dog. Ignore it, and take the flashlight from the wall. Go back to the left and down the manhole Sewers.

Pull the flush lever and quickly turn the valve when the water is low enough. Pull the flush lever again and turn a second (lower) valve. Climb through the hole that is revealed. In the next room, turn the 3 small handles until the red tips are pointing directly up and down. Now turn the big wheel to lower the water level. Go across and out through the top right hole.

Samorost 2 Clue

Put the silver disc on a string into the machine, and press button 1. Take the wrench from the robot that appears and use it to undo 3 of the 4 nuts on the large machine to the right. Give the wrench back to the robot. Pull the disc out and put it back in again, then press button 2. Take the second wrench and use it to undo the final nut. Pull the belt out of the machine and then wait - you will end up going back to the first area. Continue right and climb up the ladder.

Move the lever on the left wall to stop the green fruit from appearing. Move all the fruit into the left basket, then climb into the funnel on the right Budoir.


Pick up the sausage on a rope from the left, and hang it from the skull just to the right - this will spin the fan the other way. When the creature's hat lifts up, quickly press the red button on his chair to be returned to the floor. Now quickly move the chair, then pick up the key that falls to the ground. Use the key on the cage to rescue your dog. Press the button to the left of the door to exit. You will fly away and then crash Plain.


Pick up the parachute from the ground to discover your dog. Click the bottom of the pole to get your dog to push it, then click on yourself near the right end of your second swing to jump down. Now click on the butterfly while it rests in the middle of the screen - it will land on the flower on the right and a shoot will project out to the left. Now quickly click on the small creature on the ground and place it on the shoot, so the large creature will flip over. Click on it to ride to the next area Woods.



Click on the man to see that he wants a pipe. Take a bell from his hat and place it on the end of the branch just left of the bird. While the bird goes to investigate, click on its nest and a pipe will fall out. Give this to the man, and he will then want a pouch. Click on the hole beneath his tree stump to send your dog down Burrow.

Click on the top of the pouch behind the angry creature to lift it up. Now go and drink some water from the left; when you return to the right, water the plant just to your left and it will grow. Repeat this 2 more times and the plant will grow to reveal a bone. Give the bone to the creature, then take the pouch.

Up the top again, give the pouch to the man. After the bug has lit the man's pipe, click on it to follow it to the next screen Lighthouse.


Look in the lighthouse, then open the cupboard. Turn the tap to pour water into the kettle, then add coffee. Put the kettle on to the fire at the top of the lighthouse until it boils. Pull the rope left of the lighthouse to ring the bell; when the man tips his head back, pick up the coffee and pour it in his mouth. Return the pot to the cupboard. Outside, take the small balloon from the top of the machine near the bottom of the area. Climb up the mountain on the left Seal Peaks.

Put your balloon on the upward facing spout on the left mountain. Pick up the tallest plant and use it to tickle the nose of the sleeping creature on the right mountain - it will sneeze and send the pitchfork flying down into the bucket. Use the pitchfork to put some food into the tray, and a creature will come to eat. Quickly turn the dials on the left mountain to line the pipe up and catch the bubbles, then when a bubble is caught, turn the tap on top of the mountain to fill up the balloon. Repeat this 2 more times. Drag the inflated balloon on to yourself to climb back down the mountain.

Samorost 2 Walkthrough

Return the balloon to the top of the machine where you found it. Now go over and stand on the taxi. Jump on the taxi to lower it, then quickly pull the plunger on the machine and press the bellows while the taxi is lowered; gas will enter the taxi if your timing is correct (otherwise, head back up the mountain to fill the balloon again). While you are standing on the boat, click on the driver and he will take you away (you may need to wake him up with coffee once more) Happy End.