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  • Tommy's Home
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Synopsis: A reporter doing a live interview on location during Christmas tries to get passing shoppers to share their holiday cheer. He encounters a series of comically hostile or just plain nutty characters before a sympathetic person helps him recover from his ordeal and shares the true source of holiday joy. Length of performance: approximately 10-12 minutes. This short skit has been done by many hundreds of churches for their Christmas service!

Soundtrack key: This is the type of play where your cast delivers the lines and the soundtrack supplies the background music and sound effects.

Length of play: 10-12 minutes.
Number of cast: Nine (ten if you include a camera person), with a group of 5-6 carolers who come onstage. Include as many extras as passersby that you have.

Category: Christmas, Comedic, Medium-Length Skit, Holidays

Price of script PDF & Skit Trax MP3:Instant Download ONLY: $12.99 Add to Cart
Price of script PDF & Physical CD:
$14.99 plus shipping – Add To Cart



Wally W. Wigwhacker, the TV anchor.
His costume consists of a long coat over a suit and tie. He carries a wireless microphone.

OPTIONAL CHARACTER: if you wish, you can add a camera person who is capturing the video as Wally does his report. They simply keep the camera on him, standing off to the side a little as as not to block the live audience’s view of the reporter. Wally faces the camera person when on the air and speaking to the viewing audience. Otherwise, just have Wally face the audience.

The Train Man
No special costume, but he wears a coat.

The Old Lady
She wears a shawl, with gray hair and glasses. The hair can be spray-on color or a wig. She carries a shopping bag, containing a loaf of bread.

The Stressed Man
Coat and hat. Holds a styrofoam coffee cup. The large goofy “magnifying glass” type of gag eyeglasses would work well with this character.

The Homeless Man
Sloppily-dressed, with a Santa hat (the kind with white hair coming out from under the hat is particular funny). Needs a bottle wrapped in a crumpled paper bag.

The Carolers
A group of five or six (at least; but a larger group is even better) Christmas Carolers who are more concerned with being seen and heard than really witnessing.

Lady Passerby: She can’t hear Wally properly because of the carolers and slugs him after a misunderstanding. Wears a big wig on top of her head.

The Indignant Man
Hat and coat, with umbrella he walks with as a cane.

The Helpful Person
Casual clothes with a coat.

Any extras you can muster will also help, as various “shoppers” walk past in the background occasionally.

Script Breakdown

(A general description of the script; not all details or lines are here, but it gives you a very clear overall picture of what it is like.)

As the soundtrack plays the audio of the news show and leads into the introduction of the live “man on the street” reporter, we see Wally (and his camera person, if included) come onto the stage, as the extras walk past, busy shopping. Wally tells the viewing audience that he is there to see of the shoppers will be willing to share their joy of the holiday season. The first person he picks out will respond with nothing but a “shushing” sound, repeating it more rapidly and louder as Wally tries to ask his question, until the person is ‘shushing” non-stop and begins chugging around in a circle like a train, pulling an imaginary whistle and saying “toot, toot!” They are pulling a fast on one him, or they are just mentally disturbed.

The next person to come along is an old lady, with stereotypical grey-haired wig and shawl. She is carrying a shopping bag, and is grumpy. She is bitter over having so little for the holidays, and complains to him, before finally hitting him over the head with the loaf of bread.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: seasons_beatings_sample_01

Next up is the Stressed Man, who is high-strung and on edge over all the pressures of the holiday. After listing all the troubles he is having getting things together for all the guests, he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown,as is the hapless reporter.

Coming along next in the Homeless Man, who is holding a paper bag with a bottle in it that he drinks from as he comically tells Wally how bad his life and health is. After spilling some of his drink on Wally’s coat and rubbing it in, he gets sick and runs off stage.

Still trying, the reporter is looking for someone with the spirit of the holiday, when a group of carolers comes along. They sing a chorus of a song as he watches, then when he tries to resume his interview of the man on the street, they crowd in behind him and sing over his dialog, hogging the camera. Only when he asks them to make a donation to the poor do they break up and hurry away.

Preview a PDF page of the script that contains the scene above by clicking here: seasons_beatings_sample_02

A few more come by, each one getting Wally more and more depressed, until the last fellow, the Indignant Man, begins to rant that the traditions of Christmas are anti-Christian and that one should not celebrate a pagan holiday, and finally takes out his anger on Wally by snacking him with his umbrella.

Wally gives up, dropping the microphone while on the air and breaking down. A sympathetic passer-by sees his condition and stops to help, and after being asked what is wrong, Wally goes into a hilarious high-speed recap of each person that came by. After calming him down, the person reminds him of the real meaning of the season, and the only way one can have true joy, which is by accepting the Gift that came into the world. This encourages Wally, and the person invites him for a cup of hot chocolate so that they can talk about it further. Wally wraps things up with a hopeful statement before signing off the air and accompanying the new friend as they walk off talking.

Preview the sound effects and musical background provided on the soundtrack by clicking on the player below.

Read some of the testimonials about the script from just a few of the many hundreds of users that have written to us about it over the years:

Dear Fred:

Unlike a lot of your testimonials my husband and I are a entity that has a Christmas party for couples each year in our home. This year we did the skit “Live From Downtown.” We had 54 at our home which I know are not a lot, but what a wonderful time of fellowship and part of it was your skit that you provided. Thank you so much. What a wonderful gift that you have. The skits are clean and fun. We laughed so hard! This is the third skit of yours that we have done over the past 4 years. And your soundtracks are a wonderful addition. I look forward to next year when we celebrate our 25th year in doing this ministry for our church. I hope that your skits are a part of that. Thank you again for everything.

-Linda Bartlett

Mr. Passmore,

The youth at my church recently performed the skit, “Seasons Beatings” Live From Downtown” on Sunday, December 18. They enjoyed acting it out. The congregation also enjoyed the skit. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to use humor to get the message of Christ across in a way that is very receptive by so many different people. I will be checking out other skits to incorporate into our youth program at my church. Also, I received the CD in a VERY timely manner, and wanted to thank you for that.

Kimberly McClam
Anderson, IN

Dear Mr. Passmore:

I am the Worship Pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Woodstock, Alabama. We are a small rural church of about 100 people. Thank you so much for writing the wonderful skit, “Season’s Beatings–Live From Downtown”. This skit is perfect for our church. The soundtrack is professional and adds the finishing touches to the skit nicely. We have practiced the skit, and we are planning to perform it for our Christmas service, Sunday, December 19. We appreciate the opportunity to present your work to our church congregation and community.

Thanks again, Peggy Rowe McKay

Season's Beatings

Dear Fred,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful script, “Season’s Beatings: Live from Downtown.” My youth (sr/jr high) Sunday School class at the First Baptist Church in Ashtabula, OH in performed this skit on 12-20. It touched many lives, including the teens who performed. Some of the areas that the skit touched, I didn’t realize the skit would project were: Not everyone is happy at Christmas; we need to stop and reach out to those that turn us off at Christmas; Is that me caroling? Am I too busy with “stuff?” I not only received many comments after the performance, but also received phone calls at home. This skit touched lives and our teens learned that their love of drama touched lives.

Thank you again!
God bless you and your ministry – we thank your ministry for the script.


Hello, Fred!

Just wanted to let you know that the New Hope Assemblies of God performed your skit “Seasons Beatings-Live from Downtown” last night, Dec. 19 and it was a HUGE success! I received so many compliments and there were lots of laughs! This is a great script! The background music we bought from you for the play was so great as well. We will definitely be coming back here for another skit!

Thank you,
-Annette Wolkiewicz
Cleveland, OH

The Heritage Community Church will be putting on ” Seasons Beatings: Live From Downtown” on December 12.

This will be our first experience incorporating any skit into our Christmas ministry program, so I am very excited. What drew me to this particular script is its humor and “lighthearted-ness.” Yet, it also is very real and meaningful…we aren’t all joyful at Christmas….yes, there are many hurting people out there with very real “issues.” I love how the script gently, yet powerfully turns it all around at the end to where we hear the true source of our joy for Christmas and beyond. I am greatly looking forward to using this script. Thanks!

-MacKenzie Gernhardt
Auburn, IN

Season's Beatings Download Torrent

Hi Fred,

The LIFEhouse Church in Rocklin, CA will be performing your skit “Season’s Beatings: Live From Downtown” this December 12th and 13th.

Thanks so much for the script and permission to perform! What a blessing! And this script is perfect for what I want to do. I’ve been looking for a drama/skit/sketch that was long enough to actually contribute something valuable and memorable to the evening without being a full production in itself, something that involved more than just a couple people, but was simple enough to pull together without too much work. I also wanted something that was humorous, but not cheesy, and had a meaningful conclusion. This scene met all my criteria. I think it’s going to work out great! Plus, when I asked the local Christian school’s (former) drama teacher to direct it, she got excited because she’s done this one before, really enjoyed it, and said it was a hit at school. YAY! I’m so glad I found this. I am going to look through the rest of your skits for future use.

Jathan Good
Worship Arts Pastor
The LIFEhouse Church


The Midway Church of God In Christ will be doing “Live from Downtown” on December 21.

I absolutely LOVE this skit! I am only 22 years old and I usually find most skits to be a tad bit corny and just not “hippy” enough for teenagers and young adults to enjoy but with my first glance at Live from Downtown I absolutely fell in love! May God continue to bless you for this great work you’re doing for him and thank you so much for putting this information out there for free to the public!

-Camille Knight
Midway, Florida

Season's Beatings Downloads

Okay, if you liked the story breakdown, and enjoyed the Skit Trax previews, and were encouraged by the testimonials of those that have done it, buy the complete script and soundtrack here!

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Price of script PDF & Skit Trax MP3:Instant Download ONLY: $12.99 Add to Cart

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