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Your Pet Adoption Journey

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    It's easy to find a dog or cat who's right for you at a shelter or rescue group. Simply enter your zip code above to start your search.

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    Once you find a pet, click 'learn more about me' to get contact info for their shelter or rescue. Contact them to learn more about how to meet and adopt the pet.

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    The rescue or shelter will walk you through their adoption process. Prepare your home for the arrival of your dog or cat to help them adjust to their new family.

The Shelter Pet Project presents


Shelter 2 mountains ep downloadsShelter 2 Mountains EP Download


The Shelter Pet Project’s new #AdoptPureLove campaign celebrates the special qualities of shelter pets and the incredible bond between every shelter pet and parent. Through the stories of actresses Olivia Munn and Rachel Bloom, NFL player Logan Ryan and everyday people, #AdoptPureLove encourages audiences to adopt from shelters and rescue groups nationwide.

Shelter 2 Mountains Ep Download Free

The world of Shelter 2 is growing. Mountains is an add-on package that introduces a vast new highland area and a strong new fauna that can act as both predators and prey.

Shelter 2 Mountains

A list of Unreleased Abnormalities can be found here. Join the Lobotomy Corporation Wiki Discord. Discuss various aspects of the game, strategies, characters, and Wiki Management. Also share fanart, and generally meet others that enjoy Lobotomy Corporation. Wiki Contents Game Mechanics Bullet Research Challenge Mode Daily Cycle Damage Type Emergency Level Equipment Hiring LOB Points Missions. New Mexico’s largest no-kill animal shelter, Watermelon Mountain Ranch is a pet rescue and advocacy organization savings thousands of dogs and cats each year in the southwest US.


Shelter 2 Mountains Ep Downloads

The Lynx mother Inna and her cubs discovers a new area on their journey. A vast mountain landscape where dense lowland forests leads up to the vistas of the mountain tops. But they are not alone on the high peaks. The fauna here blurs the line between predators and prey, and the Lynx family must use both wits and agility to overcome the challenges of this new world.

Shelter 2: Mountains The world of Shelter 2 is growing. Mountains is an add-on package that introduces a vast new highland area and a strong new fauna that can act as both predators and prey. Shelter 2: Mountains EP features two tracks composed by regular Might and Delight stalwarts – Retro Family and breathes new life to the highland area. New sounds to match the highs and lows of life in the wild. Track list Lowland Highland. In Shelter 2 you'll join the family of fuzzy, adorable Lynx struggling for survival out in the wild. Raise your little ones, teach them to hunt, and now - with the Mountains DLC brave the cold and snowy steppes of a vast new in-game area, and learn to walk the fuzzy line between prey and predator. The all-new mountain area comes to life more than ever before with new weather, seasonal.

  • A vast mountain area to explore. High peaks and dense lowlands makes the journey go vertically.
  • Foxes, bears, and birds of prey now populate all parts of the world. Certain animals acts as both prey and predator.
  • New secrets and hidden areas to explore.
  • 2 new pieces of original music.
  • New weather effects and 4 new lighting schemes. A rich winter evening, a misty autumn, and cold spring and a vivid summer palette.
  • New collectibles and achievements as well as a new unlockable Lynx skin