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Join 35 million players and become a God in SMITE, the #1 MOBA on Xbox. Enter the Battleground of the Gods in style with this incredible bundle. Plus: Game Pass Ultimate subscribers unlock the Starter Pass for FREE! You’ll unlock five fan-favorite Gods: harvest souls as Thanatos, mummify your foes as Anubis, or share the love as Cupid, plus unlock Sun Wukong and Cerberus! Even better: You’ll get an exclusive skin for each God, and their voice pack. This bundle includes: Thanatos, Final Boss skin, and Voice Pack Anubis, Stargazer skin, and Voice Pack Sun Wukong, Heavenly Warlord skin, and Voice Pack Cerberus, Hellwatch skin, and Voice Pack Cupid, Lil' Devil skin, and Voice Pack

  • Ultimate God Pack DISCUSSION So I'm very new to smite, and i'm just wondering, if I do end up enjoying it a lot, is it worth getting the ultimate god pack? It seems that for £10 its a good buy but i'm not sure?
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Smite Ultimate God Pack

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About This Content Unlock all present and future gods with the SMITE Ultimate God Pack. If you've previously purchased gods with favor or gems, you will be refunded the favor cost upon purchase of the SMITE Ultimate God Pack.