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Turmoil is an Ancient Curse that, just as Anguish and Torment, requires level 95 Prayer to activate. It can boost the user's Attack, Defence, and melee damage significantly while simultaneously draining the opponent's. It is the second strongest melee-boosting curse, surpassed only by Malevolence. Turmoil is a full version game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Emulators.

  • Erik Leppen
  • Florian van Strien
  • Herman Groenenboom
Artist(s)Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller
ReleaseJune 2, 2016[1]

Turmoil is a simulationvideo game by Gamious released on June 2, 2016.[1] It is available on Steam.


Screenshot from in-game.

Turmoil is inspired by the 19th century oil rush in North America.[1] The player has to earn their way to become a successful oil entrepreneur. As the player make money digging up and selling oil, the town will grow along with them, allowing the player to buy upgrades, such as more horses or bigger pipes. Campaign mode allows the player to buy land at an auction, and dig for oil using dowsers, moles, or scanners, earning as much as they can in one year. The player goes up against three rival AIs in each level.


Turmoil was in a prototype phase for a year before it entered Steam Early Access in June 2015. After spending another year in early access, Turmoil was released on Steam in June 2016. In February 2017, Turmoil was also released on iOS for iPad.



Aggregate score
Review scores
Hardcore Gamer80/100[3]

The game was received as being an extremely simple game, but had too much repetition.[4] It was also cited as 'the epitome of simplicity'[3] and 'an addictive and nostalgic management strategy'.[6]


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Turmoil is a Decepticon from the 2005 IDW portion of the Generation 1continuity family.

Turmoil is a commander in the Decepticon forces, in charge of a battle cruiser with at least a dozen crew members. Blunt and taciturn, he prefers to let his ginormous arm-cannon do the talking for him. This philosophy lends him a surprising degree of stealth, since remaining quiet can allow a talkative enemy to unintentionally reveal all sorts of things—his location, for instance.

Turmoil once had a second-in-command named Deadlock who renounced all factions and tried to leave. Unfortunately, he seemingly perished before Turmoil himself could have the pleasure of destroying him. It would be quite a surprise indeed for Turmoil to hear his traitorous voice again.


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2005 IDW continuity

  • First Appearance:Spotlight: Drift

Long ago, when Turmoil still had two hands and answered to Gigatron, he and his second-in-command Deadlock crash-landed their ship on a remote planet. While Turmoil was fretting about get off the planet, Deadlock pointed his attention towards a nearby temple. Empire of Stone #2 The two went on to slaughter the monks residing there and discover the Stone Army within. Empire of Stone #3

Turmoil later came to command an entire ship of Decepticons but Deadlock was becoming increasingly problematic. Things came to a head when, during one battle with the Autobots on Dabola, Deadlock ignored Turmoil's orders to not fire unless fired upon. Even though this action resulted in Decepticon victory, Deadlock's peers hated Deadlock so much that they tattled and turned on him once they returned to the ship. Turmoil had prepared to execute his wayward second-in-command when Deadlock freed himself and escaped the ship in a pod. Infuriated, Turmoil put out word that Deadlock was banished and should be killed on sight. Drift #1

Turmoil crossword

In the modern era, Turmoil and his crew docked their ship on some alien world, the cruiser damaged but holding several Autobot prisoners. This stop ended up being a lethal mistake. While the locals bore some degree of hostility towards Cybertronians, the real danger came from two coincidentally convergent attacks.

One was carried out by a solitary warrior, Drift (formerly Turmoil's second-in-command, Deadlock). He paid some local Cybertronian-haters for access to the docking platform, then used his firsthand knowledge of the ship to get past its security systems. As he did so, the other attack commenced, to his surprise as much as anyone's: Kup, Springer, Twin Twist, Perceptor, and Roadbuster blasted their way through the side of the ship, intent on freeing their imprisoned comrades. The squad didn't recognize Drift, but they accepted his help as he led them straight to the brig, where they found the other members of their individual groups (Triple Changers, Jumpstarters, etc.)

'We're not doing Madame Chao's; the service is terrible.'
'But takeout, you say!'
'Yeah, but why should I give my business to— Moishe, dainum.'

Meanwhile, Turmoil had gathered his troops and prepared to storm the brig, but they found that the door had been relocked with new block-programs. At first one of his soldiers tried to undo them within the system, but Turmoil silently ordered him away from the door. On the other side, he could hear Perceptor talking to the other Autobots while continuing to hack the ship's computer. Turmoil blasted a massive hole through both the door and Perceptor's chest, then waltzed right in.

As the battle erupted, Turmoil recognized the voice of his old subordinate Deadlock. Condemning the traitor, he blasted at him and ended up sending him and Kup flying through a wall, away from the fight. Turmoil did not follow them, but his choice to stay in the battle was a poor one, as all of the other Autobots ended up escaping anyway.

So envision it, the big boom, rubble raining down, chaos, mayhem below!

Turmoil Game

Attempting to salvage a shred of victory, Turmoil tracked Drift and Kup to what appeared to be the engine room, where Drift had just finished sabotaging a key piece of equipment. Turmoil fired at them, sending Kup flying through a wall again (this time through an open hatch leading outside), but Drift remained to continue the fight. Dodging his shots, Drift pinned Turmoil to a wall with his two short swords and lectured him on how degraded the Decepticons had become. Turmoil scoffed, saying that the Autobots would never accept an outcast like Drift. Turmoil then dared Drift to kill him, claiming that doing so would prove that Drift was nothing more than he had been before.

In a debatable moral victory, Drift declined to kill him on the spot, trusting in his sabotage to do the job instead. Drift raced back to the brig to retrieve the fallen Perceptor, then exited the cruiser just as it erupted in a massive fireball. Spotlight: Drift


Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Turmoil managed to survive the destruction of his cruiser and was contacted by Shockwave, who provided him with a new ship and instructed him to gather data from a Regenesis missile he had sent to the planet LV-117 in the distant past. On arrival, Turmoil's crew found that the missile had evolved the native lifeforms into technological geniuses, but were ignorant to the fact that it had also caused the entire planet to travel through time and that they had been sent thousands of years into the past just by landing there. As they began enslaving the natives, a time-jumping Orion Pax suddenly appeared, and Turmoil tried to get him to surrender by taking one of the aliens hostage. This only served to enrage Pax, who attacked Turmoil and crushed one of his eyes before disappearing with the alien. The Decepticons later left LV-117 with their new slaves, returning to their own approximate time in the process. Syndromica (2)

'Jack Back Attack.

Turmoil had the aliens build a time-bending machine within his ship, allowing it to move laterally through time and cloak itself by traveling in a dimension imperceptible to normal eyes. Once the Decepticons received a signal telling them that Cybertron was alive and peaceful again, they returned home, but not before executing the slaves so that the Autobots wouldn't find out about them. On Cybertron, he promised the Autobot government he'd share his secretive technology. When Metalhawk objected to his presence remembering the events on Dabola, Turmoil told him the massacre was executed by his former second-in-command, now the Autobot Drift. Suspicious about the technology, Wheeljack snuck aboard the ship to investigate and found out its true origin as well as the grisly fate of the enslaved aliens, but Turmoil ambushed him and shot a hole through his chest. Wheeljack quickly encased him in a containment field and escaped from the ship with Metalhawk's help, after which Prowl's forces stormed it and took Turmoil into custody. Interference Patterns


Turmoil Fnaf Lyrics

When Starscream stopped by the Autobots' prison to pay a visit to Megatron, he ignored Turmoil's demands to be released. City on Fire Shortly thereafter, the Decepticon forces stormed the prison to free Megatron, and Turmoil taunted Starscream for being a coward who wouldn't even help his new Autobot friends. He was then released alongside all other Decepticon prisoners. The Verge When freed, Megatron ordered his Decepticons to conquer Cybertron once and for all, putting Turmoil in charge of the attack force. Before the Dawn Turmoil led his forces through Iacon, killing Autobots and NAILs alike, until they met with resistance in the form of the Dinobots. Plan for Everything When Metalhawk rescued Starscream from Megatron's clutches, Turmoil chased them down, blew Metalhawk's arm off and prepared to finish them off, disgusted that they were hiding like cowards instead of acting like true warriors. In response, Starscream proved that he was in fact the superior warrior by attacking Turmoil with the blade on Metalhawk's severed arm, using it to cut off his cannon-arm before embedding it in his skull, killing him. Heavy Is the Head


  • Casey Coller created the initial designs for Turmoil, which Alex Milne 'tweaked' for inclusion in the comic.[1]
  • Unpublished design sketches reveal that Turmoil transforms into a big ol' tank with some sort of spiky plow on the front.[1]

Foreign names

  • Japanese:Turmoil (ターモイル Tāmoiru)



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