Wargame Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack: REDS


Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Wargame Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack: REDS Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time. Windows Mac OS X Linux. Minimal requirements. Processor AMD / INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ; Graphics ATI RADEON X1800 GTO / NVIDIA GEFORCE 7600 GT / INTEL HD 3000 OR HIGHER. Wargame: Red Dragon; Wargame: AirLand Battle; Wargame: European Escalation. The Double Nation Pack: REDS is now available for Red Dragon!

is live and available here ... even a few minute late:
And with it comes patch v7270:
Red* Fixing the the cliffs bug on the map Russian Roulette.
* Adding/fixing the Israeli Miluims' female voices.
* Highway to Seoul added to 1v1 ranked pool
* Bloody Ridge added to 2v2 ranked pool
* Punchbowl added to 1v1 and 2v2 ranked pool
* Tropic Thunder removed from 1v1 ranked pool
* Chosin Reservoir removed from 2v2 ranked pool
* Gunboat Diplomacy removed from 2v2 ranked pool
* Apocalypse Imminent removed from 2v2 ranked pool
Wargame red dragon units* Grenade launchers cannot shoot at helicopters anymore.
* Grenade launchers ability to make critical effects on vehicles halved.
* Infantry Flamethrowers damage increased from 0.5 to 0.75
* Vehicles flamethrowers aim time reduce from 2 to 1sec
* Airborne shock rifle squads are now available to Motorized decks
* Dutch-German Corps now has access to Airborne deck, yet only in Cat A.
* Hawks HP increased from 5 to 10 and some had a speed of 25 instead of 35
* Chaparral HP increased from 5 to 10

* Milan and Fagot ATGM teams price reduced to 10$, base avialbility set to 14 trained
* SOVKOR coalition removed.
* BTR-40 autonomy fixed from 285km to 400km.
* SU-100 RoF increased from 6 to 7 RPM
* ZU-23-2 accuracy increased from 10% to 15%
* Mi-4 with 80x S-8 rocket changed to 128 S-5 rockets

* BTR-T grenade loadout reduced from 1050 to 300.
* T-80A price rduced from 105$ to 100$, availability increased from 6 to 8
* Mig-21 Bis ECM increased from 0 to 20%, price increased from 70 to 80$
* Mi-24VP number of ATGM reduced from 8 to 4 according the the model, price reduced from 100$ to 90$, availability increased from 4 to 6
* Yuckjeondae MG fixed, they used the shock version
* M1992's Konkurs loadout increased from 4 to 8
* Mig-23ML price fixed from 95$ to 85$
* NEWCh'onma-Ho IV brought back from the dead, between the ChoHo II & V, with its previous stats ... + a Strela-2 launcher strapped on it. Set as proto.
* NEWType 59-IB (custom name) added, as a late Type 59-I with improved gun + ... + a Strela-2 launcher strapped on it. Set as proto.
* WZ-551 frontal armor increased from 1 to 2
* PGZ-95 speed increased from 55 to 70kmh
* PGZ-95 time between missles reduced from 6 to 2sec
* Z-9A HJ-8 price decreased from 70$ to 60$
* Su-27SK's R-57R1 loadout reduced from 6 to 4, price reduced from 150$ to 135$, availability set to
* JH-7 price reduced from 130$ to 120$, veterancy increased by one step.
* ZTZ-88 renamed ZTZ-80 and separated from the ZTZ-85 family.
* NEWZTZ-88B added, as ZTZ-80's successor.
* NEWZTZ-88A added, as ZTZ-88B (not a typo)'s successor. Set as proto.
* W-3W Sokol price decreased from 70$ to 65$
* SPz BMP-1 SP1 price increased from 10$ to 15$
* SPz BMP-2 price increased from 15$ to 20$ and availability increased by one step
* KPz T-72S1 is now available in _Mechanized_ decks.
* Mi-35 rocket changed from 64 S-5 to 40 S-8 according to the model, price increased from 85$ to 90$
* NEWSu-7B SEAD plane added.

Wargame Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack: Reds Play

* M113A3 armor increased from 2/2/1/1 to 3/3/1/1
* Sea Hawk optics set to medium
* AH-1W Super Cobra price decreased from 115$ to 100$
* AH-64A Apache price reduced from 130$ to 120$
* Norrlandsjagare price reduced from 30$ to 25$
* Lynx 3 price reduced from 110$ to 100$
* M36's top armour value set to 1 to match the model.
* K1 optics improved to medium
* Peace Pheasant II veterancy increased by one step
* Ferret Entac price reduced from 20$ to 15$.
* MAR-290 supply cost increased from 250 to 500 per salvo.
* RAM TMC price reduced from 50$ to 45$.
* Nun-Nun transport removed from Shayetet 13 and Tzanhanim.
* Baz Meshupar price increased from 165$ to 170$, veterancy set to
* Barrak II price increased from 145$ to 155$, veterancy set to
* Kurnass price increased fom 130$ to 135$
* VBL Mistral availability increased from 4 to 6
* bothAMX-10 RC versions frontal armor increased by 1, RoF increased to 9RpM
* AMX-10 RC SB range increased from 2.100 to 2.275m
* ERC-90 Sagaie RoF increased fom 7 to 10Rpm
* AMX-30B2 & Brennus optics increased to medium
* Super Etendard turn radius improved from 400 to 350
* Tigre HAP & HAD price reduced from 110$ to 100$
* F-4F Peace Rhine veterancy increased by one step
* Mitsubishi Chu-Mat price increased from 20$ to 25$

Wargame Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack: Reds Brawl

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WARGAME: RED DRAGON IS BACK WITH TWO NEW RED NATIONS: YUGOSLAVIA AND FINLANDYugoslavia & Finland come to reinforce the PACT side of Wargame: Red Dragon, bringing up to 186 new gorgeous units to add further strategic depth to Eugen Systems’ spectacular RTS.The Yugoslav People’s Army is a highly-mechanized fighting force, with powerful tanks and IFV backed up by a wide choice of versatile SAM/SPAAG weapon systems as well as many indigenous assault aircrafts. It features four variants of the M-84 MBT as well as heavier tanks such as the M-91 Vihor. Yugoslavia also fields many variants of BOV wheeled armored vehicles, M-60 APV, M-80 IFV… The Yugoslav Air Force introduces no less than four indigenous planes (Jastreb, Super Galeb, Orao & Novi), modeled in-game into seven variants. Yugoslavia is playable in a coalition with Czechoslovakia.The Finnish Army is also available in this new Nation Pack. It features excellent reconnaissance, providing a wide array of choices ranging from the stealthy to the powerful. Finland introduces a new unit type: ATV riders, with the FDF Mönkijä, a small & elusive jeep. A strong infantry line-up backs up this recon force, with a large choice of shock troopers & commandos with CQC MG, giving the FDF an uncanny ability at clearing urban areas & woods. The Finnish Army’s lineup also features a wide range of tube artillery, from heavy mortars, such as TelaKrH 66, to 122mm PSH 74 (Gvozdika) & 152mm TELAK 91, as well as modernized MBT such as the T-72M1MOD. And let’s not forget the iconic StuG III, a.k.a “Sturmi”!