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About The ebook Bundle

Every web designer, whether freelanced or employed, should have a reference literature that accompanies him or her throughout their professional routine. In this bundle you will find ten Smashing eBooks that will help you improve your skills in the web design field. You will be able to apply techniques to adapt your designs for mobile gadgets, combine different typefaces and intensify your professional abilities.

This eBook bundle contains all of the following eBooks, each of which are downloadable in all formats: ePub, Kindle, and PDF:

The Sketch Handbook (eBook)+

If you’re designing for the web today, you are probably using Sketch. We do,too, so we created “The Sketch Handbook”, filled with many practical examplesand tutorials in 12 jam-packed chapters.

  • An Introduction To Sketch
  • Designing An App
  • The Power Of Iterations And Artboards
  • Creating A Logo For The App
  • Creating The Overview Page
  • Exporting
  • Design The Article Page
  • Going Responsive
  • The Final Breakpoint: Desktop Widescreen
  • Designing The Category Icons
  • Export The Category Icons
  • Mini Projects
Behind The Scenes Of Real-Life Projects+

The eBook “Behind the Scenes of Real-Life Projects” takes a closer look at thetechniques and stories of some folks behind real-life Web projects.

  • Building The New Financial Times Web App
  • Bringing Angry Birds To Facebook
  • Behind The Scenes Of Nike Better World
  • Behind The Scenes Of Tourism New Zealand
  • Tale Of A Top-10 App, Part 1: Idea And Design
  • Tale Of A Top-10 App, Part 2: Marketing And Launch
  • Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study
  • Inside Google’s User Experience Lab: An Interview With Google’s Marcin Wichary
  • Mistakes I’ve Made (And Lessons Learned Along The Way)
Creating Meaningful Websites+

What is it that makes a website stand out from the crowd? What makes itmemorable and meaningful? This eBook wants to explore these questions.

  • A Comprehensive Website Planning Guide
  • A Fun Approach To Creating More Successful Websites
  • Defending The Generalists In The Web Design Industry
  • Breaking Down Silos: The Consequences Of Working In Isolation
  • MUD: Minimum Usable Design
  • A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design
  • Easier Is Better Than Better
  • Designing Engaging And Enjoyable Long-Form Reading Experiences
  • Symptoms Of An Epidemic: Web Design Trends
Creativity Lessons For Web Designers+

The infamous creative spark isn’t as random as we might think. The creativitylessons in this eBook may help you overcome a creative trough.

  • The Process Of Creativity
  • Work, Life And Side Projects
  • “I Draw Pictures All Day”
  • Ignorance Is Bliss For A Creative Mind
  • The Big Think: Breaking The Deliverables Habit
  • Changing Perspective: A New Look At Old Problems
  • Collaging: Getting Answers To The Questions You Don't Know To Ask
  • Creating A Lasting Impression
Designing For Email+

“Designing For Email” offers practical advice to cater for a flawless andengaging experience on web, desktop, and mobile email clients.

  • What 22 Billion Email Newsletters Tell Us About Designing For Email
  • From Monitor To Mobile: Optimizing Email Newsletters With CSS
  • Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design
  • Size Matters: Balancing Line Length And Font Size In Responsive Web Design
  • How To Raise Your Email Above Inbox Noise
  • Designing The Words: Why Copy Is A Design Issue
  • How To Use Email To Alienate Your Users
  • Email Marketing For Mobile App Creators
  • How To Create A Self-Paced Email Course
Inside Creative Minds: Workflows, Habits And Strategies+

In “Inside Creative Minds” experienced influencers and successful designersprovide first-hand insights into their workflows, habits and strategies.

  • How I Work: Doug Crockford on JavaScript
  • How I Work: IDEO's Duane Bray On Creating Great Digital Experiences
  • How I Work: Meetup's Andres Glusman On The Power Of UX And Lean Startup Methods
  • Copying Others Is Not The Answer
  • “Be Careful: Trends Come And Go”
  • “Be Humble, Be Honest, Don't Be Afraid To Fail”
  • WordPress: How It Came To Be And Where It’s Heading
  • Interview With Nadine Chahine: The Art And Craft Of Arabic Type Design
  • Ask The Expert — A Chat About Art, Design, Computers And Education With Milton Glaser
Legacy Of Typography+

Typography is everywhere. This eBook introduces historical and culturalaspects of type and how they relate to the web industry.

  • Japanese, A Beautifully Complex Writing System
  • Respect Thy Typography
  • Typography Carved In Stone
  • Industrial-Strength Types
  • Legitima Typeface: An Experience Of Fossils And Revivals
  • When Typography Speaks Louder Than Words
  • Weird And Wonderful, Yet Still Illegible
  • Font Wars: A Story On Rivalry Between Type Foundries
  • Hands-On Experience: The Rehabilitation Of The Script
Typography Best Practices+

Web design is not just about a flamboyant or simply beautiful websiteappearance. This eBook is about small — but crucial — typographic details.

FreeWeird pictures
  • The Perfect Paragraph
  • Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette
  • How To Choose The Right Face For A Beautiful Body
  • Why Subtle Typographic Choices Make All The Difference
  • The Creative Way To Maximize Design Ideas With Type
  • Applying Macrotypography For A More Readable Web Page
  • Avoiding Faux Weights And Styles With Google Web Fonts
  • Setting Weights And Styles With The @font-face Declaration
Typography: Practical Considerations And Design Patterns+

Learn how to train and sharpen your eyes to recognize specific typographicdetails which will be sure to guide you in your own projects.

  • Understanding The Difference Between Type And Lettering
  • Making Sense Of Type Classification, Part 1
  • Making Sense Of Type Classification, Part 2
  • A Critical Approach To Typefaces
  • Taking A Second Look At Free Fonts
  • Dear Web Font Providers
  • Typographic Design Patterns And Current Practices (2013 Edition)
  • Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies
  • Type Makes A Difference: An Exploration Of Type-Focused Websites
Unlocking Innovation: How To Generate And Realize Great Ideas+

“Unlocking Innovation” goes beyond the mere process of generating ideas andlooks at how we can actually bring them to life.

Weird & Wonderful Bundle Download Free

  • On Creative Leadership
  • Examining The Design Process: Clichés And Idea Generation
  • Using Brainwriting For Rapid Ideas Generation
  • Up On The Wall: How Working Walls Unlock Creative Insight
  • Design Better And Faster With Rapid Prototyping
  • The Skeptic’s Guide To Low-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Five Tips For Making Ideas Happen
  • How To Make Innovative Ideas Happen

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