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Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing, asymmetric simulation game that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. Simply put, it’s the gamified version of the animated introductory sequence from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


When you are playing as The Daddy, you need to stay on your toes and keep the baby safe. You can protect the baby by making sure the power outlets are covered, the cabinets are locked, and that the pills are not left laying around. Who's Your Daddy? Also has some special abilities that you can get if your special meter fills. Who’s Your Daddy, from the start, is a joke made in bad taste. It’s a multiplayer game where two players play a father and his infant son. The father's objective is to save the baby from all the dangers in the house, whether it’s by closing closets, hiding cleaning products, or deactivating the power outlets. Download Who's Your Daddy 0.2.0 for Windows for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Build, craft, and give free rein to your imagination. Grand Theft Auto V.

The Who’s Your Daddy’s Alpha build currently only has one mode: online multiplayer. Two players are matched together in a simple lobby, with the first player picking up the role of the father and the second playing as the baby. As the father, it is your goal to protect your son from your dangerous, unbaby-proofed home. You will need to cover up power outlets, install cabinet locks, and stash pills out of the reach of your son. As the baby, you will need to explore your home and attempt to take your own life with whatever deadly objects you come across.


As in real life, parenting is hard, so to bring some much needed balance to the game, Who’s Your Daddy gives the father character some small advantages. Should the father player perform some basic household chores, they’ll earn useful power-ups, such as invisibility and x-ray vision, which will help them monitor their son’s whereabouts and actions. To add some replayability to the game, key objects are placed at random at the start of each match.

The asymmetric gameplay works fairly well, with the baby’s play-style being rather erratic compared to that of the father. The interactivity of the environment is simply superb; every drawer can be opened, individual plates can be picked up, and there are numerous unique ways for the baby to die. It’s almost more fun to play the game cooperatively with the father helping the baby find novel ways to kick the bucket.

Being that it’s still in Alpha, the controls are a little rough around the edges, so expect some weirdness when trying pick up and drop objects. In so far as the game’s presentation is concerned, Who’s Your Daddy’s graphics are rudimentary at best and disturbing at worst. The baby model in particular looks like a rubbery doll lifted from a low-budget X-Files episode, with its shiny skin, oddly proportioned head, and lidless, unseeing eyes. Unfortunately, these odd graphics are not nearly extreme enough to be considered an active design choice, and one can only hope that the majority of the models and shaders are placeholders for the Alpha.

In spite of its flaws, Who’s Your Daddy makes for a weird and darkly humorous experience that would be an excellent addition to any gamer’s multiplayer game night.

UPDATE: Who’s Your Daddy has recently launched on Steam Early Access so the builds below may not work for much longer. We’d really recommend purchasing it in Steam anyway, as it’s very cheap the dev plans to add a whole host of great improvements. Check out the Steam Early Access page here.


Who's Your Daddy Download Free Game 1.1.5

Download The OLD Who’s Your Daddy Build Here (Windows & Mac)